Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Window War: Cincinnati, Ohio

Brick, Liberty Tool, Model Mark One dash A.

Confirming an earlier report I had of an Ohio incident. Go Buckeyes! Where's the "M Go Blue!" crowd?


adley reports:

PLEASANT RIDGE – Someone reportedly threw a fist-sized rock through the front window of the Hamilton County Democratic Party headquarters Sunday night after Congress passed the landmark health insurance overhaul.

Caleb Faux, the party’s executive director, finds it hard to believe the incident wasn’t related to the legislation’s passing.

“I have to assume that it did,” Faux said. “We’ve been here for three years and we’ve never had an incident of that kind.”

According to Faux, the rock didn’t shatter the window, which is made of heavy plate glass. It did, however, make a hole the size of a half dollar coin and crack the glass.

Faux estimates the window will cost several hundred dollars to replace. He had not yet filed a police report.

Faux connected the rock-tossing with the provocative language associated with the healthcare bill.

“There’s certainly room for political disagreement, but carrying it to that extent is highly inappropriate,” Faux said.

“I don’t believe throwing rocks is an expression of free speech,” he added.


Jimmy the Saint said...

Heh, the Commie doesn't think throwing rocks is free speech. Fair enough - his ilk usually throw pies and/or red paint at people. You know, actual assault and battery as opposed to vandalism.

Anonymous said...

It's spreading all over the place!

Anonymous said...

Firebombs arefree speech.
Abortion is free speech.
Flag burning is free spoeech.
Every form of left-wing violence and disobedience is free speech.

But our bricks aren't.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are nothing more than a TERRORIST. Shame on you.

Temnota said...

It will be sunset on the east coast soon. Let's see if a few more states get on the scoreboard tonight.

John Richardson said...

I find it hilarious that executive director of the Hamilton Co. Democrat Party is named Faux. Does this make him a Faux democrat?

Anonymous said...

Caleb Faux? That guy's name is unreal.

Jerome Carter said...

I'll wager he thinks burning flags is an expression of free speech.

Anonymous said...

...and I don't believe that ordering me to do business with greedy insurance companies is an expression of Republican governance.

angry settler said...

Record deficit again in March : debt increased by 221 BILLIONS for 3 weeks! That's 300 BILLIONS/month! That's 3.6 TRILLION/year! That's 25.35% GDP DEFICIT!


The new debt limit will be reached in October..if we ever make it that far without total collapse!


Curmudgeon said...

M go blue???? In Ohio??? Wolverweines?? The "big house" is "our house"...

On a more serious note, M's economy makes Ohio's look robust. The Obamination hits hard in Ohio but M was going way down before. They should be throwing the most bricks. I'm in total disbelief as to our "government". What ever happened to the U.S.A? U.S.S.A? I think so.


Anonymous said...

it was a ball bearing, not a rock.

Anonymous said...

“I don’t believe throwing rocks is an expression of free speech,”

Free? No, I suppose not. It's not political discourse, slick, it's called fair warning.

Referee said...


So glad you are finally getting the media coverage that you have been craving for all of these years, I think you will find the spotlight won't suit you to well, as when it turns off, you will find yourself in a federal prison, hopefully surrounded by mostly black inmates. They are just goig to love you.

I truly feel priviledged to see what happens to you next, and to see who you blame for it, besides yourself of course.

Well, good luck, and remember to guard your asshole.

Anonymous said...

you should be arrested

Anonymous said...

i hope someone throws a brick at your head.

Anonymous said...

You sir are the worst kind of American. You represent no reasonable thinking person in this country and I wish you and your followers nothing but a life of hell and damnation. For America.


Anonymous said...

Throw a brick at my window you miserable piece of garbage. I am proud democrat and I'm armed. Bring it you moronic, racist, inbred, piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

You do not Love this country! Leave it please! Do not threatenpeople in this country, just leave you idiots! This is a democratic COUNTRY, DON"T LIKE IT! LEAVE! You will soon find out how bad it is elsewhere!

chaotickitsune33 said...

Mike Vanderbough is clearly insane.

He's talking like there's a race war, telling people to get their firearms ready? Encouraging people to throw bricks through windows?

This is domestic Terrorism.

You can make your point without resorting to violence, republicans.

