Sunday, June 6, 2010

And, thanks to Pete at WRSA for forwarding this:

On the most ancient virus to infect the soul.


Dakota said...

A great piece ... a very good look at the phenomenon of Jew hater ... and Jew self hate. It brings back a memory of Aaron Zelman from JPFO when asked (if memory serves) why his fellow Jewish people are for gun control and limiting ownership thereof .... His reply was that they have a "gas chamber mentality" (paraphrasing).

I love it when the truth is direct.

Anonymous said...

It's silly to imply that anti-Semitism is somehow different, more significant, or more ancient than any other type of hate.

The word is being used to turn of the public's critical thinking regarding American foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with Ben Ehrenreich on this one, thanks.,0,6684861.story

But then again, I'm sure Ehrenreich is merely one of those "self-hating Jews". You know like Slaim, Levy and all those Jewish anti-Zionists who have written so copiously on the matter.