Saturday, June 26, 2010

ABC does a special on The End of the World as We Know It and manages to avoid the subject of firearms and militias.

Go figure.

Here's the soundtrack.


Dennis308 said...

Of course not,it is abc.


pdxr13 said...

Look! An opportunity to buy something, that requires almost no thought or training on your part.

A completely unarmed bunker community will be quite a tasty treat for the first roving cannibal band who finds them. At 150 miles from Los Angeles, how many days will this take? On even the most gas-guzzling out-of-tune hog, this is only one 5-gallon can of fuel away. Even a 3000 pound bunker door is not proof against explosives (or the bluffing threat of explosives).

The Mojave is empty for a reason: no water and too damned hot. It's no place to survive TEOTWAWKI, let alone hang out in good times. It's a great place to park an unused jumbo jet.

If I had $5oK to just throw away on bunker space (meaning unarmed and dispossessed slave labor on the good ship "barely-survival"), I'd get to work on finding a safe remote live-work-farm small-town place, Rawlsean style.


tyrantsbane said...

Apparently the only people who will survive whatever future awaits us will be those willing to pay big bucks to live underground. [snicker, snicker. guffaw, chortle]
The ones with guns will likely be above ground, facing the anarchy head on and whooping ass.
What do these wanna be cave-dwellers expect when they run out of food or emerge from their hidey-holes in a TEOTWAWKI scenario?
Oh yeah, this was about guns (or a lack of representation thereof)...I imagine that the MSM, also known as the Fourth Branch of Government, doesn't want to let the rest of the mundanes know that guns are useful and provide safety for good people.

Anonymous said...


I happen to live in these parts. I know just about every hill, mountain, gulch, canyon, nook, and cranny.

Plenty of water, if you know how to get it. Plenty of food too. Hot? Yes, during the summer. Cold to, during the winter.

The Mojave Indians lived here for hundreds of years ... and survived.

Now, I do agree about that bunker. Read about in the local rag way before you guys knew about it.

If TSHTF and your little community farm is over-run ... come out to the thousands of square miles of wide open hot/cold High Desert ... we'll take care of you.

deadbolt said...

Ahhhhahahahahah...God help 'em!

It was a real hoot when ole boy was showin' his fishin' line...

Yep, lot's -o- fish just waitin' to be caught, scaled, gutted and grilled right there in the MOJAVE DESERT while on your way with the OTHER survivors. You know, the MILLION or so that aren't prepared for a TEOTWAWKI who will be TAKING everything you have!!

Sigh, at least some are trying to prep, 'C' for effort amigos.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Even with my poor eyesight, I saw this. At about 3:55-3:58, there is a one-second shot of a list, and at the top it lists a .45 semi-automatic and one (!!) box of ammo.

But then at about the 6 minute mark, the "ultimate boy scout" and ABC (All 'Bout Communism) tap-dances around the preparedness of being armed when the have-nots want to take from the haves.

All in all though, 7 minutes of my life gone, never to be regained. Good for a laugh and a dissection of what NOT to do when TSHTF.

B Woodman

Defender said...

The end of the world came for four people in Northampton, Pa., over the weekend. Three dead in a domestic STABBING, next door neighbor also stabbed to death when he heard screams and ran to help UNARMED. The suspect was caught when he crashed his car not far away and police realized all the blood could not be from HIS injuries alone.
Better to have a gun and not need it...

Dedicated_Dad said...

Awww... Youze-goys iz missin' 'da POINT!

Our well-to-do friends are SMART(! - and incredibly LUCKY!) to be buying into the teoteawki-condos!

Not only are they luxurious, but just like regular condos they'll come pre-apportioned with "designated" staff - INCLUDING DEFENDERS!


You TOO can plunk down most of your life savings and have no need to worry about self-defense!!..."

Seriously --- how long do you think it would be, in a truly "apocalyptic" scenario before the "only ones" decide to take over?