Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good deal for Hirtenberger 7.62 NATO on MG links at AIM -- and the really stupid way they show to delink it.

My good friend Ranger Rick sends this link to Hirtenberger 7.62 NATO available at AIM Surplus. From the description at the website:

This is a very special opportunity to purchase some of the world's Best .308 Ammo Below Market Pricing!

This is 1980's Austrian manufactured Hirtenberger .308 (7.62x51). It features a brass case and a 147grn full bi-metal jacketed lead core bullet. It is packed 4rds on a M60 link, 200rds in a resealable .30cal ammo can. We are offering and pricing this ammunition as non-corrosive Berdan primed. However, a substantial quantity is single flash hole boxer primed reloadable. (We are not sorting this ammo, so expect Berdan, but celebrate if you get some Boxer.) While supplies last.

The links on this ammunition are sought after M-60 NATO marked links. also used in the Mini-Gun, HK21, MG3, etc. It is easily removed from the links and offers convenient storage in the resealable .30cal ammo can with gasket.

Is it really easy to remove from the links? You decide...

Then they have a short video showing you how "easy" it is. Easy? Yes. But, the only thing is, you should NEVER delink ammo by pushing the bullet end against a hard surface as they present. Reverse the process and push against the BASE of the round, grasping the front of the CASE after you have moved the round's cannelure forward out of the retainer clip on the link (I prefer using a hardwood board rather than a steel table top for this so the base is not deformed). Is this harder and slower than the method shown? Sure. But pushing on the bullet end can drive the bullet back into the case or cant it. When you're in a hurry, you probably won't even notice it. This is a badness thing.

Now, 80s Hirtenberger is the single best ammo I have ever fired in my China Doll. The Austrian firm has been in the ammunition business for 150 years -- since 1860 -- and it has always maintained a high standard of quality control. In fact, after I scored a case of it and put it back in the early years of the first decade of the 21st Century, I labeled it "MATCH" on the crate. It was that good.

Now, that was new factory production in 20 round boxes, not machine gun ammo on links. Machine gun ammo is often of lesser quality control standards than rifle ammo, but if I were guessing, I'd say Hirtenberger MG ammo is still going to be close to top hole.

$450 for a thousand rounds is a great price these days, especially packed in 5 (these days hard-to-obtain-at-a-decent-price) M19A1 type ammo cans. Just do me a couple of favors.

First, after you delink it, please repack it -- if not in stripper clips and bandoleers then at least in cardboard boxes you can scrounge from a range barrel -- and then reload the ammo cans with the packaged ammo. Loose ammo in a can is NOT tactical.

Second, PLEASE do not delink it as the AIM video illustrates.

Nuff said.


thedweeze said...

I scored a thousand 1983 Hirtenberger 8mm in 2007. Really good stuff.

Dakota said...

I agree with you about the Hirtenberger "67" ammo. I think it is the greatest military ammo going. I ran into a large quantity 20 years ago. After realizing how good it shoots, I carefully packed it away in "cans".

Hope I can scrounge the funds to get some of this before it is gone.

Defender said...

Loose ammo in a can is not tactical, but it sure is satisfying, like a big bowl of M&Ms or a chest full of shiny coins.
Ahem. I'm back now.

Anonymous said...

I finished shooting up a case of '79 Hirt last year and it is now reloaded and packed away with 150 SP. Great ammo and mine was boxer primed. My M-14 preferred the Port. ball over the Hirt, both were better then the S. African, but right now, grab what you can.

Anonymous said...

Is the bullet tar-sealed into the case neck?

Anonymous said...

They used to make a special delinking tool that was very effective.

It was called an M60.

tjbbpgobIII said...

10-4 on the m-60 delinking tool annon. @12:47.

Dan III said...

Shooting the pig was great fun!
Never had cause to de-link by hand, though.