Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just in case you wondered about all those starving North Korean peasants and how they put a little color in their lives. (Coffee Spew Alert.)

Why, thanks to Dear Leader, of course.

Dear Leader Kim Jong Il contemplating his socialist navel.

June 18. 2010 Juch 99

Story of Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- One day in August Juche 92 (2003) General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory.

After looking around the production processes of the factory, he was guided to the sample room.

Kim Jong Il, cosmetics marketing wizard of the Korean Peninsula, engages in hands-on management.

Exhibited in the room were different sorts of quality cosmetics produced by the factory.

He took a lipstick in his hand and looked at it.

He then told officials that the factory was producing lipsticks of only a few colors and that it should produce such cosmetics as foundation, lipstick and face powder in various colors so that women could take their choice suitable to their face color and taste.

"Nancy Pelosi is only one of many beautiful women who use Dear Leader cosmetics." -- North Korean News Agency.


Witchwood said...

I could have gone all day without seeing that. Thanks.

Dakota said...

Cmon Mike!!!

I get up this morning and am just having my first cup of coffee and I have to look at that "putz" in his thong!!!! On Fathers Day!!!!!

Damn .....

MikeH. said...

Not that I am easily swayed by a pretty face, I'd really rather look at "Lil Kim" than Nasty Nancy. Call it... self respect.


Matt said...

I should have listened to the warning. Was taking a drink of coffee right as I got to the Pelosi picture and caption.

kenlowder said...

Ok, you are just going to hell for that one. Kim ill was bad enough, but the wicked botox witch of the west was just too much. It's been a long shift last night, i'm going to bed with that on my mind. I'll get you for that.



Dr.D said...

Wow my socks just started zipping up and down my legs and I have the impulse to gouge my eyes out with rusty nails.


Anonymous said...


'Xcuse me. Had to go pray at the porcelain alter for relief.

Disturbing images there. But then again, you did give "spew alert warning". Definitely an eye-opener on an early Sunday morning.

B Woodman

wv: "indee" Indeed.

Capt45 said...

Yeah, Mike. What Witchwood and Dakota said.

But thanks for sharing. (not)

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Oh dear life...

Even aftr hte pic of Daer Readwr, I still hsd somr vsion lefy in mt lefy rye. So I scrilled down,

Yhw shut of rhe Hag og thw Hiuse fonidhed off mt soght. Yrying ti toicj-typr niw. nit giid at htst.

Rhanjs, Muke.

Dennis308 said...

It´s not Halloween what´s going on Mike,ya bout gave me a heart attack! and before breakfast talk about losing your appetite.Yuck


Anonymous said...

One definition of postmodernism might be when "news" and "satire" become effectively indistinguishable. I think we blew past that little milestone a few years back, as this item so graphically illustrates.

I do have to admit to some curiousity about the North Koreans: if this is what they think is "news," what are their jokes like?


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, last night I took one more looksy here at Sipsey Street. Well, thanks a lot!

Upon seeing that picture ... no, not Dear Leader ... that ... that thing ... I had the overwhelming urge to hole up in my computer/gun room surrounded by all my armaments, lock and loaded, set out my claymores and had to find my eye stilt to keep one eye open at all times. I didn't feel safe until the crack of morning.

Gawd ... it is ... hideous!

W W Woodward said...

Please, Mike, run a video of the Wicked Witch of the West's flying monkeys. Anything! to get the pictures of the guy in his underwear and whatever that other abomination was out of my mind.

Happy Fathers' Day.


Bad Cyborg said...

Damn you Dutchman! Once you see something you can't UNsee it! I coulda gone the res o' my LIFE without seein' "Dear Leader" in his skivvies. BRRRRRRR

And then to follow it up with a freaking CLOSEUP of Nancy Pelosi! Damned good thing I haven't eaten in a while. I was on Remains Recovery Teams in the AF. Had to search for pieces o' pile-its more'n once. Never made me wanna hurl as bad as that first pic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only thing worse than a naked pic of that shriveled up Korean antichrist would be a naked pic of antichrist Mark Botox... Mark Pockmark whatever the eff it's name is....the mouthpiece for the hate group Liar's Club down south somewhere.

You can bet King Jong, Hong Long, Kim Dong...whatever the eff it's name is has his buttsuckers bring young girls (and boys) and force them to have sex with that Asian Jaba the Hut too.

JiMNYC said...

Boy She is Ugly. Mike Savage calls her Bela Lugosi. I think Bela was better looking than her. You can tell she is loaded with all sorts of prescription drugs and maybe non prescription also. What a monster. just one of the few that's running our country.

Happy D said...

Hey! Some of us were trying to eat here!

Anonymous said...

Nazi Pelosi makes him look like a Ken doll.

Anonymous said...

Why you akll be cracking on lil' Kim? No market economy has ever solved problems like providing multiple colors of makeup to satisy consumer demand. That takes the special wisdom imparted to leaders chosen by God...