Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply clubs.

Also courtesy of John Robb, Tips for surviving a food co-op raid.

This reflects a growing trend and does not seem to be related to actual food safety issues as much as licensing and control beefs by the PTB. You know, one day the food nazis might just end up getting shot over somebody's right to produce small amounts of goat cheese. It would serve them right.

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty Fed!"


Anonymous said...

And fed to the hogs (Absolved).

Either way, disappear!

B Woodman

Kansas Scout said...

In this case it's good they are doing it. Food safety laws are a good things. Selling raw milk can spread TB. And Cheese as well.
this is one good thing the govt. does. I knew people who had TB and it's not funny.

pdxr13 said...

Never underestimate the determination of a goat cheese maker and their cud-chewing associates. Goats can operate in rough terrain at least as well as a donut-nibbling agent of the FDA Dairy/Meat/Fur Animal Taxing Authority and FBI Domestic Livestock Tracking and Taxing Initiative.


Defender said...

I would stand in the road with steel in my hand to protect these people's right to healthy -- and untaxed -- food.
Coincidentally -- IF you believe in coincidence -- i JUST read an email from a friend about excitotoxins in processed foods. Even if it SAYS no monosodium glutamate, MSG in low doses can be called "processed vegetable proteins" and even "natural flavorings" because it DOES occur in some foods such as mushrooms. MSG is linked to fatigue, depression and other health nasties. (Admittedly, you may have to consume mass quantities to be in danger, but it's good to know about ANY weasel-wording anywhere.)
SO, the feds SAY they care about everyone's health to the point of FORCING us to buy insurance or go to jail for FIVE YEARS, but they're driving us to buy only from Big Agra and their additives...
And vitamins and supplements WE CHOOSE? They want those regulated to death too.
Indeed, leave us alone. We are not your children. We are your employers, and there's a lot of layoffs going on right now.

Defender said...

OK, I commented before reading the story. Now I'm REALLY mad. The War on Drugs is the template for this War on Natural Food, for sure, as well as their future Wars on Everything Else. The FBI?!? Demanding lists of customers?!? What, no ATF? Certainly someone's growing tobacco somewhere...
Time for zero cooperation with any agency involved. For a start.
Think the governor and the congressmen and senators and state representatives and senators are unaware? I don't THINK so.
God bless and protect our endangered small farmers everywhere.

Lamb said...

Recent article in the Los Angeles Times about this: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-raw-food-raid-20100725,0,7940288,full.story

Son of Sam Adams said...

I think you need to look at this in a larger context. Value-adding farm produce, cutting out the middleman and selling higher quality, is the only way the small farm can make it without becoming a vassal of agribusiness. An area well-supplied with independent small farms can feed itself, which has tactical significance. If the government has total control over the food supply, it can starve out the opposition and reward its supporters (USSR 1931, Zimbabwe 2000s, Venezuela 2010). What we are seeing here are the first steps in the Liquidation of the Kulaks.

blackdog said...

+ 1 5th gen.
We (the American farmers) are definitely on the short list for the next government takeover. It's coming brother. Its been happening slowly for years with every new regulation they saddle us with, but we are just one food scare away from total extinction. Who will they blame when they starve the nation?

Anonymous said...

We grow some of our own and occsionally sell (undisclosed) to neighbors. So am I and my produce/livestock in violation of some arcane law? I have no idea and wouldn't know where to start to figure that out. Can't afford a lawyer to check it out. But I can afford lead to protect my dinner table. I've had enough of forced collectivism. Want to raid me?(for God knows what?) It will cost you more than you know. Tired of being treated like a slave. I'd rather die free than live as a slave.

Annonymous part time hobby farmer in Indiana.

typeay said...

It's simple. Starving, poisoned, weak, sick, people simply CAN'T fight.
They also CAN'T resupply the people who will. They REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, MUST stop your ability to farm, garden, ranch, fish, and provide fresh, non Gov't controlled food sources for you and yours. In ANY way.

This is tactics 101 stuff, people.

Dennis308 said...

I see that the one thing in common with these raids is that they all are being perpetrated on farms that are selling their produce for public use (or semi-public).

