Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two stories that made me laugh.

Humor being in short supply these days, I had to laugh at these:

"Crazed sex poodle."


Honey, I swear to God that my car was stolen by a slippery naked woman and nothing else happened.


John Richardson said...

The best line in the Utah story comes from the Capt in charge - "She was hot and sweaty, dirty, and very slippery."

Taken out of context, you could do wonders with that quote.

Dr.D said...

Bill was undone by a Blue dress, now Algore has his black pants.
You just cant make this stuff up.


Witchwood said...

Hey, if I have to have my car stolen, that's the way.

Dennis308 said...

That´s My Story and I´m Stickin to it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard this on the local (KSL) news the other night. I thought, "I wonder what she's on, and where can I buy an ounce?"

Amazing. If you tried to make this up, no one would believe you.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

No wonder Tippy wants out. A hair trigger will not satisfy a woman;)

Dakota said...

I think I have just met my next ex-wife. She will never submit to tyranny .... she can't drive the getaway car though.

Anonymous said...

Note you didn't mention he was a concealed carrier, left his firearm in his car while posting his signs, totally irresponsible gun owner. If this had been a crazed maniac who had used the dolt's gun to harm someone, would we have heard a peep from you then?

Bad Cyborg said...

Al Gore has a dick! AND a will to use it! Who knew?