Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speaker's List for the NC RTC Rally, 14 August 2010

See you there.


MikeH. said...

Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Has a location been chosen for the NM rally yet? If so, where, I can't find the info. posted yet.

daniel said...

Info on NM rally is not yet posted. I'm in communication with the organizer and will post to RTC blog as soon as I know:

-Dan Almond

Dennis308 said...

I am doing all I can to make it this time. I WAS working for 4/19 and now am laid off and on unemployment and it´s a long way from southern Texas to the Carolina's. If I can make it I do want to meet you and get your advice about a few things that I don´t wish to discuss on electronic forms of communications.
Hope to maybe get a copy of Absolved also,even signed.
And if the N.M. Rally can get it up and running I might just end up there.Thank You and Please let us know Dan.


1manoperation said...

New Mexico Rally info. ;}