Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Tribal Rules of the Latin Kings Gang

Courtesy of John Robb at Global Guerrillas: Bible details gang rules.


Anonymous said...

Well, they can pray to God Almighty for protection of their family, and all within it.

Just don't invade MY family. What's good for you, is equally good for me.
Otherwise, you'll be in a world of hurt. And even God Himself won't be able to help you.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The only 'good' gangbanger, is a dead one.

Defender said...

Such nice religious boys. The Nazis were religious too -- "Gott Mit Uns -- God is with us."

"The right hand is considered the dominant hand and is always displayed in front of the left. When members "throw" a hand sign of a crown, the Latin Kings' symbol, they must use the right hand.

Members should not sit with their legs crossed because their right leg represents the "King" and should not be crossed.

Members are allowed to sell heroin and crack, but prohibited from using the drugs. Smoking marijuana is allowed, but only during certain hours."

Consider: In Islam, the left hand is considered unclean. Eating is done with the right hand, wiping one's arse with the left.
In Middle Eastern culture, crossing one's legs and thereby showing the soles of the feet is a supreme insult.
Islamic terror is funded in large part by opium from Afghanistan, though the Koran forbids the faithful from partaking. Islam requires fasting and abstinence from sex during holy weeks, but only during daylight hours.
Sounds like these guys, nominally Catholic (Ha!), picked up quite a bit from the Moors who ruled Spain.

Anonymous said...

The elephant in the living room behind all of this is the actual number of gangs and gang members throughout the USA. It is staggering. Now fast forward to a massive earthquake in SoCal or a "DAY THE DOLLAR DIED" economic meltdown.
America will go tribal and the real seat of power, especially in urban and suburban areas will be gangs. If you are living on the periphery, and are not the correct member of the "tribe", you will either be not allowed to transact business(shop for necessities) or just be shot outright.
The upside to this is the Feds, and their fellow travelers at the state and local levels will have their hands full with these gang- banger groups. I doubt if there will be very many "boot-and-shoot" raids directed at threepers and Second Amendment folks. At least I hope not.
Those of us in the hinterlands should be aware that such a conflict will also bring a major disruption of transportation services for such commodities as fuel, food, medicine and other essentials. Plan accordingly and keep your ears to the ground.

Unknown said...

Right. Manifesto for gang bangers. Use it to wipe.

Anonymous said...

Gangs will no doubt be a problem. One thing not addressed in the article, is the fact that I belong to a large "gang" as well. We are made up of American homeowners, neighbors, and friends, that have planned and are preparing for hard times. Many are veterans. There will not be an initial "bug out" because at this time there is nowhere to go. We do have food and means of defense. There are preplaned fields of fire and "what if" plans. I don't hold my pistol sideways, and I hit what I shoot at.

Anonymous said...

None of this matters. The string will survive so, bring it on. Tear the whole fucking thing down. Let's fight over the scraps left behind and eat eachother. Then we'll see who's left and build the whole thing again.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as brother hood !