Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Win the primary . . .

and the attempted smear begins.


Bawb said...

Typical MSM hatchet job. They quote and rely entirely on the SPLC and Mother Jones about what the Oath Keepers are, but never asked an actual Oath Keeper a single question on what they're all about. Why the agenda-driven nutcases at the SPLC are a "legitimate news source" to be quoted in the first place has always boggled my mind.

rexxhead said...

I get the impression from reading the comments (and the main story) that TPMDC would be OK with 'arrest with trial or evidence' as long as the object was those vile right-wingers.

Will we sell tickets to the event? I want to reserve mine now.


Rhetorical Taoist said...

Reading the comments section on that article makes my brain hurt - the logical fallacies, the leaps of logic, the myopia. Potok is always a preferred choice to smear feces on someone they don't like since his coprophilia is legendary.

Stupid rhetorical questions like "where were O.K. when King George" etc. and assumptions that because some of the 'only ones' behave like facist thugs therefore O.K. are facist thugs. Assumptions that O.K. are anti-democrat (the radicals seized the party, drove out the moderates and now scream at the top of their lungs "You Just HATE Democrats!!!" at any opponent).

I know that some of them could be salvaged, that they are just spewing what they were force fed for 14 years during their public indoctrination, just not en masse like that -- if you wrestle with a pig, you just end up covered in pig plop, and the pig may like it too.

Anonymous said...

SITREP: According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 47% of Nevada voters have a very unfavorable view of Harry Reid, while 23% view him very favorably.

The numbers for Angle (prior to the primary) are 9% very favorable and 11% very unfavorable.

It now becomes the state-run media's job to increase her "unfavorable" rating because the task of improving Reid's numbers is far too daunting a task. Working against the incumbent's reelection chances is the fact that Las Vegas, a Democrat stronghold, has been economically shattered by the housing market's downturn, which will undoubtedly have a depressing effect on campaign contributions.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, this kind of thing doesn't surprise me anymore. No one can stand up for the right thing and go unpunished.

parabarbarian said...

In the current environment, it's easy to smear any politician. Unfortunately Angle's handlers appear to be playing it safe. For example the campaign website was recently scrubbed of any reference to Angle being willing to sponsor legislation to prohibit schools from requiring students to take psychotropic drugs. This was done because the Church of Scientology also backs such legislation.

I'm no fan of the so-called "conservatives" -- rightwing collectivism is no better that the leftwing variety -- but the race would, at least, be more entertaining if the damned Republicans would get over 1964.

Anonymous said...

It is not the beginning but somewhere in the middle. Personally I like to watch the old media gatekeepers flail to try to keep their shills in place.

The end will be when the NY Times shuts its doors.


Qui Bono said...

Remember the existing oligarchical power structure will go to any lengths necessary to maintain their power. As to their bought and paid for syncophants in the media, this article is small potatos compared to what will be printed as we get closer to November.

Dennis308 said...

Nothing more than B/S the any news organization that gets it´s information from SPLC is full of it.
Hang Mark Potoc and the staff at the SPLC along with a hole bunch of other Progressive Ass Holes(pelosi,Ried,Obuma)for treason after the Restoration.

Anonymous said...

Solid reporting there: quoting SPLC and Mother Jones as fact. Never mind the lack of ANY evidence of law-breaking, wrong-doing, or hate-mongering. That and their own bias are as evident as the vaccuum between their ears.

And the comments -- O-M-G! Such vacuisness! Such hate! Such hyperbole! (But I exaggerate). (snark/off)

B Woodman

Unknown said...

I want one of thsse T-shirts! Ms Angle supposedly gets an A+ on 2nd Amendment issues. God bless her.

I'd like to see 'the government' turn my ville into a concentration camp! LMAO! That thought brings to mind the old western movies where the indians all tried to attack the circled wagons and got their poor misunderstood butts lit up. Thats actually funny to me.

Pat H. said...

What the Progressive/fascists don't understand is that an article like that identifies those for whom real Americans should or want to vote for.

The reality is that kind of article is the LAST thing they should print.

That they don't understand that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I find the closing comment from your referenced story quite telling about the Stewart Rhodes facade known as Oath Keepers:

"Late Update: Rhodes called us back to stress that Oath Keepers is not a militia. "We don't train or horde weapons or any of that kind of nonsense. We are an education outfit," he says.

Oath Keepers is nothing more than a money-making scheme for Rhodes. He's made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of this venture. Many well-meaning Patriots have been duped by Rhodes. Those Oath Keepers should call for Rhodes' head and the heads of his Board of Directors, on a platter.

Sadly, those of us who train and prepare for the onslaught of the Leviathan, are no more than fools. According to Rhodes....Patriots of our belief are just "nonsense" !

Stewart Rhodes....step to the devil !


J. Croft said...

The media, major corporations, government=same team.

Getting Nevadans to vote for someone who isn't the beast's bitch means a person-to-person effort... that means YOU.

Pass out leaflets, put up posters, burn DVDs featuring the candidate you're campaigning for plus clickable literature backing up their campaign positions. Ask if you like things to stay as they are-because if Reid's reelected that's exactly what will happen.

Rhodes said...

Winning the scorn of that bunch neo-fascists is the greatest compliment a politician could aspire. They are the perfect gauge to judge a candidate though not as they intended.

Dedicated_Dad said...

This stuff doesn't surprise me any more.

"MS" media == lies. Period.



Wraith said...

'aacme' says:

Well, gosh. I think it's a good thing that soldiers and police sign an oath refusing to participate in a dictatorial roundup of citizens for confinement in concentration camps. I'd sign that too. I get the impression from these folks however that they mean only Democrat run concentration camps.
I think there is EVERY reason to fear a dictatorial takeover in this country, but it won't come from the Democrats.

Really? Is that a fact? Absolutely no Democrat Presidents, like Woodrow Wilson and FDR, persecuted, rounded up and/or interred American citizens?

Yeah, OK. How's that Kool-Aid taste?

Anonymous said...

Wellllll ... here is hoping that our chains will rest on us a little lighter?

What do you all say?

Lets see how many unconstitutional laws get ripped to threads and thrown out into the unconstitutional wastebasket...


Ooh! Our side won?


The truth?

Horrors of horrors.

God won't be mocked. Neither should you.

Dave_H said...

No democrat huh? Hmmm, like Wraith posted, I seem to recall something about law abiding American citizens being arbitrarily rounded up and put in to camps, simply because they were of the same ethnicity as our opponent in that war.
That happened on FDR's watch.

It can't happen here? It already has.

CorbinKale said...

DAN said, "According to Rhodes....Patriots of our belief are just "nonsense" !"

Cite your source or retract.

I swear, DAN, if you spent as much time training and preparing, as you do hand-wringing and agonizing about Oath Keepers, you'd be Chuck Norris by now.