Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clarification on McChrystal

Some of you seem to think that I am:

a. a McChrystal fan,

b. a McChrystal apologist,

c. A fan of his COIN strategy.

I am none of the above. Any generals beyond one star (and most of them as well) are consummate politicians. And there are all sorts of politics: intra-Army, between services and finally, White House/Congress/Pentagon.

I am simply commenting upon the obvious as explained to me by insiders, not endorsing it. Other than, of course, the progressive isolation of the Obamanoids from all the people they think they can order to do their tyrannical bidding. I'm all for that.

Does that meet with your approval?



j said...

I can't see anything to indicate you being a Mac Apologist; the objections I have to the ROE are really a separate issue from the interview. And as has been pointed out, none of the 'earth shaking' comments about the Kenyan bastard and his puppets, were attributed to McChrystal. He just has to be the scapegoat, since the Kenyan can't get any jollies or any face time by pitching his bitch0fit at the underlings/ staff.
I just love the fact that, whatever the case, it very obviously send the commie-bastard-in-chief into an Underoo-wetting, foot stamping hissy fit, like a spoiled three year old brat who has just been told by Mommy that he can't play with the family dog's excrement.

And from the Bathroom Wall of Wisdom-
"Here I sit, where many have shat,
Giving birth to a democrat>

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification.
Although, my energy was going into trying to figure out what you were saying and not getting to far.

And, I've got to admit, anything that makes the Armed Forces in the rank and file less trustful of our fearless leaders cannot be helpful to the tyrants.

-Bubba Man

Anonymous said...

This thing makes no sense as played
Either McChrystal is incredibly naive or this was on purpose. Look at the Krauthammer interview for one view of this. Krauthammer believes the most charitable explanation is that McChrystal was not used to being a public figure. But even that makes no sense to me. Rolling Stone did not screw up here. They actually read the quotes back to make sure they had permission to use them. This went through McChrystal's aides as well as himself and the whole thing was approved every step of the way. Are you telling me NOBODY thought this might cause issues?

In my opinion, impossible. That leads me to believe it was on purpose with McChrystal as the sacrificial lamb. Who comes out ahead after the dust settles? The military. The military took the brunt of criticism over Vietnam and they are not going to let the same thing happen again. Now everyone knows what the real issue is. Obozo and his clowns are interfering with the military to the extent that they are being asked to fight a war with no bullets.

It's really too bad McChrystal apologized. He could have said, "I stand by what I said. Obozo is an idiot and the worst CIC we've ever had. I quit." and then have a couple more generals do the same thing. THAT would be something!

Anonymous said...

Mike - I'm not worried about McChrystal one way or the other - he didn't set the objectives or the ROE, he didn't set the withdrawl timetable, and he probably wanted out.

This is a distraction (intentional?) from Obama's problems in Arizona, the gulf coast, the Mideast, and the collapsing economy.

I imagine the NY Times and others will stand up, salute, and get busy polishing Obama's wonderfulness as a strong decisive leader for getting rid of that bad general who wrecked everything in Af/Pak, and bringing back the mighty hero betrayus.

Rumors are swirling that Obama is about to grant amnesty to illegals by exec order. Fox news just had some bozo proclaiming the goodness of this development - no one need protest illegals or the border situation anymore, because these will now be our fellow citizens!

Can you comment? Does this rise to another intolerable act? Thanks.

Brian K Miller said...

Gee, Mike, I've never seen you worry about other people's approval before! (^_^)V

Ignore the peanut gallery, Mike. When TSHTF most of them will run for the shadows.

thedweeze said...

Are you serious, Mike? Some folks were thinking/saying that you approved of McChrystal?

Perhaps there needs to be some sort of qualification or aptitude testing in order to be a Threeper.


Anonymous said...

I will answer in Ayn Rand Objectivism style:

It doesn't matter if I approve or not. It's YOUR web site, to put anything on it that you want.

If I like what you write, I will read it. If I don't, I won't.
So far, I like what you write, and will continue to read and become educated.

Thank you, and 'nuff said.
B Woodman

dwayne chandler said...

