Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praxis: More on Military Vegetation

Rick Warren temporarily blinds himself with the sap of a firestick plant.

Just in case you think you're smarter than Rick Warren.


Bad Cyborg said...

Wonder if that would grow decently in New Mexico. Also, I wonder if you could dilute the sap with water (i.e. how oily it is) and if so, how much you could dilute it and it still have reasonable toxic effects. I'm thinking not only use the plant itself for protection but harvesting the sap for chemical weapons.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing he didn't rub his shmeckel. Oh, wait...wrong post!!


Allen said...

bad cyborg...

apparently this poison is latex-based and even water drained from the bottom of a potted one of these is lethal to mammals if ingested. in the case stated it was a it could be useful in small pest removal

several reports indicate that the sap in full concentration will even etch clear plastic (ruining the lenses of gas masks?)

Bad Cyborg said...

Thanx for the link to Amateur's Digest, Allen. Should be fruit for many happy hours of research.

All the references to various species being used for poison arrows got me thinking about low tech anti-assault weapons. Wonder if something with a sharp point about the diameter of a finishing nail would penetrate kevlar and/or how hard you'd have to drive it. Or maybe something the size of a seweing machine needle? Also wondering about what effect coating the points and shafts of the flechettes with euphorbia latex would do for the lethality of a 12 gau. flechette round.

Bad Cyborg X

Warthog said...

I remember once making a suggestion to a person that molds his own bullets about the possibility of cutting down used titanium firing pins as a sort of DIY SS109 type round. I wonder if you got some form of a durable yet absorbent pellet type material if you could soak it in this stuff and load it into a shotgun round for a very close in encounter?

Allen said...

if the substance IS a latex...then it stands to reason it could be molded into whatever shape you like.

also, the south american arrow frog poison is not something they generate on their's something they get from diet. 2 generations out of the jungle they are no longer poisonous.

I would think if you put all the flechettes in the sabot, adding the latex from the plant would be easy. you may have to let it harden before you load it so that it doesn't leak.

the following questions arise...

how long are the chemicals in the latex active? since they are not of a type to be instantly lethal, would this be a "gotcha last" sort of thing?

would the latex affect the gunpowder or the primer?

would the flechettes still separate or would they stay together as one projectile?

would some of the latex vaporize at the muzzle and be a hazard to the firer?