Friday, July 16, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" campaign continues

A discussion over at TimeBomb2000, where LittleJohn asks:

Have you seen the "We Are Everywhere" campaign stickers?

While getting breakfast at McDonalds today, I saw the sticker below on a concrete post right next to the drive-through window. It made my day. Anyone else see these around your neighborhood?


Mayberry said...

These need to go like the "Kilroy Was Here" drawings...

thedweeze said...

Heh. I've been going through their section of stories for about a month now. I knew I liked these guys.


Read "Montani Semper Liberi". It's very long and will take you awhile to catch up, but it will be worth it. We 3pers tend to focus on firearms and milsurp gear to almost the exclusion of everything else, and what the protagonist, Einar, has been able to do with virtually nothing is impressive. A valuble lesson for us all.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who are printing handicapped, please explain step by step(real slowly) how to make these at home.
I'd stick 'em everywhere I could.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Replace the old "peace" sign with a Threeper 3 fingers up sign too.

Ol Grey Wolf said...

Check out Oath Keepers.. We are out there....

Legal Alien said...

They will start appearing on political campaign posters on the side of the road shortly.

If you don't like the rep, or party, or what he/she/they stand for, then it should be the ideal target for a III-per sticker.

That is my plan.

Legal Alien

Dedicated_Dad said...


**THIS** is what I have been hoping for!

Note how that small forum full of folks found us as a result of the sticker!

Further, they **AGREE**!!

Chalk one up for the good guys!

As to the rest, I agree -- they DO need to go "viral", but **WE** have to start it.

I hereby resolve to - tomorrow - obtain the necessary materials and henceforth make a stack of them part of my "every-day-carry" equipment.

Let's get busy!


PS: WV="tuile" -- a type of belgian cookie. So many possibilities with this one...

aughtsix said...

Very encouraging to read the comments over at Time Bomb.

You can almost see their eyes light up as they recognize their Own.

The potency of right thinking and clear writing as exemplified by Mike heremon Sispsey Street resonates and lights the fires of Liberty when the lost children of The Republic find it.

Thanks, again, and forever, Mr. Vanderbeough.



Anonymous said...

Ol Grey Wolf,
I was an Oath Keeper a year ago, some Spec Ops background and found several vets with like backgrounds. Made a few comments, nothing very nasty or anti-gov,(asked what their back-up plan was when the placards did not scare the gov't into submission) when one of the mods asks by e-mail why I'm there and my bio starts disappearing. I said fine, I quit.

Now, do we wait for another no show from OK, or give them another chance? Myself and several others quit because OK's did not seem to want anything except TV time. And writing all those lengthy letters to your congresscritter. All the chatter was about rallies and protests but as we've already seen, they weren't up to the hard work of brandishing those heavy placards they love so much.(DC/Va) To me that was like desertion in the face of fire.

I'll stick with the Threepers, they seem to be better informed too.
Semper Fi, 0321

Anonymous said...

For anonymous who wants to know how to print these at home:

1) Go to an office supply store and buy a package of Avery name badge labels. There are many different sizes to choose from and each has a four-digit label number, such as 5392 which has 6 labels per page.

2) Go to and download the template for the product you have purchased. The template number will match the label number you purchased, such as 5392.

3) Open up the template you have downloaded using Microsoft Word. Copy/paste the III image into the template exactly as you wish it to appear on the printed page of labels. When finished you can save the template under a new name to retain your work.

4) Place the sticker labels in your printer and print your template design.

This is a basic summary, but should be enough to get you going.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

I bought a bunch here (hopefully the link works out):

They're in bumper sticker strips, which I simply separated with a straight edge and a razor blade. It works out to about a buck a sticker and I don't have to fiddle-f*ck around with trying to get my computer printer to do labels (I'm lazy). I don't know how cheaply I could make quality ones on my own.

sweettina2 said...

I need stickers! Where do I buy them?

tom said...

A tyrannical government can not defeat an enemy that is both everywhere and nowhere at the same time with the support and sympathies of the general population.

Principles and determination are more enduring than governmental forces. There are no more free Wacos and we must hope that blood does not need to be shed, but, if it comes to a battle of wills, the people that are fighting for their own liberty and principles historically tend to prevail over mercenary forces of oppression.

GunRights4US said...

How's THIS for irony? Here's a We Are Everywhere bumpersticker, produced by an outfit IN THE UK!

I'm not sure if I ought to laugh - or be embarrassed as an American.

Northwoods said...

Let's hope that history will show we were a whole lot more than 3%!

Yippeya said...

Any one selling these? I'd buy a stack.

yippeya said...

