Monday, June 28, 2010

Billy Beck memorializes West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd with eloquence.

I concur.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that the Obama media will not say the same.

No one could have said it better than Beck.


Toaster 802 said...

The Christian in me hopes for the Lord's love and blessing be apon Byrd.

The patriot in me hopes his statist a$$ burns in hell.

The American in me rejoices that the old tax-eating progressive bastard is dead.

The human in me enjoys the fact that there is one less racist idiot to deal with.

All this being said, the Lord works in mysterious ways. And He is displeased enough to call home the 60th vote for a bill that works towards silencing Citizens while empowering union thugs and other leftist tyrants. Praise The Lord and may his blessing continue to be on our Republic, and our patriots!

Dennis308 said...

Mike I´m sure you´ve seen the SCOTUS decision. They do touch on the Militia Issue but not in detail. But they did verify the Individual Right To Keep And Bear Arms(for self defence)which cancels Chicago's out right Ban.

And as far as Byrd- HURA,HURA,HURA,
Now he is the Devils problem.


Anonymous said...

There are not many in Washington, that Billy's statement would not be true of.

Tom from Toledo said...

Robert Byrdbrain is finally dead. May the David Dukes, Jack Chicks, Jesse Jacksons, Jeremiah Wrights, Lou Farrakhans, Tariq al-Mansours, Abe Foxmans, Mark Potoks and the rest of the world’s rabid racists soon follow.

Dubber308 said...

My first reaction upon hearing of Byrd's death, "It's about f***ing time!" My second reaction, "One down, ninety-nine to go."

Anonymous said...

Byrd is dead but there are 1000 who stand behind him ready to take his place.

The players are inter-changable, but the game remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Wow...there is much rejoicing! Where's the band on minstrels?

Joel said...

I'm no Christian either. I wish him neither heaven nor hell - just glad he's gone, and wish there weren't so many so eager to take his chair.

Dan said...

Well put by Beck.
Good fuckin' riddance!
The only problem is we'll now have a younger piece of shit to deal with.

Unknown said...

Robert C. Byrd...gone to the big klavern in the sky...or wherever it is.

straightarrow said...

Byrd has been referred to as the "soul of the Senate". Unfortunately, I fear that is true. It is a black suppurating soul.

atomandyves said...

I'm sure Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy and John Murtha are anxiously waiting to make a triple decker sandwich with Helen Thomas and Rosie O when they arrive. Well I just couldn't think of anything nice to say.