Thursday, July 15, 2010

The latest in the "Only Ones" Great Taser Follies National Competition

Remember, never call the cops unless you have a body you want them pick up.


Anonymous said...

Good advice.

Dennis308 said...

Don´t even call them to pick up bodies, they will in all probability add yours to the collection. It´s better to just
1.feed the Hogs

2.a not to shallow grave and a couple bags of lime.

3.dispose of said body in river.

4.burn with a common accelerator.

5.ABSOLUTELY tell no one of such activities,and you never heard it from me.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Once again, we see this torture device used to deliver extra-judicial punishment for "contempt of cop."

*HE* chose to escalate the situation by threatening her with arrest for not instantly complying with his order to ID her friend.

She dared question his AUTHORITEH, and was tortured for her insubordination.


All that said, it's a damn shame the "sherrif" had to instantly play the race-card...

Jeffersonian said...

It's the National Police Brutality League pennant races!

Anonymous said...

A guy over here with a shotgun to his head so two coppers both tasered him at the same time to save his life, he twitched and blew his brains out.

h UK

III more than them said...

I think it is worth mentioning that Jones was appalled by this mess and actually FIRED the bastard. It's not often that an officer gets fired OUTRIGHT for doing something like this, and keep in mind that the incident involved a taser, not a gun. No probation or administative leave... he's just gone!

Tasers get all kinds of passes when it comes to excessive force. I think Jones oughta get mention for running the prick out of town. He bailed Wells out and took her to a hospital. He has a heart.

There are bad cops, and there are good ones. Those good ones really do need our support, as I expect that they will pretty much always be on our side.

daniel said...

“No criminal charges are pending in the case, according the Lumpkin city attorney. He added that the GBI and Southwest Circuit District Attorney’s office have both declined taking on the case due to “no indication of criminal misconduct.””