Monday, June 7, 2010

"Buy barbed wire and guns."

A new investment strategy.


Anonymous said...

These products have a GERAT return rate.

Neil E. Wright said...

Barbed wire means you're trying to hold a specific piece of ground.

Instead of barbed wire, invest in guns, a ton of ammo, and lots of surplus web gear, canteens, water purification tablets, etc. etc.

Then become the biggest, baddest mobile group in your area.

Don't hold a specific piece of dirt. Move as you need to.

Being single and not owning my own home makes it easier for me to become mobile. Although I can understand someone who has worked hard to earn their piece of the pie wanting to defend it.

E said...

I own a home, and have a family now. I'll be bugging in and trying to hold the fort. It probably wouldn't end pretty, but at least there will be less bad guys than they started out with.