Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hutaree Raid: An extremely well-executed federal operation aimed at the threat represented by the revitalized militia & Oath Keepers.

As a powerful political counter-stroke it was masterful. You have to give them credit. Putting a provocateur into a group of not-very-well wrapped Millennialists (see Churchill, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrants Face) and assisting them to:

a. build and distribute pipe bombs and

b. talk about plots to kill cops that involve killing innocents, family members, etc.,

was well thought out, perfectly targeted, craftily planned, brilliantly executed and impeccably timed.

I realized this when I was outside talking to the three cops who showed up at my door to collect the birdshit Easter card. To begin with, the phone rang. Would I please meet the officer outside? Sure.

So I walked out in my shirtsleeves, thinking I would simply hand the guy (remember, I had been told they would send one officer) the ziplock bag, fill out a report, and then could go turn in after a very exhausting day.

I wasn't even off the porch before I understood something very different was going on here. Three deputies, not one. Spread out, hands on weapons, bright light in my face, commanding me to come to them. It was so ludicrous I laughed and said, "What? You want me to put my hands in the air?"

They didn't but they weren't laughing either.

Look, I told them, I just called you guys because that's what the Coroner's Office told me to do. They were tense as hell. Two of them knew me from local Pinson events, political and otherwise. The other, the one with the least experience, was the most obviously nervous and he's the one who approached from the side always training the light in my eyes.

So, after I get them calmed down and explain what is going on, it becomes obvious that they are concerned that I am a maddog militiaman. The Hutaree business was fresh in their minds. "Christian militia." "Kill cops at the funeral."

They're "militia." I'm "militia." I actually think they expected me to defend the assholes. As we had some time before the fire department trucks got there (and then they decided they weren't equipped to handle the situation so they asked for HAZMAT backup), I started talking about the many death threats I have had over the years and about my belief that it is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable. We talked about death threats in 90s, and my ever expanding list of enemies. I told them about how the FBI had been letting certain neoNazi terrorists run free back then, and how we -- the constitutional militia -- embarrassed them finally into arresting the pukes. I told them how we worked with state and local law enforcement to prevent racist-terrorist initiated clouds of pink mist here and across the country.

They just kept coming back to the Hutaree.

And it wasn't, I sensed, merely because it had just happened. The details of the thing as reported in the media and passed along by "cop telegraph" -- based entirely on the word of a federal provacateur at this point -- had seized their imaginations. "Christian Militia." "Assassinating a police officer." "Mass killing of cops' families at a funeral." "At a FUNERAL."

"Militiaman" = "Cop killer" As obvious as two plus two.

For the Imperial Feds, this was a propaganda coup of the tenth order of magnitude.

For this wasn't really about the Hutaree. It was about the revitalized constitutional militia movement and Oath Keepers. It may not have started out to be, when they began their operation against the Hutaree back in 2008, but at some point along the line, I'll bet, somebody saw the opportunity and took it.

Based upon the nervousness, fear and hatred of the Feds for Oath Keepers (as evidenced by the number and frequency of their verbal attacks on it), we knew that at some point they were going to feel compelled to get serious about dealing with the threat OK posed to their strategic certainty. (That is, "if I issue this tyrannical order, will these people carry it out -- or turn on me?")

Gentlemen and ladies, you just witnessed the seriousness of their intent to discredit Oath Keepers. The Hutaree meme strikes at the seam between the military and police who are attracted by the Oath Keepers' simple message, and the armed citizenry who are their natural allies in supporting and defending the Constitution and in the maintenance of order in society as a whole.

The Hutaree, apparently useful idiots to a man, may indeed not be guilty of what they are charged. It does not matter. Even if all the charges are later expoosed to be the fevered imaginings of snitches and provocateurs (and I don't think they will be), the Feds have reaped an incalculable benefit from the exercise.

They have, in the minds of every cop in America, equated the word "militia" with the word "cop killer."

From now on, every cop will approach us with that in mind. Every conversation about militia will have to deal with the Hutaree first. The Feds have put us all on the ideological defensive. The fact that it enunciates a lie does not matter. People will "know" from now on that all militiamen and women are copkillers.

Brilliant. You must give them credit. It was brilliant.

