Friday, July 16, 2010

Generalissimo Sebastian Snowflake, NRA Net Commando and leader of the Lairds of Fairfax Virtual Prag Army, attacks GOA.

Generalissimo Sebastian Snowflake posing at Valley Forge. (When it comes to liberty, posing is what Snowflake and the NRA do best.)

The latest from Prag Central. The NRA must be feeling some heat for their pet butt boy to attack GOA outside of his usual blog haunts.

Snowflake begins with the statement:

"In order for the Second Amendment to be truly preserved, it must have support of both of our major political parties."

Bullshit. The Second Amendment is merely the codification of God-given and inalienable natural rights. "Preserving' the piece of paper without the rights is worthless. Our rights and liberties -- all of them -- are in the end secured by the fear in the minds of those who would attack them that they will be held to account for doing so. The physical fact of our refusal to shove back over the past 75 plus years is what is responsible for us being in the parlous state we are.

In that refusal, the NRA has been the key player.

Now they are being called on it and they don't like it, hence Snowflake's attack on GOA.

Events are rapidly outstripping the NRA's ability to play the same shadow puppet game anymore.

As I told Sebastian years ago:

When the histories are written, “National Rifle Association” will be cross-referenced with “Judenrat.”


Anonymous said...

The NRA has been infiltrated by neo-con's and progressives. They wish nothing more then to maintain the 'status quo' of appearing to do something, all while doing nothing.

The NRA's game plan has been nothing more then window dressing and hobnobbing on their memberships dime. Instead of attacking those who wish to strip of us our G-d given rights.

I'll be sending the GOA a donation. Because they're FIGHTING for our rights.

Which is what the NRA should be doing instead of handing holding with the enemies of liberty and compromising at every turn.

Kyle Bennett said...

I actually would like to thank the NRA's Sab Sister Snowflake for clearly stating the premises under which they operate. His quote is as clear a statement of the fundamental difference as I have seen, and it makes the flaw in their logic - as well as the explanations for their actions - clear as a bell.

I was already mostly convinced to ignore Wayne LaPierre's increasingly desperate emails begging me to send them more money, this put it over the top.

1911A1 said...

With the impending NRA endorsement of Harry Reid, I have called said NRA and informed them in no uncertain terms that should they actually endorse Reid I will immediately cancel my membership, demand a refund and order them never to contact me again.

I urge everyone who is still a member to do the same.

MikeH. said...

The NRA has a snowflake's chance in hell that I will renew my membership with them.

Perhaps, if they get rid of Wayne and Chris, and change the ways they operate (or not operate) I would reconsider. But until that day, I'll remain loyal to the GOA and JPFO.


Eric 'Scrote' Holder said...

Why would anyone care what Sebastard has to say? That gutless jerkoff has no credibility himself. His words, like his personality, amount to no more than a steaming pile of bravo sierra, suitable for nothing more than fertilizing tomato plants.
What a smegmaphile.

Defender said...

With a history of so many UNNECESSARY compromises and outright surrenders, the NRA is no longer the golden child to people who pay attention. Without the NRA, the total problem would have been resolved by now in an unpleasant manner but in our favor. Giving up even a little ground in each engagement leads to being backed against a wall.

pdxr13 said...

Are we sure that Sabastian doesn't mean "Wouldn't it be great if both political parties stopped taking turns at who will nibble or take great chunks of the property and freedom of the American people"?


He means what he says, just how he says it.


Anonymous said...

"When the histories are written, “National Rifle Association” will be cross-referenced with 'Judenrat.'"

Worth repeating, often. I hate to see internecine fighting among RKBA adherents, but then, I guess the NRA really doesn't rate that status anymore.

NRA = Quislings...

The Wretched Dog

Oh, and 'Internecine':
- involving conflict within group: relating to or involving conflict within a group or organization
- mutually destructive: damaging or injuring participants on both sides of a conflict

straightarrow said...

For pete's sake don't offer to have conversation with the big sissy, he'll run screaming. It embarrassing to watch.

Paul X said...

"Our rights and liberties -- all of them -- are in the end secured by the fear in the minds of those who would attack them..."

I beg to differ. It's not what is in the tyrant's mind that matters; it's what is in our mind. It's our determination to kill anyone who attempts to disarm us. That is the basis of our right.

Yes, this fear is a natural outcome of our determination, but it is not always there. Our determination must be.