Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Country Heard From . .

Another day in my life. . .

Received in the mail today a single corroded .22 Long Rifle round. No message, just a single old loaded round. The return address on the envelope, printed in block letters (as was the address to my home), was

Liberty Counsel
PO Box 540774
Orlando, FL 32854

The postmark also was Orlando.

Running the name through a search engine yielded this result. I rather doubt that Liberty Counsel was the sender.

So, without a message we can conclude that this was:

a. a ham-handed obscure threat of some sort, or,

b. a heart-felt contribution to my ammunition stockpile.

In any case, as I already have about 20,000 rounds of .22 Long Rifle stashed in various places, I think I will discard the whole business without touching it with my bare hands.

Thus whatever the message intended, it failed.

Isn't shipping ammo through the mails a Federal offense?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes our opponents provide us a glimpse of how utterly clueless they really are. I'm truly sorry you have to go through this sort of thing, Mike, but you handle it with inspiring humor and class.

Perhaps you may want to publish some guidelines for those who want to "contribute" ammo. Minimum calibers and quantities, that sort of thing. At least that might keep the low-rent pudknockers out of the game.


Dennis308 said...

Dog gon´it I never get any interesting mail.(snicker)
It seams you have another fan.

Mickey Collins said...

Federal offense?
AFAIK, only in the sense of violating FAA regs by putting it on an airplane.

If you mail or ship ammo, aerosol cans, etc, you should clearly label the box (preferably on three sides) with "ORM-D Cartridges", or "ORM-D Compressed Gas", and ship it by ground service.

The Packetman said...

I'm with Mickey .... notify the post office.

They might want to chat with the Liberty whoevertheyare.

rexxhead said...

"Isn't shipping ammo through the mails a Federal offense?"

The 'federal offense' is the law that purports to prohibit you sending ammunition by mail.

Anonymous said...

i wish i would get free ammo by U.S. mail for my rifles!

Happy D said...

Oddly enough my friends and I have taken to shooting those things at a 300 yard target from a bench through an 10/22 using iron sights.
Hit more often than not too.
Kind of fun because you have to hold your front sight so high above the target that your buddy has to tell you if it hit.
I will have to find or build a new rear sight so I can see the target when I fire.
We have been looking at scopes so we can watch the rounds impact.
Just thought this might give you a chuckle.
Next goal 400 yards.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take any threat lightly. I would be especially concerned where there is minimal information as to who threatened you because it implies they are being cautious that caution could be because they intend to act and do not want to be caught.