Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hallmark: When you care to send the very best message.

3.5" bazooka round fired at police station.

Be sure and watch the video.

I guess the gangbangers forgot to procure one of these:

According to the New York Times, the likely perps are these guys.


Mile 66 said...

Outstanding! Police are building fences around their stations. That will make the communities much safer now.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about this whole situation is you see what one small group of semi-organized,stumble-bum bikers can do to a city. Now, let's multiply that many times in the event the Leviathan decides to move against the threepers, gun owners, home schoolers, or other liberty-loving patriots who are not drug runners, thieves,or common criminals. Look at the police assets, both local, state, and federal which have been tied up with this situation. Learn from this. Plan, prepare, identify the enemy, and take appropriate action to defend your God-given liberty as defined by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Anonymous said...

That would scare the crap out of me if I found a rocket on my roof top.

Anonymous said...

thats just it. maybe they did have a launcher. maybe it was the backblast that caught the tree and stack of pallets on fire. the attempts so far seem rather inept, but the law of averages is with them. they seem rather persistant. to underestimate these people is wrong. this gang is very violent, very well armed and all to happy to take on the biggest and baddest of the one percenters. watch your six.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

And of course the solution is to disarm all the law-abiding citizens. Just wait. SOMEbody is gonna holler about how this proves the need to more gun control in CA.

Dennis308 said...

Something I don´t understand is if this is a White Supremacist Motor Cycle Club as mentioned by the New York Times article how and why would they have a Chapter in Mexico as mentioned by Wikipedia.Of course neither of these two sources can be relied on.
But as mentioned by Annon.6:25 see how the Police and City are now trying to cover their 6´s what do you think they will do for you in case of any real mass population problems.Then would be the time to Strike at the Leviathan.Before it starts flailing about in it´s death throws.and lashing about blindly.


Anonymous said...

Some liberty-loving patriots are quote "drug runners" and feel very strongly free association to enter into and leave contracts with other like-minded folks is a liberty worthy of defending.

I will not begrudge them whenever they stand up to defend their liberty. I may not stand with them... but their enemy is my enemy.

Anonymous said...

neat. didn't know my trusty old bazooka would shoot the much dreaded m29a2 tp toilet paper round. a couple of those should cause some serious home owner grief. anyone know where helmke lives?

David Codrea said...

According to this:

"M29A2 Practice 8.96 lb (4.06 kg) 23.55 in (598.2 mm) 4.65 lb (2.11 kg) 10.58 in (268.7 mm) Inert Dummy M405"

Does that mean what I think it does?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon 06:23: GREAT comment! Thanks!

Dennis308 - read it again. Surprisingly that's not what they said.

Anon 12:09 and TenSmiths -- please watch what you say. Please.

Rhetoric is one thing - open support for murdering police and/or threatening any individual is over the line IMHO -- at least for today... For all we know, every one of the cops in question could be on our side.

What I'm having trouble swallowing is the declaration that a rocket was aimed "in the general direction of" the cop-shop.


They found it on a roof-top AFTER A FIRE.

HITH do they know where it was aimed when fired?

Now - if the backblast ignited something, then perhaps they could extrapolate a rough trajectory, but that's not posited in any of the articles --- unless I missed it...


PS: WV=="sirriner"
HELL NO I won't sirriner!!

;o )

Anonymous said...


We lived in Hemet, CA from 90-95, when it was a sleepy cute retirement village.

Then the gangs moved in - my wife overheard the mother of a Hemet PD officer admitting (this was '94) that the crimes had skyrocketed so much that most of 'em didn't even get printed in the paper - as they still had a sizeable senior / snowbird populace and didn't want to scare them away.

Just 5 years earlier, our RE agent had told us: "in Hemet, the police blotter reads like: 'senior citizen cheated at shuffleboard'. He was being honest, too.

My, how things changed in just 5 short years - and this was, recall, 15 years ago !

BTW, we had just had our first baby in '94 and when I began to hear gunfire in nearby neighborhoods, we moved out the nearby rural San Jacinto mountains, to an isolated ranch.

I was surprised, but not really so, you understand, when I clicked your link and found out it was concerning our late, and lamented home city (our first home as a married couple...).

God restore this wayward land...before it's too late.

Chaplain David III

Anonymous said...

Blue. . . . don't these idiots know that blue is ALWAYS a dummy training round?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Please tell me they aren't trying to blame the Vagos again. Give me a break. The Vagos are a national organization with at least 600 full-patch members. This would make the 6th failed attack on the Hemet police. As a matter of survival, biker gangs are incapable of this level of incompetence.

Notice how the Hemet police are screaming for federal aid? Notice also how police departments all across California are under budget threat?

It's a piece of theatre designed to protect the gang unit's overtime pay.

E said...

I heard a very wise man once say to a police officer from CA that, "When you go to war with the public, expect the public to go to war with you."

In my opinion, CA LEO are some of the worst. When the actual public decides to stop all the police militarization and brutality, (no-knocks, pet killing for a joint) IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY!

LEO could learn a lot from this, but they won't. They will keep on pushing and pushing until it reaches critical mass. Then what? Its gunna get really ugly.