More on this subject later.



Anonymous said...


I can see the paranoia being ramped up by the Feds, but just as not very cop is dirty so neither is every patriot a nut case. I wonder if that may give law inforcement pause in future conversations.

I'm in OK and tasked with speaking with my sheriff about the org. and thats' one point I'll raise if the subject of the Hutaree is mentioned.

From the recent events its easy to see the country is bone dry right now and I'm praying for rain if ya now what I mean.

wl moses

Anonymous said...

Killing Police Officers and then attacking the funeral. Where have I heard something similar? Oh yes, in the D.C. Sniper case where John Allen Muhammed (now deceased and rightfully so, my thanks to the Commonwealth of Virginia) and Boyd Lee Malvo were planning to do just that about 8 years ago. My guess is that the Hutaree were frustrated, well armed and a bit on edge and the federal government took advantage of that combination. I can all but guarantee that when the truth is finally known these folks were having religious meetings and political complaint sessions without any specific thrust or direction when a federal agent (or informant) said "Well, how about we do this..." and things then went downhill from there. This whole situation reminds me of how the FBI had infiltrated the Klan decades ago and then their operatives either engineered Klan arsons/murders or knew of their intentions before hand and allowed them to occur.

You're right Mike, this is a clever P.R. coup on the feds part but it's a ham fisted, very obvious set up job. Does that make the Hutaree blameless? No. When the agent/informant started talking about assassinations and bombings they should have booted him out. That being said I am all but certain that this so-called "plan" was hatched by the agent/informant. The fact that this so-called plan is virtually identical to something planned by a pair of muslim murderers eight years ago (a case the FBI played a role in) only adds to my certainty. The feds are many things but original isn't one of them.

Carl said...

A continuation of the Clinton administration's demonization of patriots and militia. they have to get the sheeple used to thinking we are the bad guys, then they can do what they wish to us. A well-orchestrated plan, I'm afraid. They have learned their Marxist lessons well, and we have ignored the lessons of our Fathers.

Jay Stang said...

The group I am forming is staying away from the "M" word for exactly that reason. I am calling it the Fort Bend County Citizens Auxiliary. This makes people very favorable to it. Everyone I have talked to so far while I have been putting up flyers was interested, even the manager of the local Academy.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome


Anonymous said...

Also ask yourself, Mike, why -- if the socio-political situation is as dire and pointed as the imperials say it is -- they didn't let the Hutatree wackos go through with it. They would have another seminal OKC.

History shows the imperials are not too adverse to killing (or letting innocents die) when it suits their purposes or political ends.

But you, "Mr. No-More-Free-Wacos," made the imperials step back away from that line.

Well played, Mike.

Anonymous said...

when Jonah Goldberg (whose ideas are as soft and doughy as his physique) calls you an idiot, you may well have reached the bottom... I guess we'll see... fight on, Sesame Street Irregulars!

atexan said...

If you ever need to get away you are welcome to come to my place in Texas, I think you know my name and address. If not I will send it to you. Watch yourself Mike, wish I could do more.

Anonymous said...

latest from CNN



Anonymous said...

Jay Stang,

What a brilliant idea!!

Newark, Ohio

Anonymous said...

I, too, am very sorry that you have to go through this. The upside, though, is that they obviously feel (know) that you are a very important person-otherwise they would not have reacted as they did. When you stand head and shoulders above the rest you make an easy target.
As far as these raids are concerned, it reminds me of Kent State. Back when students were protesting, Nixon sent out the National Guard to kill students, and the result was all other students no longer had the will to protest anything. I realize that is not a good comparison, but I feel that the government is trying the same thing again.
We can't rely on the government enforcing any laws in our favor. They have the power to choose which laws they want to use against us-and which laws we are not allowed to use in our favor. Eric Holder will use the same laws against us that he used to defend the terrorists, and Janet Napolitano will use the same laws against us that she used when she was the attorney for Anita Hill.

jon said...

The fact that this so-called plan is virtually identical to something planned by a pair of muslim murderers eight years ago (a case the FBI played a role in) only adds to my certainty.

i'm inclined to agree with this assessment.

however, see rule #7:

"In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived."

and how is this applicable? in ten years, nobody will remember the ham. they won't even remember the name "stone." they'll remember "militia," just like they were conditioned to remember "al qaeda."

