Friday, June 25, 2010

God sends Chicago a reminder.

Bolt from the blue: Seen from the Hancock Tower, lighting strikes both the Willis Tower, right, and the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago as a severe storm rolls through the region last night

Not again: Lightning appears to strike the spire of Trump Tower a second time as storms broke over the city last night



Dennis308 said...

Where was Obumer, One of the Lords angels needs to do a little more practice at the lighting range.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is out of the ordinary, they put the lightning rods on those towers for a reason. No god sending a reminder, just nature acting as it always does.

Anonymous said...

Right DB. But this time it is captured.


Anonymous said...

ya know wtf why dont people wake up at least a little bit to the whole situatuation, no 2am but 11:29 pm

Allah Fubar said...

I always say that you can tell it wasn't God, because if it was Him, the entire cesspool of a city would be a smoldering, greasy hole in the earth.
Sodom and Gomorrah didn't get by with a wrist slap.

Gods Modern Day Martyr said...

Our eyes are open to see, our ears do hear, Lord.

Yup! said...

I believe it. GOD is letting "them" know that they are messing with him and he will not put up with it. I'm not joking around.

Anonymous said...

Add to that today's bitch-slapping of that putrid, statist city by the Supreme Court, and I'm in not such a bad mood.

I'll be happier when the Occupant gets bitch-slapped by the voters in November, and happiest when the occupied territory at 1600 PA Avenue is liberated in 2013.