Most of the people in my little neighborhood have gardens and some livestock we generally keep these products to ourselves. Although we do have a couple of citrus growers,licenced. So we have stayed under the government radar. We Trade with each other and Share Never Sell to the Public,use barter as a means of acquiring products that you cannot make or Grow on your own.

Leviathan will not give up control and food sources are a very good means of maintaining that control. If you watched yesterdays post about the U.S.S.R. and the Soviet Collectivist you would remember about the Soviet Dictators Staving to Death the Ukrainians. You cannot resist if you are so weak from hunger that you cannot stand.


Defender said...

Son of Sam Adams, I believe you are correct.
Grocery stores are two days at most from bare shelves if the trucks stop running for any reason. The government feels threatened by people having more than a few days' worth of nonperishable food. There's an emergency provision for the feds to commandeer all food and means of production.
The unprepared in New Orleans found that the price of a cot, a cold meal and bottle of water was their guns, knives, even screwdrivers, or no admittance to the shelter. Imagine it on a regional scale.
And the prepared? The government took their tools of preparedness.
We've been warned.

Anonymous said...

So, keep all documents and records on paper in a safe well hidden, in a place they will not find. Then when they ask where the records are say: Records? What records?

Kansas Scout, the people know what they are getting into, they have mad a conscious choice to except the risks, raw milk is actually a lot healthier than pasteurized. And as long as the milk is fresh, it is no problem, it only needs pasteurization to sit for weeks on a shelf. Since these people have made the choice to purchase the product knowing the possible consequences they should not be forced by the feds to not partake simply for 'their own good' that is the premise of the healthcare bill, unemployment, and many other government welfare cons. Altruism is not the best policy, ever.

J. Croft said...



They are squeezing us from every angle.

They are not going to stop.

They are looking for the inevitable reaction. The kind involving high velocity lead being thrown. When they get that reaction they will go all out against anyone not with their program of squeezing us from every angle. Then they can use us 'terrists' to squeeze even more.

They love what they do.

Acquiescence is never the answer with them either, they're parasites and your death is only slower and more agonizing.

They'll get their war. They will false flag one if they have to but sooner or later they'll encounter yet another person who will have had enough... and perhaps that particular person might give them pause.

Resist nonviolently until you can't but remember once you pull that trigger your only outs are death and victory. Keep in mind who your opponents will be.

Anonymous said...

As typeay said;
This brings us to the same old question, at what point have we had enough?
They are boxing us into a corner every day. A raid or two a week and nobody cares. (It's for the children) So when do we fight back, and how?
Who would have dreamed that we are not even allowed to feed ourselves and our neighbors without gov't permission. Or the corporate scams like Monsanto and the genetically engineered soybeans. They are shutting down private farms for not buying their seeds.
Just in case things don't work out for you voters in November, what's your backup plan???

III more than them said...

Those 5 steps to mitigate the effects of a raid miss one VERY important tactic for those that discover they are engaged in activity that is likely to promote a raid..... it is this:

Keep your data, web history and bookmarks on a separate disk.

You can run this in a couple ways...

Removable hard drive set up as your boot disk. You just disconnect it when the raid starts (assuming it isn't a smash and bash). Hide it.


Keep sensitive data on a USB thumb drive that goes into your pocket..

Also... like the article says, KEEP BACKUPS. At least two of them.

If your office has a door, be sure it gets locked when the raid begins. That may slow them down enough to hide the drives.

If you really want o get nasty, set it up so that one command can wipe the drive. Let them have a $300 PC with a blank drive. Lota good it'll do them.

Just as you would work to slow any inturder from getting to your place, consider your PC a VERY SPECIAL place, and slow them from getting to its heart.


III more than them said...

Son of Sam Adams...
"An area well-supplied with independent small farms can feed itself, which has tactical significance. If the government has total control over the food supply, it can starve out the opposition"

Right on, Mr. This cuts to the chase and the blood. If those points are ignored, then so much of the oppositions intentions are ignored as well. It don't get much plainer than what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Here is my tip to prevent raids on your farm. Don't sell or give away raw milk. How easy is that?

Anonymous said...

Mike thanks for putting this story up.

I've been farming since I was a kid, on a small scale level. I have never took a nickel of government money for my farming. I have avoided the government at all costs.

