Thursday, March 25, 2010

And now, with the PSR1A Seismic Intrusion Detectors set on high gain and the earphones around my head, I retire to bed.

The PSR-1A is a Vietnam era seismic sensor designed to detect ground vibrations. It uses wires between the geophones and the box. There are 4 separate inputs and each of these can have a number of sensors. You can tell which of the 4 circuits is active, thereby you know where there is action. It translates the sub sonic signals into the audio spectrum so that you can "hear" them. It is very easy to distinguish a women walking, a man walking or children playing. Deer, cars, trucks, and helicopters all have their own unique sounds which you can recognize without any training. It runs on 6 each D batteries.

I used to live in a house where there was no view of the street from any of the commonly used rooms. By connecting an outside microphone to an inside speaker you could hear "out front" and/or using the PSR-1 you knew what was happening even though you could not see. . . Of all the outdoor intrusion detectors this is my favorite because it's the only one that allows you to hear what's going on. -- Brooke Clarke


Just finished, in order, an extended, contentious argument with Alan Colmes on his radio show and then a long interview with a Washington Post reporter. I'm beat. Fed the dogs tonight only the minimum so they will sleep lightly. If the PSR1A's begin to crackle, I'll let you know after I call the body retrieval and documentation service (9-1-1).



Phelps said...

Good luck and good hunting.

Mike H said...

Sleep lightly Mike.

As for here, their is always someone 'awake' -s-.

Anonymous said...

Those democrats are really elitist.. They want to tell us what to do like they are god like.
Maybe we should look inside our own movement. We have one of our leaders tell us his talent is near 100% Perfect like it is "on lone from God" Anyone recognize this. its Rush. We should dump him and put Glenn Beck in his rightful place. Rush doesn't even go to church and isn't even a christian for God's sake.

Wes said...

Heard you for the first time last night and loved what you had to say. I'm not taking the insurance or paying the fine, hope they have more than one vest on when coming to my place. I shoot 750gr bullets.

theaton said...

These look very useful. When you hook more than 1 sensor to an input do they connect in series or parallel?


JoeFromSidney said...

I tested the first seismic intrusion detectors when I was assigned to the Advanced Research Projects Agency Combat Development Test Center in Bangkok, back in 1962. I usd Thai Army radio operators as test subjects. We ran field tests to see at what range different targets could be detected. On surprising result was that a water buffalo could get closer without being detected than could a walking man

Loren said...

With a bit of work, you can probably attach one to an analog pin on an arduino:

Combined with something like an xbee shield:

You can get wireless data, possibly from much farther away than the original kit, and if you can connect it to a computer, audio analysis is probably reasonably easy.

Might make an interesting project for someone who has the know-how.

GunRights4US said...

Where can I get one of these things? I came up dry on a Google search.