Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Left-collectivist vandalism. Why is no one like Rachel Madcow hyperventilating about this?

Activists disable some London BP petrol stations. Say, where does the ATF buy its gas?


Mamma Bear said...

Don't close BP down....at least not yet......We live here on the gulf coast and we want them to have to pay out every penny they make or will ever make to clean up this mess! Our beautiful gulf coast will never be the same.....They need to pay and pay and pay until there is nothing left.

The organization for clean up here is a big joke! BP put on a big show for a few weeks and it has been downhill since.

Toaster 802 said...

The pressure group said the protests had been planned to urge new chief executive Bob Dudley to move away from his predecessor's "obsession with high risk, environmentally reckless sources of oil".

Since the Feds rejected a permit for the rig in question to drill in 500ft of water, and instead drill where they did. But truth is the first thing in war to die. Just look at the fraud in chief. His war is upon us and every word out of his filthy pie is a lie.

Defender said...

The media may yet do something:
give them their own show, like the anti-whaling Greenpeace ship Sea Shepherd's "Whale Wars." Interestingly, limited whaling is legal under international treaty.
Never mind genocides worldwide and the hamstringing of individual liberty at home. An accident and some spilled oil? Save "the planet"!
"Beyond petroleum"? Not in our lifetimes, and maybe not our grandchildren's. Alternatives are not feasible and very expensive now, reducing human quality of life further -- except for the elites, of course.

Dennis308 said...

Lefties don´t vandalize,Just like Blacks can´t be racist´s. At least in the Leftist´s Collective mind.


Jimmy the Saint said...

@Dennis308: "Lefties don´t vandalize"

Yep, just some social justice in action.

In other news, the GOP sent a delegation to discuss the terms of its surrender to the social activists.