Friday, June 18, 2010

Plan B

Just received this email:

Hello Mike,

I check in with the blog everyday, it's a part of my keeping in tune with the endarkenment. I think things will get much worse and to that end, if or when the government claps down on the internet do you, Pete and others have plans to keep us grey men informed and motivated?

I greatly appreciate everything you guys do, and enjoy the writing and the links. I was hoping my son and I would had a chance to introduce ourselves at the last Knob Creek fall shoot, but I understand you didn't attend due to your health problems. Maybe next time.

I hope you start feeling better. Stay healthy we need ya!


Actually, yes. Plan B will be done with methods that work around the roadblocks on the Internet, supplemented by Radio Free Alabama, a short wave Threeper radio program. More on that in a month or so.


PS If all goes well, I will be at Knob Creek in October of this year with copies of Absolved to sign.


Anonymous said...

Not heard in awhile (at least you've not mentioned)

How is Absolved coming?


Anonymous said...

What is Absolved?

Crustyrusty said...


I say again,


Capt45 said...

I want a copy when it's published (well, ok, I want to BUY a copy).

Anonymous said...

IF that plan becomes a reality, you better bring a really BIG truck, heh.
Here's hoping.

Eric said...

Anonymous, Absolved is a book that the author of this blog is writing. A few chapters can be found here...

Here's the facebook page for Absolved that has some good links on it!/group.php?gid=96606644269&ref=ts