McChrystal out; Petraeus picked for Afghanistan.

Hurrah, now serving in Afghanistan will be like the hell of serving in Iraq in 2004, 2005, and 2006.
Soon it will be the retro in thing to do.
Who knows, maybe it will eventually have it's own flashback episode on VH1.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I thought I would mention that last night, while looking into this McCrystal mess, I noticed he isn't wearing an award that is the most prized of the infantry, the C.I.B., Combat Infantry Badge to you legs. He only wears an EIB which every infantryman distains. So how come they call him a "fighting general", he's never even seen combat as shown by the badges he wears. 30 days in a combat situation is all it takes to earn one. I think he's mostly REMPH.

Pat H. said...

I suspected as much Mike, thank you for the clarification.

As a 30 year (retired) veteran, I can tell you the politics of position goes lower than "above one star", the O6's are jockying for position long before star rank.

My last ten+ years was out of combat arms and in the medical corps, still you might be surprised at how competitive rank becomes even among medical professionals.

My focus is on America and Americans, that's why I ended my military career when I did, after the crap years of Clinton, I got G. W. Bush who was worse. I detested that.

MamaLiberty said...

You bet! :) The brass hats have always been politicians.

Dennis308 said...

Mike, You keep right doing what your doing and jokeĆ©m if they cann´t take a fu0k,
To j3maccabee, I like that one,
Hell Yea!


Tom Wolff said...

Mike, I had NO problem whatsoever with waht you posted, I think I know ya half-assed well enough to have gotten your intent.

Oh, B Woodman @ 1308 says the rest for me... :D

HA! The WV is "Cleror", what Mister Vanderboegh is making it? LMMFAO!

Unknown said...

tjbbpgobIII: True he doesn't have the CIB. But General officers are not entitled to be awarded the CIB. His service prior to being appointed to general might have been prior to the shooting started, ergo he can't have one.

Witchwood said...

Obozo and his clowns are interfering with the military to the extent that they are being asked to fight a war with no bullets.

In fairness, imposing democracy on the Middle East, and the winning of hearts and minds that that necessarily entails, is Bush doctrine. Bush was the one who insisted that the Arabs be handled with kid gloves and that Islam was a religion of peace. Bush was the one who was more than happy to prosecute soldiers for defending themselves in order to placate our supposed allies. Obama will likely be much worse in this regard, but we must give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

My policy remains steadfast: "I'm not happy until you're not happy."

Anonymous said...

"Does that meet with your approval?"

Who cares? What does it matter?

Anonymous said...

Here's the bottom line....get the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq....oh and fucking South Korea too. Take those troops and equipment and blood and treasure and put it on the damn Mexican border. How simple can that be ? While you guys debate "I voted for obama" about just forgetting about Afghanistan and worry about our own undefended, unprotected border ?

Fuck McChrystal....he supported and voted for the Kenyan obama. He gets what he deserves.

Now let's worry about our own borders and our White House occupied by a scoundrel and alien.


Anonymous said...

Yo....Walter,June 23, 2010 5:21 PM:

You said: "But General officers are not entitled to be awarded the CIB. His service prior to being appointed to general might have been prior to the shooting started, ergo he can't have one."

You've got to be kidding me, right ? He entered military service in '72. We've had Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Gulf I, Gulf II, Post Gulf I and II, Afghanistan and probably a few other firefights I've forgotten. What do you mean he might have been appointed prior to the shooting ? This country has been pretty much at war for the last 50+ years !

You apologists make me want to puke !


1Lt. Taylor Holmes, ret. said...

Civilian Brassholes.... This is our friggin 10 year war, maybe 15 year unless the economy pulls the plug on everything, and all the Klan From Chicago can do is plug the meat without lube.

I hope McChrystal goes ahead and writes a bomb of a book. I hope he redeems himself by standing up to the bastard-in-chief. (I still can't believe HE orders OUR guys around, the fuck) I hope he SEWS ON A PAIR and retracts any and all apologies. It would be the least he could do after bowing to the coupe leader....