Thursday, June 10, 2010

Once again, collectivists demonstrate their ability to use words and phrases as weapons to get what they want.

Marketing the big lie through smoke, mirrors and message crafting.


Anonymous said...

Dems/Libs/etc are changing the way they talk the talk. But can they change the way they walk the walk? I doubt it.

B Woodman

Taylor Harbin said...

A change of tactics was inevitable.

Dennis308 said...

Secure the border deport the Illegals from our land,then MAYBE I would be open to consider Immigration Reform.But that Will Not Be Done because it´s all LIES,LIES.LIES.They both the Demoncrats and Repungnicans have no intention of carrying out any of their Promises on Immigration.


hazmat said...

Just because the leopard changed its spots doesn't mean it's no longer a leopard. What's that story about the frog and the scorpion again?

Dedicated_Dad said...

The last line in TFA sums it up:

"They're scrambling to sugar-coat a breakfast cereal that nobody wants to eat!"


Our "counter-message" needs to be simple:

"Take away all the *NEW* 'talking-points' and tell me what's changed?"


BTW -- *LOVE* how Dear Reader says "We have...Secure(d) the border..."

I often wonder: Does this guy think his saying something makes it true? That delusion isn't as uncommon as you'd think...


PS: WV== "resturit"

Whadda we do 'bout the Constitution?