Friday, July 30, 2010

Praxis: Camp-Dry, the militiaman's friend.

So, I was chatting with the Trainer about gear and other things the other day, and he mentioned that his boys have "Camp Dry Parties." They get together and spray down all gear with Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent -- vests, combat harnesses, pouches, packs, stuff sacks, you name it. Of course boots have their own sealants and BDUs should be porous and breathable, but everything else gets soaked with Camp Dry.

The gear thus treated needs to air dry and, since the curing process makes it stink for about a week, he recommends you hang it in the garage in the interest of the preservation of domestic tranquility. (When momma ain't happy, NOBODY'S happy.)

Camp Dry is found just about everywhere, from WalMart to sporting goods stores.


Matt said...

How much shine does it add?

The Trainer said...


Anonymous said...

I will have to get some. BTW,
regarded a rather earlier post
on storage containers, Argo Cornstarch now comes in plastic
containers about a 3 1/2 inch
cube. Bottled water bottles (as
opposed to milk jugs) seem to
last a while just fine, most of
them. "a while" being some months.
all the best, cycjec.

Dennis308 said...

This Stuff Works and works well, an occasional touch up on wear spots is all you need after that. Really nice for Canvas Mag Pouches.
Works well on Hunting Jackets too keeps out morning dew.


Allen said...

is this an improvement over the old "scotch guard"?

has anyone tested the flammability of the product? I'd hate to be warm-and-dry only to be more prone to becoming a "screaming alpha" because I got a bit too close to the camp stove!

the old pro paintball teams used to scotch guard their BDU's so much that they could get water to bead at 30 paces...

The Trainer said...

Camp Dry is not flammable once it's cured. It's better than Scotch Guard. By miles.

Anonymous said...

In daylight, there is no shine. Check out BDU's with an X painted on the back of a blouse (with ScotchGuard) through NV with or without illumination.