Saturday, June 26, 2010

An unusual left critique of the Three Percent.

Missed this back in April.


Dennis308 said...

Good Morning Mike, To bad nobody saw this back in April It´s encouraging to see that not all the collectivists are completely blind.
To bad Our Congress can´t seem to open Their eyes and are still running like mad dogs strait at the cliffs.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a new friend Mike. Are they actually waking up to the reality of the Obamanation of collectivism? The comments section was very interesting. It may be the beginning of the end for the politocrats on the hill if both sides are now viewing them as a common enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

I'm sticking with your "I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable."


bullbythehorns said...

Placing a brick(s) in the foyer of Goldman Sachs etc , would certainly heighten their anxiety.

Newbius said...

Dennis, I read the article and think the author is not an outright collectivist, but classic Liberal with "Social Good" pretensions. His heart seems to be in the right place at any rate.

I think I can take someone who believes in peaceful advocacy to righting wrongs, and show them when it is appropriate to defend ones self with Arms. The Deacons are the best example in recent memory. Far more difficult is the task of taking someone who is blinded by their fealty to TheWon and showing them how close to Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Chavez, or Castro he is.

Of course, that might only reinforce to the Obamanoid just how correct the path he is taking is...

(Interesting...WV="ovencom" The worst of the Nazi and Communist regimes combined)

Anonymous said...

Reads like you have a new fan, Mike.

B Woodman

Dr.D said...

You were also mentioned in the cover article of the April/May issue of Mother Jones. The article was on Oath Keepers.


Temnota said...

a thoughtful and reasoned article from a member of the other team who "gets it" on the problem even if he needs to think through his solution set a little further.

Did you catch the Voice of the Collective speaking through that first commenter? I wouldn't have been anywhere near as polite to somebody who told me what to write or refrain from writing.

pdxr13 said...

Collectivists are entitled to their notions, but they may find that reality does not confirm them.

Mike, thanks for being the reasonable/thoughtful guy who wants to take small steps and avoid "going to guns" while it can be reasonably avoided. Conservatives, Resorationists, Constitutionalists, should welcome and educate the blue and purple folks who are unhappy with how things are going. At very least, a little education removes them from the support base of the other side.

By the tone of this article, hearts and minds are being turned.


Pat H. said...

I don't know the author of that essay at all, but I saw no leftist sentiment in it at all.

It's pretty much spot on.

His statement of problems with the US government, which is not and has never been America, are why I decided over 12 years ago that the US government was NOT repairable or restorable to a lawful entity.

It is only replaceable.

The author's list of issues are why I decided secession of many, even most. of the states will be necessary.

You all may as well plan accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Unusual is right. That guy wasn't half bad until about halfway through his sixth paragraph (not counting the quoted text) and it starts to read like a Coast to Coast AM interview. They say militia types are paranoid loonies who believe in the NWO. Someone get Mark Potok on this guy.

Dennis308 said...

Newbius, Excuse me but the writer is a collectivist an intelligent one and filled with ¨Social Good¨ Intentions, But many of the Progressive/Socialist/Collectivists are like wise Filled with.........
I linked to your blog page and it appears that we agree on most subjects so a small difference of opinion is of no consequence.It is my thought that this is one of the many that are disappointed in the ¨CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN¨crowd.


kenlowder said...

So let the peaceful revolt begin. Here's my post and letter to the congress critters. y'all feel free to put your names on it and fwd to them.

Ken Lowder

So the feds and obuma are going to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing federal law on a state level. Maybe it's because Arizona also added more and better civil right protections than federal law? We all know how the federal government hates competition.

How much more plain can this administration make it that they will not enforce federal immigration laws? If they will not enforce our laws that they create, why should we obey any laws that they write? This is a line that they have crossed in their corruption and it's time to tell them to buzz off. I'll say it here and now, you no longer have any force of law that you can use against me. No federal law has any authority over me or the free people of the United States. Your willful failure to treat us all as equal under the law overturns the laws and your authority.

You, Barrak Obama and you, the Congress of the United States, have failed in your most important duty. It is your foremost job to protect the sovereignty of the United States of American and protect its citizens from harm. By not enforcing our border laws you are willfully permitting the invasion by criminals and terrorist into the US. The lives of our fellow citizens lost and their blood spilled is on your hands. The property stolen and the treasury robbed is your fault. You are all not part of the solution, but your corrupt criminal supporting acts are the problem.

Your refusal to enforce the immigration laws until immigration reform passes only shows that you are doing this as a political football. You are holding our lives and property as hostage to your political agenda. This is just plain evil, repulsive, and un-american.

There are now reports that obuma intends to solve this problem by use of a presidential pardon or executive order. Since congress is balking at passing his version of immigration reform he will just make them totally irrelevant. Who needs lawmakers as a rubber stamp when the king obuma can just make a decree?

You, Barrak Obama, your bureaucrats, and the liberal democrats, indeed the whole of congress are ordered to vacate your offices. Your willful acts against the laws of this nation, your oaths of office, and it's citizens make you all unfit to serve. If you are campaigning for office in 2010 you should save your money for your immediate retirement.

This free American taxpayer will no longer obey you and your evil kind. I call on all Free Americans to do the same.

Ken Lowder