Monday, July 19, 2010

On the painful necessity of "holding back."

The fish that covets bait is caught; troops who covet bait are defeated. - Mei Yao-Ch'en

An Anonymous commenter below spoke thusly:

"When, Mike, when? When will we stop worrying about 'playing the game the right way' and realize that its probably already too late? These aren't even sneak attacks on liberty anymore. They have grown bold. Will you hold back until it is too late? I have begun to fear that you will......"

To which I responded:

Organize and prepare. Organize and prepare. No one is yet ready, not them, not us. Remember our inherent strengths and take not counsel of your fears. We can and will win, but we must be of all things patient, calm, deliberate. They will overstep finally, irrevocably. Their appetites compel them. But we must take every second they give us to get out own shit together.

They expect to be able to provoke us. The essence of victory is to never do what your enemy expects and at the same time never become the evil your enemy represents.

Is this easy? Hell no. But this is the way of the Founders. And we all know that in the end they "played the game the right way."

Redouble, re-triple your efforts. Time is short and quit worrying about what advantage they may make of what is left. Just make sure YOU use it wisely.

No frigging Fort Sumters. Period.

Don't worry. Lexington Green awaits. Indeed. It is the least of your worries.

Worry instead about how to win our equivalents of Concord Bridge, Breeds Hill, Kings Mountain, Cowpens and Yorktown.



Carefully figure out what you are going to do to the enemies of the Republic when they finally, irrevocably start the fray.

And then (I should have concluded, and correct the omission now), THEN and ONLY THEN, execute your counterstrike ferociously into the head, the heart and the belly of the tyrannical beast.


Johnny said...

IMNSVHO, mass public opinion is moving towards an appreciation of liberty and a realisation of just how much we are being lied to - and not only in America.

The biggest danger, I believe, is that the majority will fall for the black propaganda following the inevitable Reichstag Fire that will presently occur. Once the False Flag has been flown then, again IMNSVO, we're at the Start Line.

You'll know it when you see it.

John said...

i questioned the sanity of posting my thoughts here ... but into the maw i throw caution to the wind... i am sure your email and phone are tapped ...not sure about your mail. Regardless, you bring to light something that has caused me some thought and probably has been visited on your blog somewhere in your archives and that is; if the proverbial balloon does go up. How will patriots contact each other.. internet is suspect,cell phone like wise. leaving ham radio and ground based phone lines. As I see it cell groups conducting guerrilla action operating independently are what i see being the only possibility. Hardly a smashing effect but better than hating yourself in a gulag for being a man lacking in resolve. it also bothers me to see the elites using race to divide our resistance numbers. Glad to see your efforts educating on the matter but would like to see more truth get out to to masses. Might as well wish for free ice cold beer from heaven.

Old Pablo said...

Great advice. Keep getting into shape. You're training for an ultra-marathon. The starting gun has not been fired. And when it has, focus on the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Total agreement with everything you said, Mike and that is what I have been preaching and so have others.

@ John: Comm has been thoroughly worked out. You will want to go here.:

Legal Alien said...

It might be prudent to keep eyes and ears open on developments involving NAACP and NBP.

They are seriously working on instigating racial hatred and, in my opinion, could be the spark for the expected Reichstag fire.

NAACP and NBP are the patsies for the false flag event. They are being played by higher ups. AND they don't even know they are being played.

NBP threatening to attend/disrupt the Glenn Beck 08/28/10 "Restore Honor" event in DC can be the final polarization event where emotions get's pushed beyond the brink of tolerance.

No insider intel,just a gut feel.

Be prepared.

Anonymous said...

The contrived NAACP event should be a warning to speaking to loosely. The last best opportunity to turn this around will be on Nov 2nd. Your energies should be directed towards that and you must avoid saying anything that could be used to paint you as radical.

John said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ John: Comm has been thoroughly worked out. You will want to go here.:

Ok thanks ANON I checked it out seems like one must register to be a resistor.
Still not sure if i want to be part of a big group or follow the Eric Rudolph model -(independent,mobile). Must think on this some more.

MikeH. said...

I will admit that I grow more frustrated every day. It is, at times, extremely difficult for me to continue to hold my rage, and my deep seated need for an immediate justice, in check.

I hate these liberal scum. I see them as nothing more than a cancer that has forced this country onto artificial life support and are now teasingly tugging at the plug.

I want nothing more than to take a 7.62 mm scalpel and eradicate every mutant cancerous cell of these tyrannical, treasonous sons of bitches. I want my country back.

