Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another reason why people just LOVE the federal leviathan.

Typeay forwards this link and offers:

My comment: Wolves. A thoroughly well-documented dangerous predator, both to humans, and their livestock, since man first walked on the surface of this planet.

Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-Up.


John H. said...

Don't read the comments after eating.

Anonymous said...

Alaska should learn some lessons from Arizona and New Mexico ranchers on wolf control.

Anonymous said...

If only it were that easy.
Shoot (but make sure you didn't use a banned caliber, 'dangerous load' or a weapon with an ammo capacity above 5)
Shovel (but make sure it looks nice and neat, don't want to ruin the scenery)
Shut up (this one goes out to PETA)

Anonymous said...

As telling as the article was, the comments were also revealing of the collectivist herd enviroNazi mentality. And were some of those responses MENTAL!!

Next time Alaska, don't ask. Just DO. Better to ask forgiveness after then permission before.

B Woodman

idahobob said...

And, the state should just ignore the feral bastard and do what they need to do.

After all, he is just another federally paid appointee. Can we say hack?


Anonymous said...

AK should do what it needs to do and just tell the feds where to get off. Aren't the states sovereign? If all else fails, SSS.

Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

Alaska Department of Fish and Game to Unimak resident: "Gee, it would be a shame if, oh, say, about seven of those wolves attacked some of your people and you had to put them down in self defense. Oh, and by the way, all my guys are going to be out of town next week."

David Codrea said...

I'm thinking "Animal House" here--but instead of sneaking a horse into the dean's office, sneak a wolf into the judge's chambers...:)

Anonymous said...

The free-to-be-you-and-me tree hugging enviro wacko eco nazi's need to make it to the endangered species list. How do we accomplish that one?


qui bono said...

Another example of contemporary American life. Free, self-sufficient individuals are bound and held hostage by the feel good, effeminite world improvers that hold power at EVERY level of government. As such, the Nation's course is already determined. I watch. I wait.

Crucis said...

"Environmental laws..." What an epitaph. Wolves can get BIG! Look at this photo of some wolves shot while raiding cattle in Wyoming.


rexxhead said...

IdahoBob and Anon@7:02 beat me to it.

What a great 10th amendment case! Shoot the wolves. When federal game whatevers show up to arrest the shooters or (please, God) the Governor, bind their hands and feet and dangle them by the neck from the nearest tree. Send back their severed middle fingers by FedEx because it ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY has to be there overnight.

Anonymous said...

These are our dribbling pantywaist plutocrats,who do as they may.While Europe scrubs its dirty little history of monuments to propaganda out of existence,this pusillanimous type of legislating from the bench or office cretin/bureaucrat installs
them at our memorials to the fallen here,...

Fusion (verification shazbot)

Larry said...

Just another case of one predator protecting another.

commoncents said...

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J. Croft said...

I'd amend that to shoot, shovel in a jurisdiction where they're overwhelmed with homicide cases and shut up.

Unknown said...

SSS...is that the wolves or the government employed environmental radicals?

Dennis308 said...

The heck with the wolfs shoot the Eco-Nazis,they are the real danger to the ranchers.They think meat comes from the store in plastic-wrap.


Josey Wales said...

Money Quote:

"Somebody's governmental pride will be bruised here and there is no avoiding that," Holland said, before ruling in favor of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"It is the federal agency's prerogative to decide what they have decided."

Bull. Fucking. Shite.

"Governmental pride" my dying ass.

It is the Sovereign Citizen's Right to hang, shoot, or otherwise deter and resist traitors and tyrants.

Rope. Tree. Black Robed Tyrant Enabler.

Some Assembly required.

So simple even a properly educated teenager could do it.

W W Woodward said...

Send those wolves to Texas. We'll kill 'em. Hell, we kill due processed criminals on a fairly regular basis down here whether they did the crime or not, and the feds don't seem overly concerned about that.


Wraith said...

Anon @ 5:52, no doubt. LA, AK...why are these states even dignifying Leviathan with a request for 'permission' to do anything?

Come on down to AZ, where our wonderful Governor has more balls on a bad day than 99% of the fed and state governments ever had in their lives. We got your 'permission' right here!

H. Nelson said...

Part of the problem Alaska has; was the double dealing that Carter and Hammond (AK gov at the time) did. Hammond handed over MILLIONS of acres to the federal government without a fight, in exchange for 100+ acres of lake side property inside Lake Clark National Park- deeded to Hammond. NPS, BLM,and the federal fish and game is not well liked in Alaska. After Carter had the land allocated to those agency's, BLM in particular went in and kicked folks out of their cabins (with a stroke of the pen, now BLM land) and burned them to the ground.

The wolf thing is the latest in the BS the Feds have pulled on Alaska. Bottom line- idiots that don't live there are making decisions for those that do.