Monday, June 21, 2010

One of those times when a can of black spray paint (or a paint ball gun) would have come in handy.

Jonah meets whale.


Anonymous said...

Or even better than a paintball gun would be that Wicked Laser Arctic III that you posted about last Monday,

Anonymous said...

Periscope off Hollywood Beach?

Must be Toshiro Mufune and crew from another movie.


Sean said...

Mebbe they could take it out with a Ferris Wheel. Naw.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few of the Uber-Rich own custom subs now.

[quote]Still, it has been widely reported that director James Cameron, Microsoft (Charts) co-founder Paul Allen, and Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich all have subs of their own.[/quote]


The ultimate bug out.

Pat H. said...

As an active duty soldier (then, you might be surprised what a valid ID card can gain access to) I had an opportunity to look through a periscope of an attack submarine while it was in port.

It was quite interesting, and I'm pretty sure that an application of water fast paint would do it in quite nicely.