But for as much as I want these things, I am forced to realize there is a bigger picture; the unintended consequences that will surely follow as the result of a rash call to war.

There are still millions of people in this country who would see this as OUR act of treason. We need to do all that is necessary to bring Americans together. Act too soon and all we would likely accomplish is causing a war on two fronts. And this time, it would be far more catastrophic than the last time Americans fought Americans.

We also need to realize the importance of being recognized as legitimate, and non criminal, by other nations; otherwise they may well refuse any assistance, during or after the second "shot heard 'round the world" is fired. We may have little or no need for them during, but you can bet the farm and your ass that we will need A LOT of assistance on the other end.

Also, at the end of the day, we have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. How can we do that with any sense of honor, if we have to question our own legitimacy or criminal culpability?

Yes, it causes me great pain to hold back, but it is a necessity, the logic of which we must not cast aside.


Anonymous said...

Good article

JoeFromSidney said...

In my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY (thanks for the good review, Mike), I discuss justification for rebelling against your own government. In summary, the criteria for rebellion are:
1) There is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights;
2) All other means of redress have been exhausted;
3) Such resistance will not provoke worse disorders;
4) There is well-founded hope of success; and
5) It is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution.

When these are met, it's time. Granted, the criteria are somewhat subjective, and not everyone may agree on when they've been met. However, working from criteria such as these is better than depending on gut feel.

Pericles said...

I am a fan of the COL Arthur Simons school on operational planning, which consists of 3 steps:

1. Get organized
2. Get into position
3. Wait for an opportunity

Of those three steps, #3 is the most difficult.

Jimmy2Times said...


I'm reading your book right now. An excellent read, to be sure. Scary stuff to think about in that book, but these are scary times. I'm planning on buying a dozen copies when I'm done and passing them along to my close circle of friends.

Thanks for putting you insight to print.


Anonymous said...

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

-Sun Tzu

Think about it. If we KNEW we could win, we would have already fought, won, tried, and hung the bastards.

If they KNEW they would be victorious, everyone who's been reading this blog would be dead or in the gulag.

As soon as one side or the other has a certain advantage, the gloves WILL come off. They are preparing as we speak, so it would be prudent to start stocking ammo, making more trips to the range and doing your cardio.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous poster you responded to. And I am sorry, I had a crisis of faith. I needed a kick in the ass. Thanks for that. All the stockpiling, and shooting, and hiking, and talking about it with like-minded people , well, if that aint enough to keep me from going nuts, then its time I put these ball bearings to good use. I went through all the trouble to engrave little roman numerals on them, and then I only got to use 2 of them before it got too dangerous. And then it got hushed up. Maybe it wont this time.
At any rate, my little pity party is over, and I am back on track. Thanks for not beating me up over it.

Anonymous said...

It is crucial, CRITICAL, that the philosophical and moral underpinnings be laid down before action is taken.

Pamphlets, letters, speeches -- all these were deployed long, long before the confrontation at Lexington Commons. The People (or at least a critical mass thereof) must learn, reflect, and come to the same conclusion that the III% have already reached. Without that groundwork, any attempt to redress grievances via direct action will be seen by the populace as criminal/senseless violence.

Ideas, beliefs, faith -- these win wars -- and they are a NECESSARY precursor to just violence. The People must have faith that what comes after will be better than what exists now -- otherwise, they will cooperate with the Ruling Class in crushing any direct action.

The process of laying the groundwork is only just beginning, propelled in large part by the de-centralized nature of the Internet. As the Statist media continues to die, the truth will begin to penetrate the national consciousness. Only when the MSM is dead, truly and finally, will there be a sliver of a chance for liberty to assert itself.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Everyone can begin to get impatient after a while. Don't lose hope. Just remember that if we fire the first shots, we will be in the wrong for escalating the situation.

Prepare like you've been doing. Win first, then go to war.

Anonymous said...

in addition to the points listed in the aforementioned comments, I would like to add these:

1. support of at least 10% of the general population, but the more the better.

2. safe areas that are inacessible to the enemy.

3. foreign recognition.

all of these are in play today, in Afgan and Pak. They have been in play before in numerous other wars and conflicts. Francis Marion was probably the best at mastering the safe place, the founders spent effort on getting recognition from France and other countries, and we had about only a fraction of the entire nation with us at the run-up and outset of our first revolution

God Save us All

Bystrom 3%