Friday, June 18, 2010

Check this out. The RTC on 19 April has become iconic.

Accompanying an article on a left-collectivist blog (check the comments) about the latest NRA sellout of liberty is this photo with the caption:

Gun rights supporters gather in Washington, D.C

Of course, we were not in DC, but across the river at Gravelly Point Park, but the image of gun rights supporters carrying long arms at a political demonstration has now become iconic.

Well done, Daniel Almond and RTC participants.

We live inside their heads rent free.


Anonymous said...

I'm an NRA Life Member and I regret giving these scoundrels my money. In their latest publications the NRA is highlighting Harry Reid and in turn are seemingly endorsing his re-election.

The NRA is no longer about supporting the 2nd Amendment and gun rights. They've now become self-serving with their own personal image of "Empire" !

In short....screw the NRA.


Anonymous said...


Yep....I do believed we rocked their little fairy princess boat.

Anonymous said...

Look like someone was spot on when they said NRA would be associated with Judenrat...

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. That's me on the left with the Mosin-Nagant. Yay! I'm an icon!

Oh, wait...or a target. :-/

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys did this, I was honored to be there (right next to that photographer when he took that picture, even) - humbly yours - just one of the thankful "quietly appreciating your courage" tea party moms.

Anonymous said...

What is it they say, all bureaucracies become self-serving over time?

Great post, Mike. As I predicted on the RTC ning site, the press would not be able to take their eyes off of us.

This makes my day.


Kevin Patrick said...

I was proud to stand besides those Patriots, and work the organizers at as a Marshal.

I hope our message gets across. We carry arms to AVOID the shooting war.

--- Kevin Patrick

daniel said...

Nice picture!

Allen said...

excerpt from the NRA's damage control letter...with my reply..not that they'll listen...

"We didn't "sell out" to Nancy Pelosi or anyone else.
We told Congress we opposed the bill. As a result,
congressional leaders announced they would exempt us from
its draconian restrictions on free speech. If that
happens, we will not be involved in the final House
debate. If it doesn't, we will continue to strongly
oppose the bill."


"they threw us a bone, and as long as we get to keep it we're out of this fight."

you can't appease an alligator by feeding it all your friends first. in the end, it's still hungry. and you've got no one left to help you.

in the end, your exemption will go away. maybe not in this bill. but in the next one.

don't you get that??????????

and it IS a 2nd amendment issue!!! don't you think the Jack Booted Thugs (your best advertizing campaign,BTW) would LOVE to have a nice itemized list of gun owners? sure, it's not complete..not every gun owner is a member...but it would give them a damn good start!

and all they have to do is remove your little exemption!

stroke of the pen, law of the land..hand 'em over!

Anonymous said...

What part of "Congress shall make no law abridging . . . " do they all NOT understand!!?? To KISS (Keep It Simple for the Stupid) it, the Founding Fathers even used short, simple words. And yet between the two sides, they both manage to ignore it. Either willfully or ignorantly is a coin-toss.

Congress for even proposing this cluster-f--k in the first place.

And the NRA for not fighting tooth and nail to have it totally repealed, and instead looking to carve out their own little exemption.

B Woodman

Dan said...

What a beautiful thing....that picture.
And I think I'm done w/ the NRA.
I don't think I can stand to hear Wayne talk about "Freedom Loving Americans" again.

Josey Wales said...

Kevin Patrick said.

"I hope our message gets across. We carry arms to AVOID the shooting war."

Speak for yourself, Brother.

Since it's unavoidable, better sooner than later.



Anonymous said...

Well Mike, You certainly got it right when you said:

When the histories are written, “National Rifle Association” will be cross-referenced with “Judenrat.” -- Mike Vanderboegh to Sebastian at "Snowflakes in Hell"