Monday, June 7, 2010

Charles Schumer once again illustrates why his picture is in the dictionary illustrating the word "excrement."

I use several Boost phones. Kiss my ass, Charlie.


Anonymous said...

He can try to take away our cell phones but he can't stop himself from balding.

Anonymous said...

"Schumer called such a law long overdue and argued it was only a lucky break that allowed federal agents to trace the pre-paid phone in the Times Square case back to suspect Faisal Shahzad."

Does this mean that Ali Khalid Mustafa will be unable to purchase his prepaid phone at a Cairo bazaar? ;^)


Anonymous said...

I use a T-Mobile pre-paid cell after buying an unlocked phone and the SIM card separately. I pay cash for the refill cards and have never had my name associated with either phone or SIM in any way. There is a reason some things are called "personal and private" and I intend to keep it that way.

ParaPacem said...

Schmucky Schumer consistently defeats all comers in retaining the title King of the Ayholes.
Of course, that is regional, not national.
I love what one of the commenters said at the site.... get a fake ID under the name Charles Schumer and use that to buy your burn phones whenever you plan mischief.

Personally, I think we should send him a depleted cell phone and a tube of Vaseline, and a note -
"Dear Schmucky - You know what to do."

Dennis308 said...

Senator John Cornyn will be hearing from me tomorrow.

Ken said...

Schumer is unsurprising, but WTF is Cornyn's excuse?

Anonymous said...

Cornyn's excuse for being an asshole like Schumer ? He's a RINO like Olympia Snowe, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and other "been there too long" incumbent Republican politicians. For them it's not about serving one's constituents. It's about power and self-service.


Ace said...

Seems like a red herring to me. Anonymous cell phone traffic can already be tracked and traced in great detail (by location, number called, etc, etc), just like phone cards. Based on the numbers called, it's usually not too difficult to figure out who is using the phone. Anyone who thinks they're fully anonymous is just fooling themselves.