Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Bitter Fruit of Collaboration: Another great one from Jennifer III



Unknown said...

Good points made by Jennifer III. I'd say we're in for a very rough ride.

Neil E. Wright said...

There are those who say the NRA has a greater duty to principle than to gun rights. It's easy to say we should put the Second Amendment at risk over some so-called First Amendment principle.
"So-called?" That's a despicable phrase for an organization claiming to support the Bill of Rights and a Bill of Rights defender. We expect the First Amendment to be called "so-called" by congressional Democrats, crusty old Washington left-wingers, and the liberal faux good government groups composed of '60s retreads such as the League of Women Voters.
If anyone is interested, Wayne LaPierre was on GunTalk today tapdancing for all he was worth about the NRA sell-out of FREEDOM! You can download the podcast here: GunTalk Podcasts. Wayne is on in the second hour. What a slimy worm he is!

Dennis308 said...

This is my resonce to a fellow named Frank over at OK´sdefending the nra(small caps intetional).

Frank, please wake up your dreaming the NRA didn´t stop the bill. The Thousands of phone calls to Congress and Senate did the outrage of the PEOPLE and many soon the be former members of the NRA did. I have been a Life Member for 25 years and an Endowment member for close to 6 years. And I have seen a difference in the NRA over the past few years. Let me remind you that the NRA compromised on the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban.To GAIN that the moratorium would last only 10 Years.That might have been a strategic victory seeing as how the Political climate Did change ,but there was no guarantee that, that would happen. I will be Joining the Gun Owners of America a NO COMPROMIZE organization to defend the 2nd. amendment. I´m not Quiting the NRA, YET they might wake up a see that We Americans can no longer afford the luxury of of allowing the government to restrict our rights or the rights of anyone else. More government control on others is the same as more government control on ourselves,it just takes a little longer if I don´t defend you how can I expect you to defend me. The Idea that you have that the NRA stopped the Closer Act by not fighting it is unrealistic, it is something called Unintended Consequences and another Unintended Consequence is that now more than ever the NRA appears to be a sellout and many people like my self are VERY unhappy with them. They sold out for an exemption. Answer me one question is a 20 dollar Whore any less a Whore than a 100 dollar Whore? Think with your head not with your heart. And please excuse me ladies for my vulgar language but I am trying to make a point. Also Frank do you remember who it was that said ¨All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing¨ by agreeing to not fight this bill they are as guilty as those that presented it.