Friday, March 26, 2010

Hypocrisy: Collectivists object to being censored.

The new policy I adopted by request of the regular folks here of refusing to let the massive avalanche of vile and obscene collectivist comments flood Sipsey Street is sending them absolutely bonkers. They call me a coward and much worse -- this from stoutheart anonymouses who post my phone number and address with solicitations for harassment -- a tactic that is so effective I'm going to have my phone number changed to a non-public one on Monday so that I can get some sleep without taking the phone off the hook and my family being subject to vile obscenities and death threats. Oh, yeah, brave, brave collectivists. Real Che Guevara types, in their own fevered imaginings.

At least I allow some of the ones that are not obscene and seem to have at least a modicum of contact with Spell-check.

However, were they under attack as I am at the moment, with my address and phone number posted on lefty blogs with solicitations for harassment, I rather suspect that they would act worse. Scratch a liberal, get a fascist, I always say.

There is no law that says I must post obscenities or insults just because the commenter insists that I do. I wish I had a dime for every time I have been blocked from commenting on a liberal blog. I might not have to take that $1300 per month of my own money back from the government in order to get by. That is another topic that drives them batshit with cries of "hypocisy."

You know what's really hypocritical? Their demands that I be prosecuted under the PATRIOT Act, sent to Guantanamo and subjected to rape and torture in prison. You know, all those things they denounced during the Bush administration.

I'll match my tiny hypocrisies to theirs any day.



Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for anyone to post things like people's address and call for violence against another or their family just because they disagree. I may disagree with some of the views posted here over the past week but rather enjoy true debate if it does not degenerate into grunts and stupidity. If someone is posting addresses, flaming others, etc. then that pretty much indicates that they are not intelligent enough to defend their views. Unfortunately there appears to be plenty of that occurring on both sides of the issue. I wouldn't call what you are doing now "censorship" but rather "reasonable screening". Kudos for starting to weed out unproductive posts.
Anyone that has read posts on here for the past few days knows that you have allowed posts from those for and those against a particular train of thought or belief. Sounds like folks are just ticked off because their flaming of someone wasn’t posted. Not so sure that everyone complaining about being censored is a collectivist considering that most of the people posting derogatory statements could not define collectivism if it bit them in the rear...

Dakota said...

Ah screw them Mike. I am sorry to hear that you are being harassed... I guess that goes with the territory when dealing with low life collectivists.

Funny how it is always the left who are outraged when we do what they do all the time.

I think that the real battles are still ahead of us now with immigration and stacking the deck at least in 2012. I look for the illegals to take to the streets and test the Tea Party people with violence and arrest and demonizing all who oppose them. Branded as racists and whatever B S they can think of the GOP will no be able to stand against the onslaught either. That will pretty much be the end of it for me.

Kyle L. said...

I am a new "fan" of your blog (prior to the window war exposure). I assure you, your message is loud and clear to collectivists and sunshine patriots alike. It strikes fear into their hearts, for they know what you say to be true; even the more ardent supporters of Liberty and modern day Sons of Liberty have at some time feared what we know is soon to come if we, as a nation, continue to travel down this road. I have always marveled at how those who claim to be liberals are quite hawkish when their views are challenged and those who claim to be conservatives are big talkers and then shit in their pants when its game time. The true Patriot has enough sense to steer clear from violence for they recognize the gruesome Hell that is war; while preparing to defend and fight viciously in the event that war is brought upon them. I do not envy your position brother, but I support you 100%.

dwayne chandler said...

Absolutely correct on that one, "scratch a liberal, get a fascist."
There was a time when impotent and cowardly liberals had almost won my "heart and mind."
Arising from the fact that, I equated liberalism with fighting for the truly downtrodden and oppressed underdog.
I also believed that libearlism was synonymous with the goodness inherent in humans; regardless of the viciousness perpetrated by the ignorant and misguided throughout human existence.
Not the first time, nor the last, but I was wholly ignorant and wrong.
I also had to give up posting on supposedly liberal, free speech and democratic websites that support freedom and justice for all. That is as long as you slavishly agree with the beliefs, and opinions of those running the website; along with the impotent and brain dead cliques that dump their slavish comments there.
No, I don't want seconds, the food is terrible!
I will never again give myself to
the impotence and cowardice of liberalism, disquised as courageous and unwavering defenders of freedom, justice of our Constitution.

Most sincerely, not anonymously, dwayne chandler.

Andrew said...

I visit places on the internet the same way I visit homes or patronize businesses. Like-mindedness.

My friends know they will never have to smell a liberal in my home, my car or anyplace they accompany me. Guaranteed to be pestilence free. That's devils.

Thank you for the same guarantee, Mike. Folks who are clean of mind and conscience, those of us who walk in the light don't care to share our healthy community space with the unclean, the unwell and infested.

Thank you for making the walking dead Read Only members by revoking their license to come puke their filth where decent folk dwell.

Anonymous said...

I believe CNN made a mistake in doing a story on Sipsey Street Irregulars. This will actually make the millions who seen the report curious and they will go to your web site, read it and a large portion of those millions will agree with you at least in their heart. So actually CNN more then likely has created a groundswell of new "recruits" for your cause. Keep up the good work.You have support here in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a dime for every time I have been blocked from commenting on a liberal blog. I might not have to take that $1300 per month of my own money back from the government in order to get by.--MVB

$1,300 approximates the monthly pay of a minimum wage, full-time employee. A militia consultant undoubtedly is worth many times that amount.

The Pentagon spends $500 to buy a single hammer. Surely minimum wage remuneration for a man who has done so much to prepare the militia for service is the best bargain that could ever be had and constitutes a wise use of taxpayer dollars.


PolyKahr said...


Sorry to hear that you, a private citizen, are experiencing these difficulties, but as mentioned, I suppose it comes with the territory. Still, I think you made a dent in the MSM's game of trying to ignore the three percent.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I think the magnitude of hysteria and anxiety you create among those vile treasonous collectivists who oppose you is in direct proportion to your relevance to thinking Americans and to the "restoration movement." You scare the hell out of them, and they are reacting so very predictably. Please keep it up Mike. One of my boys lives across town from you (near the Bessemer airport) Last year I went to the Birmingham Gun show, the weekend after Thanksgiving, mainly hoping for an opportunity to meet you, but sadly, no luck. I am 60, and it is somewhat tougher for a person to earn my sincere respect lately, compared to a few decades ago. You have it, brother. Thank you. Kentucky Jones.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I suppose you may be doing this, but I would at least keep a dossier of all these threats against your person.

I would just cut and paste these comments to notepad and then print them and create a nice dossier.

In the event that you ever end up in a court of jester ... you could always expose their extreme hypocrisy by showing the jester of the court these threats and ask them how many of those people are standing before a jester of the court at that moment.

Paul X said...

I don't get it. Why is it censorship when you own this blog? You are just exercising your private property rights. You have no more obligation to post every comment, than a home owner has an obligation to let a tagger post crap on his garage door.