Sorry, clicked on the link and answered it for my self.

kozanne said...

I'm a Timebomber and got to this site thanks to the link LittleJohn posted on our board. GO THREEPERS! You can bet on seeing more of us TB'ers visiting here.

God Save the Republic!

Anonymous said...

Some of us on TB2K, are also irregulars over here... But, a lot of the TB2K (amazingly) didn't know what we represented. So, the thread was a good one, and timely.

ThreeperKeeper said...

I too an an Oath Keeper who disassociated myself with the Oath Keepers group. For one, they pussied out on the Gun Rally in Virginia and two Rhodes goes out of his way to spread false information about militias.

So I am Threeper as well as Oath Keeper. I am also a state militia commander and you can find me and others like me here:

Dedicated_Dad said...

"ZAZZLE" is one of those sites that will make anything you want on T=shirts, hats, stickers, etc.

Upload a graphic and they will make it.

Someone ("Smince"?) created the "zazzle site" using the "III" template and will pocket a few bucks on each purchase.

Making stickers is easy - trivially easy.

If you don't have MSWord, download "open office" from -- does the same (even better) and it is **FREE** - open source...


CorbinKale said...

Oath Keepers is not an activist organization. On the contrary, it is STRICTLY about what they will NOT do. Says so, right on the label.

Oath Keepers is a force multiplier. Reducing the forces arrayed against us, before the first shot is fired. Once the shooting starts we are ALL Threepers, anyway.

Oath Keepers reaches a demographic that other organizations can't, because of their passive, non-activist stance. If our anonymous Spec Ops Marine was posting anti-government comments and suggesting driving the government into submission on Oath Keepers forums, it is no wonder they booted him. I, a humble 11B3P, see the incredible value in the Oath Keepers approach. That a Marine with a Spec Ops background can't, makes me doubt his claims.

It is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. Just so, it is possible to support both Threepers and Oath Keepers. They are two organizations that have the same goals, but different approaches.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a photo, but there is one on BP's 3 valve cap 5,000 ft below the surface

Anonymous said...

I know full well what Oath Keepers is. Been spending a large part of my time this past year explaining to disappointed folks just what the focus of Oath Keepers is and is not. It is Stewart Rhodes going out of his way to speak ill of other patriot groups and spread disinformation that I find objectionable. Read the "update". It was NOT appreciated. The American militias are the other lung of the body that will defend the Constitution. This is not the first time Rhodes pulled a SPLC on the militias. Not good.

Yup. We should all be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Why shouldn't Rhodes? the It isn't Oath Keepers group many patriots object to, it's their mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Spec Ops Marine you're referring to. I really don't give a rats ass what you think about my credibility. Doubt all you want.
I made no remarks inferring revolution or anarchy. All I brought up was the point that sign carrying doesn't get you too far. I know it did wonders for MLK but I'm not that blessed. You have to have a backup plan.
Last year I was called by a lady in Casper,WY and asked to come as a guest speaker, being a veteran they wanted a few other voices to speak up also. She then proceeds to tell me the main speaker is Sen. J.B. She lost me at that point. What is the use of inviting a two faced bureaucrat to speak in front of people who have already heard enough gov't bullshit in one lifetime. The whole Oath Keeper program is a waste of time, people encouraging others to make sure and vote for the "right" guy, write lots of letters to your congressman so they really know we're serious, show up for this rally and that rally, etc. They impress me as much as the fukin NRA. You are playing the same political game that Wash. D.C. plays with us. Nothing has changed, there's just a new face for a while.
Your passive non-activist stance may be fine for you, but I think the country deserves better. And so do our predecessors. I'm sorry if I'm not as bright as you Oath Keepers, I'll just stay with the 3% that don't get it.
Semper Fi, 0321

CorbinKale said...

Anonymous Spec Ops Marine,

It doesn't have to be all of one thing and none of the other. I am active in Oath Keepers, but I am active in other groups that do things Oath Keepers necessarily can't participate in. At the same time, Oath Keepers allows potential advantages that those other groups can't create.

Don't like the Oath Keepers approach? Think it's a waste of time? Fine, ignore it. Someone would have to have a reason to go out of their way to trash an organization that does no harm to them, wouldn't you say?

From your complaint, I think you may have confused Oath Keepers with the TEA Party. Oath Keepers isn't about political campaigns. And who cares who else was speaking at the event you were invited to? What YOU had to say was what should matter to you. All you did was miss an opportunity to spread your own message.

The Threeper philosophy is my backup plan. And when it comes to that, as I fear it must, we are all proper fucked.