Anonymous said...

don't think that you can go saying things like this without someone coming to get your ass mister fartcatcher!

enjoy your peace while you can

Just Rich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What a crazy, violent and deranged act.
The amazing thing is that there are so many taxes on citizens for things like building weapons and killing citizens of other sovereign countries, and that costs so much. Providing citizens of this nation who cannot afford health care, that is the thing that drives people crazy with anger? Helping people = bad, but killing people around the world in unjustl prosecuted wars = acceptable? What happened to this once great nation? When did we lose our moral compass, and our reason?

Anonymous said...

Like I said in the last comment. This is clearly an act of Domestic Terrorism, as defined by the U.S. Patriot Act.

Domestic Terrorists don't get Miranda rights, or even Habeous Corpus. They are arrested by the military police, thrown into the brig, and face military trials, somewhere far into the future.

But not before their 'enhanced interrogations'.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vander...is a fool. And dumb as a brick! May you soon become the ingrediant of bricks...Dirt!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just remember Billy Bob, Democrats know how to shoot too...

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are disgusting thinking that you have even an ounce of brains behind your vile words of rebellion. I am sure you will not approve my comments but I am saddened because you have a Dutch heritage name and I do too but thank God you don't reflect any sanity for anything you say or believe.

Anonymous said...

Looks like freedom of speech to me, sometimes allowences have to be made for the hearing impared. Since democrats have lost the ability to hear, you have to get their attention in other ways. Reminds me of the old joke about the guy smacking the donkey between the eyes with a 2x4, because you have to get his attention first. Who knew it was based on truth.

angry settler said...




Anonymous said...

the irony that many of those participating in this "civil disobedience" will lose their jobs/right to vote/freedom upon being labeled "felon" by the very criminal justice system that they mindlessly demand be ever-harsher will definitely not be lost on the rest of us as this sad charade plays out.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of my Anonymous cousins. I thought liberals were tolerant of different view points. I thought they were smarter than everyone else so I expected they'd know how to use spell check. Guess when you get down to it, they're just a bunch of skinny, pimply kids who got beat up a lot in grade school.

Keep it up Mike. You know you're pushing the right buttons when you can get these idiots to show their true colors.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the most gung ho conservatives fail to realize. This isn't about political theory: You are wrong on the facts.

For instance, conservatives hate taxes. Well, there are perhaps a hundred nations around the world that collect little or no taxes from average citizens. That is the case in nearly all of Africa, and parts of Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Are those great places to live? Do you want to live in the Congo? No, those places generally suck.

The point is also true for big government. Mike, if you don't like big government there are a slew of countries where the government barely ever touches the citizens. (They tends to be the same countries that collect little if any taxes.)

Those countries suck too!

Think about it. If big government sucked Americans would be fleeing to Mexico, where the are vast swaths of the country beyond the reach of the central government, we would be faced with a flood of Norwegian boat people, and Africa would be a land flowing with milk and honey.

I could go on, but you Tea Baggers should ponder those ideas. It will make your head hurt.

The best places to live on Earth have high taxes, strong central government, and play soccer.

I'm opposed to soccer and I find it very sad that the USA has slipped so far down in so many measures from health care, life expectancy, and infant mortality to literacy, patents, and manufacturing.

The fact is that conservatives are destroying this country, because they refuse to look at the facts.

Big Charlie

root@localhost.localdomain said...

It's interesting that all of this would stop immediately, if the democratic socialists would simply quit stealing other peoples money. Simply get your hands out of other people's pockets and they'll quit raising hell.

A point completely lost on Democrats.

Son of Sam Adams said...

Hmm, somebody posted the law on another thread, and it had as its first condition "threatening human life." So whose life has been threatened here?

Did they get you all wee-weed up over at DU?

Anonymous said...

People who live in glass houses without heavy security best not throw bricks.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "This is a democratic COUNTRY"

High School Civics Epic Fail. It's a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Hmmmm. All these Com-Symps have me confused.

From January 2000 until January 2009, they repeatedly told me that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now it is terrorism.

They were horrified by the Patriot Act, now they want it enforced.

So confusing. So very confusing.

idahohunter said...

Mike, Never poke a bear with a stick. Now if you could just find a bear. Congradulations you have just aroused the The Dumb And The Clueless. Dumb And Dumber, take your pick.NO intelliegent argument, Just some more name calling and idle boast. I'm sure you're just shaking. LOL Fucking morons. Lets see how big thier balls are when the shooting starts.

Anonymous said...

Well,I can see the progressive retards have found this site. Judging by the code words of racist,inbred etc. Also, Since when do democrats have guns? Shouldn't they have been turned in already in the name of gun control?

