Monday, June 14, 2010

"Gather your armies."

Outstanding Alabama Tea Party candidate's campaign ad for the run-off.

The left-collectivists hate it.

The old bulls of the Alabama GOP do too. Despite being outspent 7 to 1, Barber forced a run-off with their hand-picked candidate. Poor babies. I pray he wins.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! That is awesome.

Anonymous said...


How "trivial" it seems, when compared to what we, the American people, put up with today, our forefathers believed was their duty, even unto death, to rebel against.


Dennis308 said...

That´s it I´m moving to Bama or maybe Arizona.
If Barber does win He could have a chance be a future President.His attitude is much better than the present one.Yea then I could vote for him without moving.


CorbinKale said...

Wow, for Barber to catch that much hateful flack has got to be a real confidence builder. Being despised by the despicable is proof enough that you are doing something good.

Pericles said...


Rhodes said...

Way to go Bama now push it on home! I may just move back to my birth place just to vote for this guy!!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck just slit Barber's throat on today's show, about 1 hour and 30 minutes into his program. Then he proceded to flay, draw and quarter the candidate. This has echoes of how he torpedoed Debra Medina in the Texas republican primary for governor. Beck has lots of good information on many events BUT he is a total sellout on others. And it seems the more wrong he is, the harder he works to sell the story, as he demonstrated today.

Anonymous said...

He never had a chance to get a proper education. No wonder he can't separate tax policy from latent racism. He's from Alabama, after all, a state so mired in ignorance that in a recent primary election a fairly large number of people voted for Rick Barber.

Just to be clear, guys like this get the Streicher treatment after the war, right?

monkeyfan said...

Lordy the proggies sure are in a rabid lather over Mr. Barber.

I approve of his message.

Christian Patriot III said...

Love it. Historically a bit misleading though. The whole truth would have been much more instructive. The founders had a long list of grievances, the tea tax was 17th or so on the list. I think their list is more or less our list with updated infrastructure, technology and concepts of what entails the body politic.

Good rallying message though. I'd vote for this guy in a fentosecond if I could vote in AL.

Anonymous said...

A fitting name for the blog site. Even though it's meant to poke at whomever this blithering idiot is screeding about, as in most Libtard personalities, it's all about him, isn't it?

B Woodman

Brandon said...

why do leftist idiots always go on and on about how intelligent they are? just because you have been successfully brainwashed by a team of social science professors, hardly translates to high intelligence. does anyone have a theory?

Anonymous said...

the flak is heaviest when you are directly over the target

these whiny-ass progressives are scared because they know we have shifted our focus from our jobs and families and minding our own business to "draining the swamp". the house is infested with rodents and insects because we have waited far to long to clean it and we weren't vigilant. I for one am ashamed in front of the ghosts of those who sacrificed everything for this fledgling nation that I allowed myself to be lulled into a belief that the GOP were the good guys and the D's the "misguided but well-intentioned" bad guys. we surround them and we will, we must, make this right. we must prove we deserve our freedom.