Saturday, July 31, 2010

Channeling Uday Hussein: The latest from the sad little land ruled by a collectivist interstellar cockroach.

The late and unlamented Uday Hussein, taken out by Task Force 20 and the 101st Airborne Division, now burning brightly in hell.

As head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, Uday oversaw the imprisonment and torture of Iraqi athletes who were deemed not to have performed to expectations. According to widespread reports, torturers beat and caned the soles of the football players' feet — inflicting intense pain without leaving visible marks on the rest of their bodies. Uday reportedly kept scorecards with written instructions on how many times each player should be beaten after a poor showing. He would insult athletes who performed below his expectations by calling them dogs and monkeys — major insults in the Arab world — to their faces. One defector reported that jailed football players were forced to kick a concrete ball after failing to reach the 1994 FIFA World Cup finals. Iraqi National Football team were seen with their heads shaved after failing to achieve a good result in a tournament in 1980s. It was widely circulated that Uday ordered the shaving as part of the punishment. Another defector claimed that athletes were dragged through a gravel pit and subsequently immersed in a sewage tank to induce infection in the victims' wounds. After Iraq lost 1:4 to Japan in quarterfinals of the 2000 AFC Asian Cup in Lebanon, goalkeeper Hashim Hassan, defender Abdul Jaber and forward Qahtan Chatir were labelled as guilty of loss and eventually flogged for three days by Uday's security. -- Wikipedia.

North Korean soccer purge. Of course there's no mention of this on the official DPRK news website.

This is what happens in collectivist dictatorships. Remember when Uday Hussein ran the Iraqi national soccer team and international soccer officials denied that torture was happening?

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup

North Korea's football team has been shamed in a six-hour public inquisition and the team's coach has been accused of "betraying" the reclusive leader's heir apparent following their failure at the World Cup, according to reports.

By Barney Henderson
London Telegraph
Published: 12:15PM BST 30 Jul 2010

The entire squad was forced onto a stage at the People's Palace of Culture and subjected to criticism from Pak Myong-chol, the sports minister, as 400 government officials, students and journalists watched.

The players were subjected to a "grand debate" on July 2 because they failed in their "ideological struggle" to succeed in South Africa, Radio Free Asia and South Korean media reported.

The team's coach, Kim Jong-hun, was reportedly forced to become a builder and has been expelled from the Workers' Party of Korea.

The coach was punished for "betraying" Kim Jong-un - one of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il's sons and heir apparent.

The country, in its first World Cup since 1966, lost all three group games – including a 7-0 defeat to Portugal.

The broadcast of live games had been banned to avoid national embarrassment, but after the spirited 2-1 defeat to Brazil, state television made the Portugal game its first live sports broadcast ever.

Following ideological criticism, the players were then allegedly forced to blame the coach for their defeats.

Only two players avoided the inquisition - Japanese-born Jong Tae-se and An Yong-hak, who flew straight to Japan after the tournament.

However, media in South Korea said the players got off lightly by North Korean standards.

"In the past, North Korean athletes and coaches who performed badly were sent to prison camps," a South Korean intelligence source told the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.


rexxhead said...

I'm still not sure why I should give a rat's can about how country X treats its Z-ball team. Somebody 'splain that to me.

Defender said...

Because they're fully-accepted members of the Benighted Nations, along with about 90 other sadistic tyrannies, are PROUD of it, and they have full voting privileges on what happens to US?

Dennis308 said...

Just another example of Socialist/Communism Collectivist JUSTICE. Punishment for ????


Jimmy the Saint said...

Kind of explains why all those in the US who love communism try to establish it here, rather than moving to a worker's paradise that already has it.

They want to be the torturers, not the torturees.

Dan III said...

Why is a country like NorK even allowed to participate in events like this? FOr the sake of their people, they should be shunned.