Patrick Henry said...

Wow. It's a whole new horror-movie:

"Attack of the Ignorant Moonbats!"

Seriously Mike -- Be honest...

You're making these up, aren't you?

Kidding aside, this is a GREAT - nay **PERFECT** illustration of the depth of the divide.

On one side you have people who don't want to control or be controlled by others, who know their history *AND* their Constitution, and are willing to put their @$$3$ on the line to restore Freedom and Liberty to once-great America.

On the other you have a bunch of semi-literate harpies shrieking hate as they decry the non-existent hate they feel (not think) they see in others. They know neither history nor Constitution, and scream for the very tyranny we're all trying to prevent, while wagging their tails submissively and licking the hand that beats them while they piddle on the floor.

If any Patriot needed evidence of his being on the right side, these collectivist morons and thugs have provided it -- in spades.

PLEASE don't be afraid to post any and all of them -- the more foul and disgusting the better.

You've sure got them foaming at the mouth now...!

Saddest of all (like all quislings before them) they're buying the propaganda hook-line-and-sinker - never questioning what the moronic talking-heads tell them to feel, say and do. I wonder if they've ever stopped to consider ... Nah -- of COURSE not.


Anonymous said...

Violence and the threats thereof with the intent of intimidating others to force your will upon others is terrorism. You are the American Osama Bin Laden in calling for these acts. Just a coward with a megaphone who doesn't think the rules apply to him.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

anonymous at 7:38: ROFL!!! A communist calling Mike a traitor!! That's funny stuff!

Another observation is how absolutely FURIOUS the left gets when the other side uses their own tactics against them. For almost a YEAR the TEA Parties have been going on without hardly an arrest for any kind of violence (if any arrests at all what-so-ever). Jeez, get a small pack of leftist goons together and there has to be hoards of cops with water cannons to keep those idiots under control. This is funny stuff, despite being a damn serious situation. I personally don't give a damn what happens to the commie f*cks.

Anonymous said...

I've waited to let the haters post enough comments to voice my own. They have proven here precisely why our current situation will only escalate into more violence.

Just as the Dems did in Congress, they have made no effort to understand or even consider the alternative viewpoint being expressed by people like Mike. I am talking about someone who loves personal freedom over all else.
No one is asking the left to adopt those ideas for themselves, but only to accept them as being prominent in our society.
Millions stand behind Mike and millions do not, but there are no winners and losers in a free society. Everyone is free to express themselves and to be represented. The health care reform bill not only should have taken all of this into consideration, but also should have respected the boundaries set in the Constitution.

Unfortunately, the minority has a superiority complex and feels they have the right to impose their will upon the majority and the Constitution be damned. The majority rose up, but to no avail thanks to closed-door meetings, back-room deals, under-the-table trades, and unfair bargains which involved OUR TAX DOLLARS!

They have the nerve to be upset because we are angry?! If anger was ever justified, it is now!

Showing their true colors, they show no sympathy or compassion. Funny for a group who claims to be doing all this out of sympathy and compassion for those who cannot afford their own health insurance. When sympathy and compassion should be shown on their part, they instead ridicule those who are angry, resort to name-calling, shout obscenities, and make threats of their own. They fail to even consider for a brief second what might have gotten these people so upset. Not even a single second! A logical person would have to admit something is wrong here, but they are not capable of being objective. The comments they leave in response to this post will only further prove what I am saying now.

No one can reason or talk with abusive and selfish people of this nature. The only language they understand involves personal injury to themselves. Now that a few bricks are being thrown they show up to grunt, but (I'll say it again) they aren't interested in dialog, compromise, understanding, etc. It's their way or the highway, those are the rules they are living by at this moment.

Guess what? You might think you get to set the rules, but you are wrong. We live by a different set of rules, rules which you obviously do not like. It pains you a great deal to see it or you would not be here grunting in such numbers. Nothing you say will change the fact we are not going to play by your rules. We will have as much sympathy, compassion, and understanding as you showed us over the past year.

When this bill is repealed and a new one drawn up which respects the viewpoints of ALL Americans then we will drop the bricks and stop being a thorn in your side. Perhaps you should help in making that happen so we can all get back to our normal peaceful little lives? Of course, we know you won't do that, you'll just call us more names and ridicule us for having a different opinion than you. Yawn...you know that really gets boring after awhile.

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots.
I like how the note attached to the brick thrown through the window in Arizona (?)
had words that were not spelled correctly.

