Saturday, July 24, 2010

Praxis: "How to choose an AR-15 mag pouch."

Good quick overview.


Defender said...

I still have my first basic load-out with the GI 3-mag pouches with clasp. The thickness doesn't bother me, since I only carry them to the sides of my harness and I can still carry 12 to 15 mags; I can still flatten out prone really well.
I know from my cheap knee and elbow pads that Velcro will QUICKLY become clogged with dirt, mud, vegetation and even dry soil and stop Velcro-ing. I prefer the slightly slower but nigh uncloggable pinch clasps. Fastex buckles would be good if they came with that.
Excellent training articles.
And happy birthday, Mr. V.

CorbinKale said...

It had some good points to consider for folks who have never worn any gear, but the video was pretty useless for vets.

I laughed out loud when he was talking about the sound of velcro giving away your position. If you are reloading, your gunfire would have already done that. That was the only blatantly stupid thing I saw.

Kevin said...

If you are in a firefight, a velcro closed pouch making noise is the least of your worries...

Justin said...

Agree with the velcro comments.

When I was a new E-1/E-2, I worried about such "ninja" concerns. Then experience (and common sense) taught me that the sound of a twenty or thirty round mag being expended probably already gave you away.

I trained with the LBE/3 round mag pouches for over eight years. I prefer that over other setups. I bought a tactical vest setup on the cheap at a surplus store, and I'm trying to learn it and get comfortable with it. If I had to roll right now, today, I'd grab the old-school LBE.

I guess you should fight with what you know. Muscle memory, being able to instantly know where everything is in the dark, being comfortable day after day after day...these things are more important than what is more "high speed".

High speed is good. Nothing is wrong with tacticool. What is best though, is knowing your gear.

Witchwood said...

I have an M&P chambered for 5.45x39, so the magazines fit in the same TARZAN vest I use for AK mags (but I know that I'm the exception rather than the rule).

I took it to the range today very briefly and immediately remembered why I don't care for the AR-15 so much: 3 jams in 125 rounds, and a pain to clean.

My Mauser 95, on the other hand, is a dream. :) If you have the time and inclination you should write a post on bolt-action battle rifles, Mike (or link it if you've already written one). I sure would appreciate it.

idahobob said...

Being old, I'm probably considered "old school". With that said, I really prefer the Alice gear, for both the AR15 and AR10. Also prefer the "H" harness to the "Y" harness.


Dennis308 said...

To Witchwood and all of you using the AR platform you can SOLVE your jamming problems by installing a Adams Gas Piston System for about $300.oo, comes with a new gas block piston and rod And a Bolt Carrier.

A good friend of mine installed one in his AR and Fired of 3-30 rnd.Mags as fast as he could do it and we did Not have one single jam. And on top of that the receiver was still cool. All this in a gun that was prone to jamming with almost any ammo that you feed it.

It´s because of the Jamming problems with the Ar that I have never been interested in buying one but now that I have seen this system at this price I´ll have to reconsider the AR. A Smaller Lighter Piece of Ordnance does have advantages in certain situations. I have 2(ha ha)M1-A1´s that I´m very happy with so am not in any hurry to buy the AR but when I do It Will have this Gas Piston System.

And as far as having noisy velcro, I´ll have to remember that one. Don´t this guy patrol with one magazine charged in his weapon Lame real Lame.


Pericles said...

Poser - first clue was the mags loaded backward in the GI 3 mag pouch. Concave bend in the mag goes out - makes it easier to close the pouch and the bend places the butt of the mag farther out from your belt and easier to grab, thus the buckle is not sticking as far out as in his example.

Stopped watching at that point - a comparison should show each option at its best.

Witchwood said...

Thanks Dennis, but my AR is used for the certain situations you mentioned (long sweeps on foot, looking for missing persons, hunting four-legged coyotes, etc), and I'm not looking to sink more money into it beyond ammo costs. My primary rifle, the one I stake my life on, is an Arsenal AK.