Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And since we were talking about gangs . . .

"Rep Yo Set: The 10 Most Gang-Affiliated Hats in Sports."

Knowledge of OPFOR is always a goodness thing.


Jay said...

In 2000, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. I was at a club one Saturday night, wearing my Astros hat, and two Marines walked up to me and asked me what the hat was for. I told them it was for the Astros.

They told me there is a rival gang that wears those hats, and that they would have killed me if it was indeed for gang affiliation.

Just like the article said.

Defender said...

Tales of the Devolution.
What's going on while the L.A. Sheriff's Department chases cheesemakers.

Anonymous said...

Makes for a target-rich environment.

And remember: Always honor the threat!

Defender said...

I believe you, Jay. The military is so desperate that they HAVE TO admit people with violent felony convictions now, or am I mistaken? Odd, since my granddaughter who signed up was told there's a WAITING LIST of up to a year before she can go to basic, there are so many people looking for a job and choosing the armed forces.
Hey, gangbangers learning to kill people and break things from professionals, and getting paid. What more could they ask for? The gangers AND the government, if they want to exacerbate the crime pressure against our liberty.

Jimmy the Saint said...

The gang that opts to wear Mickey Mouse ears, rhinestone tiaras, or propeller beanies is the one to be afraid of.

@Defender: "What's going on while the L.A. Sheriff's Department chases cheesemakers."

Hey, give LASD a break - it's hard work coddling Lindsay Lohan in jail.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I don't care what hat he's wearing.

This particular enemy is relatively simple to spot, due to his uniform...

Baggy pants 12 sizes too big? CHECK!
Said pants hanging well below the @$$-cheeks, belt buckled around upper thighs? CHECK!

Equally gigantic white tee-shirt? CHECK!

Large, gaudy jewelry? CHECK!

Overall aura of malicious indolence? CHECK!