Long live Socialism!!!

Defiance III-per said...


I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this issue.

Explain to me the difference between firing the first shot and throwing the first brick???

The brave men who gathered on Lexingtion Green on April 19th 1775did not fire the first shot nor throw the first rock or brick. They stood their ground in brave CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. When fired upon they returned fire.

Destroying an unpatriotic, neo-statist, progressive, collectivist, fascist's private property is NOT free speech.

If we are to truly claim the moral high ground and constitutional values & principles.......WE ALL MUST abide by and observe ALL of the constitution. NOT just the parts we like.

There will be PLENTY of time and opportunity to heave the bricks in the "window war"..........AFTER the anti-American, neo-statist, progressivist traiters fire the FIRST SHOT.

If we are going to "talk the talk".....we MUST "walk the walk".

I hope you will reconsider your views on the "Window War"

Defiance III-per

AuH2O said...

Well Mike, would you rather be hated or unnoticed?

It certainly looks like you're getting under the skins of quite a few folks. Keep up the good work.

CorbinKale said...

The obvious disconnect in the statements that disapprove of window smashing, yet proclaim their wishes for assault, rape and death of a man they don't know, is the surest proof that I have chosen the correct side.

Unknown said...

My ancestor was a real Minuteman. He was AT Concord Bridge on April 18th, 1775. He didn't sneak around at night throwing rocks like the puny piss-ants you encourage. You're vandals, pure and simple, not patriots. Petty criminals so inarticulate you have to throw bricks through windows to make yourself noticed.

Justin said...

@ Anon 8:09

Are you freaking serious? Long live Cuba! USSR! Venezuela! China! Cambodia! Long live oppression, dictatorship, and mass murders. Long live the concept of enriching the elite at the expense of the people. Let's make everyone poor. That'll help.

Go upstairs now and eat, Tory. Your Mama has dinner ready.

Long live Socialism?

Wow. Just...wow. Whatever happened to "dissent is patriotic", hypocrites?

This is all rather entertaining.


Crustyrusty said...

Damn, Mike, you got the leftards utterly unhinged :)

I'm impressed. Feds monitoring you 24/7, moonbats barking at your door, and I can't even get one lousy .gov hit on my little blog... I feel impotent in your presence LOL


j3maccabee said...

What seems hilarious is that the guy who is doing all these posts and signing himself 'anonymous' - and yeah, I know it's the same guy, using the laptop he stole - goes sp mouth-foaming wack, that you can't even tell who he is addressing - himself? the gov ? Mike?
It could be Morris 'Smegmaphile' Deeds, granted, or maybe his buttboy 'Scrote' Pitcavage, but more than likely it is just another troll, living in Mum's basement and subsisting on the money he steals out of her purse while she is sleeping between her two jobs.
But it IS funny stuff!
My old Uncle Walt once said,
"You know, I once saw a lib trying to make love; it was like watching a guy shoot pool with a rope."

Anonymous said...

I hope the FBI is watching this website

Anonymous said...

I went and listened to your Youtube radio interview. You say that you are against the Gov, but you only attack the Democratic HQ's. It is difficult for me to believe that you are not just another Conservative Glenn Beck Right Wing group. Breaking windows at night when nobody is there to see you is not really ballsy enough to call it a political statement. It's a cowardly act of vandalism.(It's like you're mad at XYZ soda company and you take it out on Wal Mart.) You accomplished getting some traffic to your blog and exposed your supposed agenda and your armed march in DC, but you guys don't seem very tactical. This is an attack on the Democratic party's rented space paid for with party funds not the gov. You didn't knock windows out of a federal building or city building, or state capital. You knocked them out of a closed office.

Greenpeace and Code Pink does more daring stuff than you guys and these are usually women without weapons.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm thinking the lefties should be happy that it's only bricks(so far); they best be hoping that nobody decides to follow the Bill Ayers school of politics...

Anonymous said...

They are being warned and still they do not hear.

Keep cleaning those rifles, Three Percenters.



Anonymous said...

Well, this bears repeating:

Many of those socialists/communists who followed Lenin into his Marxist "revolution" also ended up in Stalin's gulags and/or had a bullet put into the back of their head.

I wonder how some of you are going to act when one guard puts a gun to your head and tells you to get on your knee's and the other guard says open wide so he can piss in your mouth ... courtesy of Stalin.

The list can go on.

Keep that in mind.

Trust me "progressives" when I tell you what you are asking for is nothing compared to what you will inevitably get from the very people you ... trusted.

