Monday, July 26, 2010

Praxis: 22 Rimfire Ballistic Tables.

Here. Evaluates the various manufacturer's loads. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, and good data.
I've been thinking (uh oh!), could I fire 22 magnums (I think that's what they're called) through a 10/22? It all headspaces off the case rim, not the mouth. BUt is the 10/22 receiver strong enough? Who/where do I go to ask?

B Woodman

Happy D said...

Thanks Mike. I will put it to good use.

Happy D said...

B Woodman
You would need to change the barrel, the weight of the bolt and most likely some of the springs to start. The aluminum receiver may not hold. The steel receiver most likely would hold. However not being designed for it you would be tempting fate and death.
The Ejection port would need to be reshaped and the ejector changed.

It would be cheaper and safer to buy a .22 Magnum gun.

Michael Gilson said...

Anonymous, the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, commonly called the 22 Magnum, is longer than 22 LR. I think that it is also a different diameter, since the only firearms I know of that can fire 22 WMR and 22LR are single shots where you switch barrels or revolvers where you switch cylinders. If so, after you did all the work converting to 22 WMR you wouldn't be able to use 22 LR anymore. I think you'd be better off buying a dedicated 22 WMR rather than converting a 22 LR. Ruger makes a 22 WMR 10/22, but the changes between the versions are very extensive as this Shooting Times article shows.

Uncle Lar said...

The .22 magnum case is longer than the long rifle case so the mag should not chamber in a standard 10/22. Ruger made a 10/22 chambered for the magnum cartridge from 1998 through 2006, but it's no longer in their product line.
You could rechamber a standard rifle to the magnum cartridge, but I would predict all sorts of feed issues and a risk that the mechanism would fail under the higher pressures.
If you insist on experimenting, I highly suggest the old gunsmith trick of lashing the rifle solidly to a car tire and pulling the trigger with a string from well away from any shrapnel that may ensue.

1911A1 said...

I used to have a 22 mag. REALLY nice smallbore round. Unfortunately it is substantially longer than a 22LR-you'd never be able to chamber one and get the bolt into battery.

Dennis308 said...

Anon; the .22 Mag. will Not Feed in a 10/22 the cartridge don´t fit into the chamber. A .22 Mag. is longer than a regular .22 LR something like a .458 Win.Mag. and a .458 Lott ALMOST the same cartridge but you don´t want to fire the .458 Win.Mag. in a gun chambered for .458 Lott because you will mess up the chamber throat. And at the price of these Big Game Guns I´m talking BIG $$$$$$$. With the cheaper single shot .22 Mag. the same thing will happen firing .22 LR it just won´t cost as much. And won´t happen as fast as the larger calibers.


ScottJ said...

That link doesn't format well on the Blackberry but I will check it out from home.

You could extend this with a discussion of why the 40 grain solid is preferable to the 36 grain hollowpoint for shooting anything bigger than rodents.

I find the hollowpoint on shelves more often than solids.

Also, for any IIIpers who live close enough to shop Academy Sports they carry blue box Federal 40 grainers at 1.75 per 50 or 17.50 per 500. Everyday regular price. One of the best .22 values I've found lately.

Randall said...

There is also the seldom mentioned consideration that a fairly untrained individual can put a full ten to fifteen rounds into a center of mass target fairly easily with a .22 auto, within close contact ranges, in the time that MOST people can only get off one or two rounds from most other weapons, and have a chance of them actually hitting the target. The .22 may be small, but not many people are going to get back up with 10 of them in their torso...

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: Ruger makes a 10/22 chambered for .22 magnum. Just get one of those.

Frederick H Watkins said...

A .22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum (WRM) Cartridge should not fit into a Long Rifle chamber. The case diameter is larger on the WMR cartridge by about 0.014 inch. Likewise, the smaller Long Rifle cartridge will fit into a WMR chamber but because of its smaller diameter the case will rupture before expansion of the case can seal against the chamber wall and makes for a dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...

[C]ould I fire 22 magnums (I think that's what they're called) through a 10/22?--B Woodsman

Assuming your .22 rimfire chamber is cut to SAAMI specifications, the .22 magnum cartridge will protrude sufficiently to prevent the bolt from closing.

Moreover, loading the rotary magazine will prove to be problematic, at best. ;^)


ScottJ said...

Not yet mentioned in the discussion of .22 WMR is the cost.

I haven't looked at it since the late 90's but back then the retail cost per round was close to my cost per round of reloaded centerfire (re-using brass of course).

I didn't see any advantage to it at the time.

Anonymous said...

couple of points worth pondering:

Ruger 10/22 is a short barrel rifle.
You can increase velocity substantially (and usually better accuracy) with a longer barrel, bolt gun.

Velocity is very important in a small bore. A H.P. moving very fast in .22 leaves virtually no forensic evidence. It damn near disappears! This can be very useful in certain applications.

Would also be valuable to know which of these rounds would work well in a .22 semi-auto would suite the aforementioned application nicely.
Close range head shots are lethal with this round at appropriate distances.

Sturm-Ruger no longer makes the .22 mag chamber for the 10/22. If you find one at a gun show grab it they are valuable. and no as mentioned by others they are not interchangeable.


Rhodes said...

The CCI Stinger has done very well in both my 10/22 and Browning pistol even generating a touch of recoil even in the rifle. It allows some fairly long shots on varmint and the bullet just becomes small pieces of metal. In the 5" barrel pistol Ive had no problems hitting snakes or possum between 25-50yrds. Good to think about how useful these little buggers can be.

Anonymous said...

As Randall said,
the .22 lr is an incredible little cartridge and you will find it worth your while to practice more long shots. To me it was always a 50 yd gun for ground squirrels. I was amazed last year to do some shooting at 100 and 200 yd steel plates and the actual hits and groups I was making. I would not hesitate for a moment to fill someone with .22 holes if I had to. Not expecting to kill, but sure take them out of the fight.
Someone had posted some tests on the web about shooting frozen turkeys at long range, I was impressed with the penetration of these bullets.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to piece together a 10/22 magnum from mostly aftermarket parts, and end up with a superior firearm in terms of accuracy, reliability and weight.

Last i looked about $1000 would cover it, including scope.