Monday, June 21, 2010

Now this guy has the right idea.

All politics now is dress rehearsal for civil war.

Action: Good guy (a producer) posts sign (a REALLY BIG sign, but just a sign) on his own property.

Reaction: People at whom the sign is directed (the parasites) use arson to try to remove it.

Advantage: Good Guys.

Get the process? Innocuous, legal provocation leads to violent, illegal reaction.


pdxr13 said...

Obviously, the "good" local Democrats of Harry Truman vein have little or no control over the younger anarchist/collectivist Obamacrats.

If someone you suspect or who claims to have a deadly disease spits on you, how is that not a felony assault or attempted murder? The trespassing rude boys fishing were lucky to have escaped with their lives instead of the SSS plan (large lonely farm, probably with hogs). Local cops and more than some of the judiciary there must be Democrats, but not the "good" kind as demonstrated by disappearance of valuables during arrest.


Defender said...

Some people in my area have been posting big signs like "CUT GOVT 50%" and (hammer and sickle instead of "O")bama". God bless 'em.

Carl said...

It has been proven over and over that liberals are violent. It comes from the frustration of not being able to develop logical arguments to support their warped fantasies. Sounds good, but naahhh, the real problem is that they are little brats throwing a temper tantrum and need badly to be spanked.

Joel said...

Nice big sign, glad it got a reaction, but if he's only railing against democrats he's missing at least half the point.

Uncle Lar said...

Same chit different day. What they say no matter how vile and disgusting is free speech and must be not only permitted but encouraged even when their protests overflow onto private property. But anything we say that conflicts with their narrative is hate speech and must be quashed.
Sometimes a guy just gets tired of wasting his breath and wonders if it's time to just shoot the bastards.

Anonymous said...

The fellow misses half the story. Statists - of Republican or Democrat varieties - are Parasites.

Democrats love squandering other peoples money on the Welfare State. Republicans love squandering other peoples money on the Warfare State.

And the Warfare state isn't about national defense. It's about enriching the Welfare of the well-connected corporations.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the sign. Up here in Pennsylvania the difference between a Democrat and a Republican is about the same as the difference between Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola....not much. They're all growing government, taking our money, and destroying Liberty !

We don't need 'Pubs or Dems. We simply need Patriots.


Anonymous said...

Ditto what Dan III said!