Anonymous said...

Defiance asked, "Explain to me the difference between firing the first shot and throwing the first brick???"

The original Patriots did many things to provoke a reaction, many of them considered to be treason punishable by death. Why were they there on April 19, 1775 with arms in hand if they had no intention of using them? They wanted to defend, yes, but we know they did not fire first. If they really wanted only to defend they would have fired from a distance to have the element of surprise and additional reload time. Instead, they waited and even had a short conversation before the redcoats fired their weapons.

The Patriots wanted to provoke, plain and simple, so they would be justified in firing back. The same thing is happening now.

Anonymous said...

". . . I am saddened because you have a Dutch heritage name and I do too . . ."
Anonymous ???

Oh yeah, and Big Charlie is "opposed" to soccer.

Sigh. Is there really any question about why we have to resort to bricks?

LH said...

Throwing bricks (i.e. violence) is *not* free speech. It's as simple as that. You can sue, you can complain, you can write your congressman, but you *cannot* vandalize.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... american fail... You acting like 3rd world African countries now. When you dont get what you want you break stuff. Very socially advanced of you all.

Justin said...

LH @ 1117-

Why, yes, bricks "*can*" be thrown. Read. They already have been.

See how far working within their system gets you.


MamaLiberty said...

The "first shots" have been fired many times over the last 200 some years, with Pennsylvania farmers who made whiskey some of the first victims...

The letters, calls and petitions have all been ignored. The many, many "warnings" have all been ignored.

Bricks through windows - Democrud or Republicrap - are useless. They have been warned for far too long. They have ignored the warning because there was no teeth in them, no "or else."

I'm all done warning them, and I'm certainly not going to plead with them ever again.

We don't want this war, and we won't start it. All they have to do is leave us alone, get out of our lives and pockets, and stop attacking us. But they will not.

I'm all done backing up. When they start to shoot, I'll shoot back. That's all there is to it.

SgtBaxter said...

Mike Vanderboug isn't a patriot, he's a Nazi. Kristallnacht anyone?

Orygunner said...

SgtBaxter at 3:47 needs to learn some history...

The only common thread is broken glass.

The persons, their beliefs, and ideals doing the breaking is completely 180 degrees different...

Dedicated_Dad said...

A reasonably literate post deserves a reasonable response.

"Big Mike" said:"... I find it very sad that the USA has slipped so far down in so many measures from health care, life expectancy, and infant mortality to literacy, patents, and manufacturing..."

What you're missing is that every one of the above is either a lie, or due solely to socialist .gov tyranny.

health care: This is pure lies. The "study" (not) that posited this drivel included "fairness" and all sorts of lefty criteria in their judgement of "quality" health care. Explain why people from every country above US in this list come HERE (if they can) for care?

life expectancy: When you include millions of ghetto-gangsters killing each other, no question the median age of death will drop.

infant mortality: Our excellent system allows even the sickest babies to live a while, so they count as "dead infants" instead of "died at birth." It's a statistical fallacy.

literacy: Than your socialist-dominated schools where EVERYTHING is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, and programming exceeds education.

patents: Why should anyone patent anything when the .gov will steal it?

manufacturing: Blame - again - the left for all the onerous rules that ensure nobody can make a product in a US factory without going broke.

See -- ALL OF IT is BS or a direct result of socialist government.

You're on the wrong side!

III more than them said...

"Heh, the Commie doesn't think throwing rocks is free speech. Fair enough - his ilk usually throw pies and/or red paint at people. You know, actual assault and battery as opposed to vandalism."

Preach it Jimmy! They always take the lessor issue and blow it up as if it were major, and down play the much larger and important issue and call it minor. Kinda like silly little teenage girls....

Anonymous said...

"Violence and the threats thereof with the intent of intimidating others to force your will upon others is terrorism. You are the American Osama Bin Laden in calling for these acts. Just a coward with a megaphone who doesn't think the rules apply to him."

Are you a whore for the SEIU?

jselvy said...

The revolutionaries back in 1776 did commit acts of property damage. The so called Boston "Tea Party" being the most well known.
The minutemen of the militia in Lexington and Concord were not just standing, they had assumed a military formation of the kind typical of warfare of that period.
I am exhausted by the government and my patience is at an end. If they cannot remove themselves to the confines of the U.S. Constitution, as written, then I believe it is time. The "Fort Sumter" line has been breached by this act. Therefore the response should follow.