Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Nation Makers

One of my favorite Howard Pyle paintings.

Here's another:

American Family Tree.

And another:

Charge of the Minnesotans at Nashville, 1864.


scuffler said...

I need to speak with Mike, but lost his email address, here is mine if anyone can help me get in touch, '

Anonymous said...

I've seen the picture of "The Family Tree" before. It always keeps me humble, reminding me hat no matter how lofty we get in life, no matter how many generations removed, everyone's family had humble (to say the least) roots.

B Woodman

Dennis308 said...

Some nice pieces I would like to see them some time. To bad I don´t know where they are hanging.


TypicalClinger said...

The Family tree painting was in a book we had when I was a kid. I think it was about America and came out in 76. Always liked it.I also have red hair. Can anyone tell me why google account never remembers my password? I have to sign up every time. And I use the same name and password.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me that William and Richard Cope took passage on the "Blessing" for New England in 1635.

It also reminds me that Sir John Cope, having led troops against Bonnie Prince Charlie, lost his head to the Highlanders in 1745.

Dakota said...

Really like the first pic. A moment in time probably not unlike the real moment in our nations early trial by fire.

The family tree is interesting, I have never seen it before and I would imagine my tree would look somewhat like that. Recently I was informed by family and shown that my ancestry on my mothers side traces back to the first voyage of the Mayflower of those hearty souls that survived the first winter.

Anonymous said...

The Pyle painting is hanging in the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA. Great museum! Is on the property owned by the Wyeth family and has a ton of NC, Andrew, and James Wyeth paintings alonf with some Howard Pyle, Maxfield Parrish etc... I went on a pilgrimage up there three years ago. Also visited valley Forge not far from there. A good outing.

The Wigpeeler

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the roots of that family tree started out with a Pirate and what looks like a Spanish Lady, perhaps plundered from a Spanish Galleon. It would certainly explain a lot about my family.


Anonymous said...

I like Howard Pyle, too, but the family tree was by Norman Rockwell, whom I also like.

0ivae said...

The irony about "The Family Tree" is that, while the general tendency is from rough-hewn towards clean-cut, the boy at the top would more likely grow up to resemble the pirate on the bottom, circa 1969.