Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The crybaby perp.

When news of this gets out, this big bad criminal is going to have a tough time in prison.


Anonymous said...

Emergency! Call a waambulance!!

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The probability of a first-time burglary offender getting jail time is approximately zero.

Nationwide budgetary deficits are pressuring officials to lower the inmate population, which will work in this thief's favor.

Burglary charges will be plea bargained to "unlawful entry" and the state will parole him.

Those of you fantasizing about homosexual rape will surely be disappointed. ;^(


Kevin said...

Will it be on ppv?

Anonymous said...


Dennis308 said...

Shouldá just went ahead and shot the Ass Hole and be done with it now he has to be fed and housed and gets Med. treatment after he gets raped in prison.
Here in Texas it is absolutly leagal to do so.


Son of Sam Adams said...

Perhaps he deserves a punishment like the the 10 cops who tazed the 86 year old woman deserve: wear pink shirts and necklaces to work for a month.

Anonymous said...

Again with the phrase "gun-toting". Can I get media clarification on what, exactly, that means?