Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy smokes! Now we have "assault riffles!"

Raft moving over riffles. These are obviously just plain riffles and not "assault riffles."
2 entries found.

1. 1riffle (verb)
2. 2riffle (noun)

Main Entry: 1rif·fle
Pronunciation: \ˈri-fəl\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): rif·fled; rif·fling \ˈri-f(ə-)liŋ\
Etymology: 2riffle
Date: 1754

intransitive verb 1 : to form, flow over, or move in riffles

2 : to flip cursorily : thumb transitive verb 1 : to ruffle slightly : ripple

2 a : to leaf through hastily; specifically : to leaf (as a stack of paper) by sliding a thumb along the edge of the leaves b : to shuffle (playing cards) by separating the deck into two parts and riffling with the thumbs so the cards intermix

3 : to manipulate (small objects) idly between the fingers

There is a plague of "assault riffles" upon the land.


JMB said...

“Two Joe Blows aren’t going to buy a bunch of weapons and it stops there,” Baeza said. “We’re pretty positive it was headed to Mexico.”


"And it stops there"- What "stops" there? The "investigation"?

Remember those CONEX boxes from China full of Chinese AK's seized in Kali back when Slick Willy was courting the Chinese and their "campaign contributions"? Remember how that investigation went nowhere? Are we seeing a pattern, here?

Another false flag operation?

Gotta stir up the peasants (American, this time) so when the Goobermint comes up with yet another "common sense" and "reasonable" restriction on the Second Amendment, Joe and Mary Bagodonuts will understand that's it to keep "the children" of Mexico safe...or something.

My $.02

Anonymous said...

The dramatics!

For every pound of dope these dopes find, imagine how much gets through.

For every fully automatic weapon they find, imagine how many they don't find.

" I think this demonstrate more than anything else are resounding to protect our citizens, protect our borders and protect this great country of ours,” says Police Chief, Carlos Maldonaldo."

People actually fall this tripe.

Anonymous said...

Why smuggle guns through U.S. customs. Then into Mexico? They weren't made here, so they had to be smuggled. Or,were they being brought from Mexico to a safehouse in the U.S.,and just got busted on this side? The only sure thing is we'll never know the real story. Either way,expect new legislation soon........mthead III

Anonymous said...

Also, i feel we should drop the harsh and mean spiritedness in calling our firearms "assult rifles". I vote we start using the term reserved by the media for police guns. "patrol rifles.".....mthead III

Anonymous said...

That's just plain funny.

Uncle Lar said...

Couldn't help but notice that the coverage repeatedly stressed the full auto assault rifles (or riffles if you prefer) with absolutely no mention that these are banned from civilian markets. I'm sure the impression left with the uninformed public was that this truck just backed up to the "We Be Guns" loading dock and bought out the store.

Dennis308 said...

A word of Advice to the Webb Co. Deputies and Laredo Police Officers, You hit someone pretty hard with this seizure so be very alert for reprisals. Your area of the border is still a War Zone as I´m sure you know. So be watching your 6´s and those of your buddies.I also live on the Border so I have some idea of what I´m talking about and so do you,Be prepaired...


pdxr13 said...

When I buy weapons at a gunshow, I don't usually get box. I also wouldn't be able to buy 147 identical and new AK-47 MACHINE GUNS at one time. Not even if I had a backpack of crisp hundred dollar bills...

Let's say I was an arms dealer, like in the movie "Lord of War". This is my job to move weapons safely and securely from A to B after getting paid (or partially paid). Would I hire a truck likely to be stopped and searched because the driver is nervous about his DUI warrants, non-English speaking, and lack of DL? Would I ship a bunch of ammo and not enough magazines with the rifles? Oh, hell no! I'm going to ship the rifles wrapped in blankets packed behind smelly household goods in a legitimate U-Haul truck driven by a couple of white Texans with an infant who cries a lot. No ammo and no magazines will be included (they weigh too much and might make the truck sag) besides, ammo and magazines are uncontrolled items! Everyone will have clean records, and a repair vehicle will follow them about a half-mile back in case they get a flat. We are talking serious value (and profit) in this shipment, with every possibility that can be anticipated being accounted for.

Only an Agency of the US Gov't would run such a poor (false-flag) op as this. If this was in reality a private gun-smuggling op, there is a basement covered in blood where the people in charge of it used to live. There's almost no chance of that, since idiots don't last long enough to be put in charge of anything important/valuable (unlike US Gov. Agencies with unlimited assets and ability to divert blame/responsibility).


Eric said...

"carries high capacity ammunition"

Anonymous said...

If they really were FULLY AUTOMATIC AKs....then they likely came UP from south of the border...not the other way around.

Son of Sam Adams said...

"Riffles" aren't the worst of it. I haven't ever seen such a case of journalistic writing incompetence. Only in English translations of Chinese owners manuals and assembly instructions can you find equally mangled sentences.

Allen said...

I remember that COSCO freighter story...

I also remember that the first half of the containers from that ship had already been offloaded at another port (san francisco?)and none were searched.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of maroons!

Anonymous said...

I must have asked this a thousand times, literally; can the media define for me "standard power rifle"?

Especially since they tend to just go on looks, and modern "assault rifles" fire intermediate rounds. Your average fudd deer rifle is more "high powered" than that.

While they're at it, how about "high capacity magazine"?

Dennis308 said...

pdxr13,FYI Ammunition and Magazines ARE Prohibido En Mexico.
translation:Prohibited in Mexico.


monkeyfan said...


Sounds like some sort of strip club for lefty poets.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon @ 7:38 and others: AKs can be made with basic hand-tools, and are currently manufactured in literal caves in Pakistan and elsewhere.

I've looked at parts-kits and been staggered by how easy it would be to make them FULLY functional again.

Any reasonably-handy person could drill the extra holes in a stack of receiver flats and bend them with a cheap vise. The only reason this isn't done all the time is the average gunny's innate respect for law and fear of PMITA-prison.

In any case, these "riffles" were not bought at a gun-show or in any legitimate business in the US.