Sunday, July 25, 2010

Praxis: He ain't heavy, he's my mousegun. How much does your AR-15 weigh?

A tip of the boonie hat to jpr9 for this link to OnlyGunsandMoney which in turned linked to these weight and balance calculators at the vuurwapenblog.

These look to me to be very useful for the M4gery guys and gals.




Scott R said...

What no grenade launcher, that damn thing is worthless......

Anonymous said...

Hey, you could always drop it on someone if you ran out of ammo.

I like the K.I.S.S principle myself, the fewer things than can go wrong the better.

That thing could be used as a boat mooring, it'd snag everything on the ocean floor.....same goes for the woods.

Defender said...

An Imperial Probe Droid.

Justin said...

For me?

Iron sights. Can't afford an Aimpoint, won't buy junk.

Flashlight. In the winter. Why winter? There's no light in the winter, no dark in the summer where I lay my head.


Plenty of handloaded 68 grain Open Tip Match rounds. Excellent ballistics, external and terminal.

I am the weapon. My rifle is a tool. All that stuff.

Use the tools you have. Know the tools you use. If 4,011 gadgets are what you know, use them. I know simple.


typeay said...

If you're gonna do it, do it RIGHT.

ScottJ said...

My Garand weighs 9 pounds.

Have not weighed Polytech.

Anonymous said...

My AR aint too bad, but the LR308 with haevy bbl I really gotta do something with.

B said...

A couple of truths before the SKS crowd craps all over urban rifles:

LIGHTS: All dark holes have guns. A Flashlight is a necessity. Even in the daytime, there are differences between light levels inside and outside. Doorways, outcroppings, hallways -- they all have threats and they aren't all well lit.

SIGHTS: A quality dot isn't 'just' a gadget for improving marksmanship, it is a breakthrough for improving situational awareness. Now the fighter does not have to tilt his head around the weapon (or make the long transition from port arms to on target), he can walk upright with both eyes open and still make hits. Eyes and bore become in-tune with the surroundings and the situation.

SLING: A sling is to a rifle as a holster is to a pistol. Transitions and going hands on are possible without losing your long arm. Don't leave home without it.

There is a reason that the most effective armies of the free world issue all that shit. Each piece is a combat multiplier and each piece adds to the capability of the fighter if properly understood and employed.


Anonymous said...

What, no cup holder?


MikeH. said...

If you can afford the gun, you can afford to pay John Cena to caddy it around for ya.


Dennis308 said...

I agree with Anon 4:10 K.I.S.S.
Then Practice,Practice,Practice.
And Justin NOTHING wrong with iron sights they NEVER have a Battey failure, A little bright paint on the back side or a set of Fire sights and you are ready day or night.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the visual aid, I'll withhold my comment(from several months ago) on what an expensive flashlight holder it is. Or the fact that the troops complained that the M-14 was too heavy.And kicked too much.

Unknownsailor said...

Dennis308, wanna know the current continuous battery life on an Aimpoint T-1?
50,000 hours at setting 8, which is the middle brightness setting. This is over 5 years.
Battery life is a non-issue. Turn it on and leave it on; replace the battery every 4 years.
That being said, as Murphy Rules are always in effect, a BUIS is not a bad idea. In an emergency, good hits can be obtained out to about 30 yards by centering front sight post in the RDS and taking the shot.

Witchwood said...

One of the few advantages of the AR platform is light weight. If you intend to carry a heavy rifle around, might as well go with something that has more punch than a varmint round.

Dennis308 said...

Diesel; I´m glad you mention Murph´s Law, I say again there´s Nothing WRONG with Iron Sights.


Happy D said...

If the gun was any good you would not. Have to hang all that crap on it.

To quote one greater than me. "Quit buying skill"

Go earn/learn it.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

Where's the bayonet?

Anonymous said...

With minimal practice, the average shooter can easily achieve hits (all hits are good, some are just better than others) with iron sight(s) (front) "snap" shooting out to 50 yards. I have a single point sling, and a what I affectionately call a E I E I O sight.
I would consider a light source (pressure activated) for minimal use but have yet to install. I toy with the idea of a ACOG, but frankly, that piece of equipment actually costs more than my Rock River LE platform.

I was (until it expired recently) a NRA Certified LE Firearms Instructor. I have no qualms with folks that achieve a highly technical base of knowledge regarding anything, but I dont claim to know anything other than how to make the firearm go boom. It has always been my premise that the best gun in the world is the one that works properly when it counts. This is due to my foundational premise that if I create holes in the right spot on the human body I will be effective. If you place a hole into the cranium of your advesary, or place enough holes into the body you will achieve incapacitation. Keeping in mind that "instant incapacitation" is a fairly rare event. Which leads me to my last premise...If its worth shooting once (this is combat, not hunting) its worth shooting twice)

And I agree wholeheartedly that a firearm is just a tool in my toolbox.....I AM THE WEAPON

I'm not LE now or ever, I trained Security Personnel to perform on classified sites In the Washington DC area until I accepted a position with a evil PMC and went overseas. Love the site and the three percent concept.


Ahab said...

Where's the sireen? I don't see no sireen on there!