Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally, a Congressional candidate who has mastered the muzzle climb on a Thompson submachine gun.

Thanks to Dakota for forwarding this.


Anonymous said...

Go Pamela!

Please ignore the Youtube comments from the mouth breathers of the world.

Could I move back to big sky country? If AZ goes Nullification on several fronts I'll probably give it some consideration.



Anonymous said...

I think I'm in Love.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Dang - and she's sure easy on the eyes as well!

I hope she's ready for the outright slander The Enemy will heap upon her...


Sabre said...

If I lived in her district,she'd have my vote.We need many,many more just like her.

Son of Sam Adams said...

I think I'm in love. Don't tell my wife.

monkeyfan said...

"I'm Thomson SMG and I approve her message."

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Arizona. They're becoming the new Texas!

Tom Wolff said...

If y'all liked that, you'll REALLY love this:

Most of these chicks exhibit extremely good muzzle control at full auto... :D

I'm LMMFAO thinking, "And this is just our ladies..."

"You want to force me to buy WHAT again?"

TPaine said...

She can shoot on my range any day! And a good looker to boot!

Dennis308 said...

Damn Good lookin, the Thompson also.


Dennis308 said...

Tom that is AUSOME!
these young ladies make their fathers VERY PROUD!

J. Croft said...

Sarah Palin pales in comparison