Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chanting as education.

Obama scholars.


pdxr13 said...

Let's not even pretend that this is "education". It's indoctrination at best, and likely brainwashing (or getting used to brainwashing techniques) new recruits for the New Black Panther Party and the Rev. Elija Mohammed's church.

The fellow leading the chant had a funny little hat that I've seen on some NBBP thugs.

IMHO, completely unacceptable in a publicly-funded school.


Anonymous said...

Scholar is NOT the word that comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to image what would have happened if, through some collective insanity, my school hierarchy had decided to make us kids chant "I am a Richard Nixon Scholar."

I suspect one of the first things to follow would have been the appearance in the principal's office of an icily calm yet obviously lethally angry woman with a heavy German accent--my Mom--demanding to know why they were starting a Hitler Youth in her adopted country.

Of course, today the "school resource officer" would probably Taser her.

On the plus side, there are probably at least a few kids in that room who will take away from that humiliating experience a healthy distaste for self-declared authority.

Dennis308 said...

I´ve said it before and I guess I´ll say it again these Two Peoples(or more)Cannot live together. A nation so divided will not stand.

We are filling with disrespect and hatred for people that some of us used to think of as Fellow Americans now we are Progressive or Conservative or Libertarians or Constitutionalists.

The Progressives appear to want a Socialist Nanny State.

The Conservatives appear to want Religious Totalitarian State.

And to many Libertarians appear to want No Government at all and everyone just does as they please,which is not so bad onto itself as long as everyone respects everyone else and that just don´t happen on it´s own.

So we need some kind of Governing Body to insure that mutual respect and that´s why I´m more of the Constitutionalists, Personals Liberties and rule of law.
(small caps intentional)

So one would think lets just split up the country into 4 parts with 4 camps and 4 different governments or lack of.But then we will have to come to terms about who goes where and who gets what and there we are back at square one.
So there´s no way around it and it is ONLY a mater of time before someone Fires that First Shot or Orders that First Shot and then all Hell Breaks Lose. So Ya better be gettin ready and doing it fast cause The Sh!t is gettin real close.


Dennis308 said...

Oh My God, this is indoctrination.
See what I was talking about on my last comment.
Wasn'T so bad till the started with the Obama-Scholar B/S.
(and not because Obama is black but because he is a socialist)


Mattexian said...

I reckon it's good training for standing around in line, later in life, waiting for their "Obama money!"

Anonymous said...

Zombie attact in 3...2...1...

Dedicated_Dad said...

The "chant" is actually a "call and response" - an age-old black custom/cultural artifact - often used as an affirmation, especially in churches. It's also common in soul and hip-hop "music" -- in a "when I say X, you say Y - X! (Y!)" format...

In this case, the teacher is using it to accomplish the #2 goal of government "schools" - to build self-esteem in the kids.

Of course, the simple fact that REAL self-esteem is earned through tackling something difficult and succeeding - not through meaningless affirmations - is irrelevant to them, but that's what passes for "education" these days...

Provided Johnny and Susie (and Ja'Quan, Sha'Nequa, Jose and Maria) can parrot the brain-wash and perform at the same (low) level, then it's "Mission Accomplished!" -- So long as they feel really really good about themselves.

Honestly, given their mindset, it's not all that surprising that they'd use the Affirmative Action PotUS as the supreme example of achievement - he is after all the highest possible illustration of what can be accomplished by enough un-earned self-esteem given a healthy dose of .gov-approved racial preferences!

If one was paying close attention, one would also have noticed that the teacher was wearing a "Nation of Islam" uniform - white shirt, black suit, tie and beanie.

To me, this is the most disturbing part of the video.

Imagine if the teacher was a militia-member and wore *HIS* uniform to school every day?!

Just *TRY* to iomagine the reaction if he were to substitute the words "white" for "black" and "Christianity" for "Islam" - and otherwise quote (hack-spit) Farrakhan's "teachings" verbatim?

Just another example of how some animals are more equal than others...


WV: "Divis" - "Mission Accomplished!"

Radiowave said...

Here we have Obama Scholars undergoing pre-teleprompter training.

Anonymous said...

This is making the Nazis and Soviets blush. They wish that they had this level of coercion.

Defender said...

The cult of personality. Scary.
Anyone remember any "Bush scholars" or "Reagan scholars," or even "Clinton scholars"?
These teachers should be educated.

Unknown said...

Well now, that was disturbing. Kind of reminds me of the 'Barack Hussein Obama - mmmm mmmmm mmmmm' video some months ago.

Ok...bottom line this BS. Pretty much all of those lard ass miscreants are already lost and that idiot with the bro-hat leading the chant is a 5 star ragin' racist.

What he should have said is something along these lines:
"I am a person. I am responsible for my actions. Its up to me to succeed. Its up to me to fail. I will reap the rewards of my efforts. Without my school I am nothing. Without an education, I am nothing. Without a job, I am nothing. Without a family, I am nothing. Without God, I am lost. "

Thus endeth the sermon. ThirtyCal...out!

Moe Death said...

Stupid asses got the chant all wrong. Should have been: "I am an Obama scholar. You want fries with that?"