Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Do laws even matter today?"

Honest liberal Jonathan Turley discusses the destruction of the rule of law.


Anonymous said...

Pretty much hit it in the 9-ring.
Except for the stats on "illegal immigrants" which he lists at 11 million & I would say is more like over 20 million at this point.
Other then that, spot on.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

It would seem less and less so.

PioneerPreppy said...

Makes me think back to the character in "Last of the Mohicans" Nathanial who said something like if they set aside their laws as they please then all they have over me is tyranny and I refuse to live under that yoke.

Ya I know that wasn't word for word but the scene has always stuck with me.

MikeH. said...

Sure laws matter today. But only to old farts like us, who still believe in such rare human traits like honor and loyalty.

After our generation is gone, there will be no trace remaining of the way it was intended to be, just the way of the new world order.


Dennis308 said...

It would seem that if We have two standards of Law, then neither are legitimate. And so One would have to make their own judgement as to what is Right,Fair, and Just.


qui bono50 said...

Read an article online today taken from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
People in Minnesota are being jailed for unpaid debts. Seems the collection agencies, often law offices which buy the debt from the original creditor for pennies on the dollar, swear out warrants and the local LEAs jail them until they have a hearing. Then the judge will set bail, sometimes at the amount owed. Neat trick, huh?

Johnny said...

To a leftist there are no such things as principles, reality is "socially constructed" and right and wrong are relative, not absolutes. As such, it's no contradiction to them to seek ever more oppressive laws against things they don't like yet blatantly ignore the law when it suits them. To a leftist, the means justifies the end, the end being an imaginary utopia that they haven't even clearly defined in the first place.

Kent McManigal said...


Anonymous said...

Turley's typical namby pamby response led me to post at my blog about all of the 'Without Rule of Law'


Anonymous said...

Obviously not immigration laws.

There is a cartel border incursion stations cobering thousands of acres (Sonora Desert)RIGHT NOW!

Americans warned to stay north of Interstate 8, 50 mi. South of PHOENIX!! No U.S. Military present or planned in the area so far as is known.


Anonymous said...

From the article: "With polls showing about 60% of people supporting the Arizona law and almost half supporting similar laws in their states, it is implausible to suggest that all these people are racists or extremists — let alone fascists."

90% of adults in Nazi Germany voted to make Hitler dictator. It is a cold, hard, historical fact that 90% of the adult population of a modern first-world nation can be racist extremist fascists. "Good" people will continue living in denial of this fact until bad people come to take them away in boxcars.

The Rule of Law doesn't exist. It never did, it's a myth. Read http://faculty.msb.edu/hasnasj/GTWebSite/MythWeb.htm

Defender said...

The return of debtors' prison. Hmm. The melding of the business and legal spheres. I've always known it was aristos vs. us commoners, but this is degenerating into downright feudal terms. We knew habeas corpus was already dead.

"You consider yoursalf a patriot and loyal subject of the Crown?!?"
"I do not consider myself subject to much at all." -- Nathaniel Bumppo, "Last of the Mohicans"

Anonymous said...


Just two days old. Very recent article. Concerning, or encouraging, depending on your long term scenarios.....

1911A1 said...

"After our generation is gone, there will be no trace remaining of the way it was intended to be, just the way of the new world order.


If that bleak future is to befall this once great nation, then I submit that we should leave in such a way as befits the dinosaurs that we have become: Not with a whimper but with a roar that will be heard as long as men walk this earth. That their kind were free once, and they are lesser because they are not what we were.