Saturday, June 19, 2010

NRA makes excuses, again. Der Judenrat Sprechen.

The Judenrat speaks.


Divemedic said...

Why would you expect an organization called the National RIFLE Association to have a position on a bill that has nothing to do with Rifles or with that organization itself?

Many deride the AMA for having a position on gun control, an issue that does not concern doctors, and I think the NRA is rightly minding its own business here.

Anonymous said...

"Der Judenrat SPRICHT"

soll das heissen.

Unknown said...

When they TRY to shut down free speech, it's time to shut them down.

Allen said...

the first amendment it to turn on the lights and scatter the roaches.

the second amendment is for when the roaches no longer care about the light.

the NRA says "this would have cost us money to fight, and since we got our exemption, it isn't our fight anyways"


how much money does it cost to put out a "we're against this and if you vote for it we will work against you" press release?

where in the hell is Ted Nugent? Col. Brown from SOF? there MUST be others that should be hopping mad over this one that are either board of directors or have influence there......

MikeH. said...

Guys like Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox have have successfully transformed the NRA from the premiere gun advocacy group to just another money advocacy racket.

The only hope of saving the NRA would be to send Wayne, Chris and a few others to Congress. At least then, they wouldn't have to travel so far to kiss political ass.


Anonymous said...

Two points: 1)Anyone who would use the phrase "Der Judenrat SPRICHT" in a public forum lacks sensitivity and the ability to recognize how harmful they are to themselves and their agenda.
2)I am not always happy with everything the NRA does but they are the biggest organization doing anything for our 2nd amendment rights. Therefore I will support them and not try to micro-manage them and when they stray from what I would prefer I hope that they have a reason or have knowledge that I don't have. Now is the time to stand together not to engage in infighting.

Allen said...

they're a lobbying group for the 2nd amendment. anything that would infringe on their ability to do their job IS definitely their business. and getting a little "carve-out" to protect themselves and throw pretty much every other lobbying group to the sharks is indicative of the problem. they have plenty of weight to throw around..they're TITANS when it comes to political clout. but they never seem to use it to actually DO what they are sent to do..just protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Will anyone give credit to the NRA if their exemption ends up being a poison pill that kills the whole thing, which is what it's looking like right now?

The sad fact is, until the NRA got involved, this particular bill wasn't even on radar.

In looking out for themselves, they've done EVERYONE a great service here.

Allen said...


the problem with the "poison pill" theory is that it will get into law..and then every group but the NRA will spend millions trying to fight it in court, while also being forced to spend millions to comply with it.

the NRA has already established because "we got ours" it isn't their fight any more. so why would they spend a dime on it?

this is PERFECT for them. it bankrupts all of these other smaller organizations that have been so bothersome to the NRA.

at the same time it leaves them as the only one with a voice and political power on the 2nd amendment.

this is only a good thing if you think the NRA has been doing a good job..and it really hasn't.