Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tyranny is a vampire's appetite.

Collectivist at work.

Tyranny is a vampire's appetite.

It is a collectivist cannibal's mouth watering.

Here is a current example of the Founders' prescription for tyrannical appetite suppression.

Apply as needed. Silver bullets not required.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget a crucifix and garlic chain.

Dennis308 said...

Ok Dutchman, where did you get the picture of MY rifle........LOL.


monkeyfan said...

They do hate anything to do with the cross...And mirrors upset them greatly.

hazmat said...

I would pray for sunlight, but I'm a-feared that dawn is a long ways off. Like middle of December in Fairbanks off.

Malcolm Reynolds said...

Does a 180 gr hp .308 through the brain stem equal a stake through the heart?

I think maybe so.

Despite the apt metaphor, these leftist bastards are not metaphysical.

"Somebody tries to kill you, you kill 'em right back."

Malcolm Reynolds

E said...

LOL Awesome, Mike! I completely agree and got a good laugh out of it all at the same time. That rifle is just a beautiful sight. I'd die to have one.