Well the government, agribiz, and Walmart are doing their best to shut down small independent farmers. They are now forcing "voluntary" compliance in a program called "good ag practices" or GAP. It costs several thousand dollars annualy to be certified. Money that I would not have due to the scale of my operation.

My response is F*** Walmart and Agribiz. I have downsized and now only sell direct to consumers, and will go out of my way to become more self sufficient.

To me, controlling my food, what I eat and what I can provide to my community, is a matter of resistance. Plain and simple.

Frank 3

Anonymous said...

I was raised on raw milk. Skimming off that thick yellow cream and drinking it when so cold it had ice in it was better than lobster. No one in the family as far back as I can know ever had a cavity or broken bone. Most lived to near 100. I had my own milker until six years ago when I moved. Chalk water milk you buy in the stores with it's added vitamin D is bad enough yet they give you 2% too and even 1%. Thats not milk, that's water. Then you got the soybean "milk". LOL Idiots all of them and so are the people who drink the crap.

Anonymous said...

Way back in 1776, a few men huddled around a table and wrote a declaration. In that declaration, one of the causes and necessities ... and bloodshed ... for separation was:

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

What do you think those dead old farts are saying about us now?

Maybe ... "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity forget that ye were once our countrymen."

You sure in the hell are not going to vote your way out this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here is my tip to prevent raids on your farm. Don't sell or give away raw milk. How easy is that?

July 27, 2010 7:02 PM

Who in the fuck are you, puke? What the hell does it matter to you that people give away, sell, and drink raw milk? And I have a tip for you ... mind your own business ... because one day someone is going to use you for manure.

Anonymous said...

Read this book by farmer Joel Salatin: "Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal" http://www.amazon.com/Everything-Want-Do-Illegal-Stories/dp/0963810952

Ya, you can get sick eating raw food, just like you can die crashing your car into a concrete wall. The trick is simply to use common sense. The price for protecting morons (i.e. people who drink milk after letting it stand out in the heat all day) is simply a luxury we can no longer afford.

Let the free market work, or fucking socialism is going to starve us all.

aughtsix said...

Anonymous said...

Here is my tip to prevent raids on your farm. Don't sell or give away raw milk. How easy is that?

July 27, 2010 7:02 PM

Alrighty, then!

Just be a bootlicking, groveling, cowardly slave to tyranny! Assimilate Now!

How easy is that?


We shall endeavor to forget ye were ever our countrymen, if ever ye were.



Allen said...

"Here is my tip to prevent raids on your farm. Don't sell or give away raw milk. How easy is that?"

how hard is it to understand..

what contracts or exchanges people do between themselves is none of the governments damn business?

advise? sure.

require disclosure so everyone knows the full risks? sure.

but they have no right to stop the transaction. ever.

and I'm not just talking about cheese or milk either.

Plug Nickel Outfit said...

"Why does the state respond to people who sell homekilled meat in the same way that it responds to people who violently attack the state? If you think it has anything to do with public safety, you’ve already read too far. Stop now. Turn the TV back on.

It’s because ubiquitous, small scale agriculture represents a greater threat to state power than armed resistance. Small scale and underground food economies defund the state’s ability to kill and imprison people. Where’s the state when you hand over cash, a bottle of homemade liquor, or some other fungible thing for your goods at a farmer’s market or a farm gate? The state is far away, slowly dying as your network strengthens.

The person who feels empowered by supplying and/or consuming delicious, nutritious and safe food and then witnesses the state’s fascist response, thinks, “If the state is my enemy when it comes to something as basic as food, in what other ways does the state threaten my security?”

That’s it. Lesson learned. The floodgates are open.

There's more in the commentary and linked article there - but Kevin over at Cryptogon nailed it in these few short paragraphs. This is about self sufficiency, strength in local decentralised networks, and the Resilient Communities that John Robb writes about.

In a worst-case scenario this is what might let one avoid the herding into 'camps' when/if the Just-in-Time inventory systems take a jolt... and until then - it puts the power of your spending where it'll likely do the most good.

It's no wonder efforts are underway to either stamp out such efforts - or subvert them! Just this morning I received an email from the local farmer's market co-ordinator announcing a program to allow vendors to accept food stamps via the 'Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program'.