Anonymous said...

Like I said somewhere else. The old school militiaman needs to let go of their ideas about the militia and move on to a new type of thinking. The brand has been tainted and can not be rescued. Not saying you cant still hold the same views and ideas about a citizens responsibilities just wrap it up in a new package. The left does this all the time (ACORN)

Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

O.K., Mike, what did I miss? What is the evidence that a Federal agent provocateur was involved? I'm not accusing you of lying about it, but I just want to see the clue that the Feds were involved. Certainly, this is possible, and probable, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find it so. I just need know what to look for.

Also, what line should we draw before it is right and proper to rebel against a government, rather than go off on a "nutter" as the Hutaree apparently did?

TypicalClinger said...

The word "Militia" has been and will be tainted for long time. Yesterday on Fox News a "former FBI analyst connected OK City '95 with militia activity. The commentator didn't even blink. For the vast majority of the uninformed who go no deeper than what they read in the caption that goes with the story, Militia= Crazy=Extremist=Racist and now =cop killers. One story I read online referred to the picture on the Hutaree website as "men holding large guns" as opposed to small harmless ones I guess. Totally clueless populace= downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

On lamecherry.blogspot I read an interesting take on the Hutaree raid. They compared the reactions of Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano in the Hutaree case to the Fort Hood and Underwear bomber case, and how little time Eric and Janet spent condemming those "muslim extremists" to how willing they are to be outfront on the Hutaree extremists. Suddenly they are interested in people with designs on hurting America!

Paul X said...

'They have, in the minds of every cop in America, equated the word "militia" with the word "cop killer."'

Well, at least that's what they have tried to do. It will be interesting to see if it sticks, in the age of the Internet.

It's actually a risky tactic on their part, as when people start to see through it, they will feel manipulated, and the feds will lose yet another increment of trust that they cannot afford to lose.

"Also ask yourself, Mike, why -- if the socio-political situation is as dire and pointed as the imperials say it is -- they didn't let the Hutatree wackos go through with it. They would have another seminal OKC."

Probably because they figured the Hutarees didn't have it in them; that they were all talk.

Who knows how many other nutty groups they have in their pockets, guided by provocateurs, ready to go. Probably enough to make mischief. I'm not that impressed with this arrest though. Eventually people start to see through the ploys, and the overheated Ministry of Propaganda rhetoric. It's why even Virginia Tech had little effect in the long run (whether it was real or put up).

I'm not surprised Mike got treated with extra suspicion. He's the Window War guy after all, and closely following the Hutarees online. Not exactly the typical case.

Anonymous said...

On Obambi.wordpress blog is a really great video about Waco-rules of engagement that everyone should watch-to refresh your memory, and also to learn things kept hidden before. Know our enemy, as they say.
The good news is that this Hutaree has everyone fired up-not just organized militia. You could almost say, "We are all militia now."

Pat H said...

Anonymous said...

when Jonah Goldberg (whose ideas are as soft and doughy as his physique) calls you an idiot, you may well have reached the bottom... I guess we'll see... fight on, Sesame Street Irregulars!

March 30, 2010 8:08 AM

Jonah Goldberg is a Neocon, neocons are a type of Trotskyite liberal, ala Leo Strauss. Many of Strauss' students are well known Neocons such as Paul Wolfowicz and others from the Bush II regime.

They're all unAmerican sleazebags.

Anonymous said...

If anyone watches the video on Obambi.wordpress, be sure to read the comments.

angry settler said...

You were more right than you think....


ML Chizedek said...

Exactly right! This was the initial strike in a fast coming police action by the FEDS. We all know it, don't we? It will not cease until the revitalized resistance movement is again posing no real threat to them. Very important decisions to be made and right now!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes Jonah Goldberg seriously is too stupid to worry about. Consider it a compliment, Mike.

CorbinKale said...

If the Hutaree were determined to kill large numbers of police, why did they NOT try to kill any when they were surrounded by them? It just doesn't make sense. Either they didn't plan to kill cops, or they folded at the last minute.

Whatever the case, it can now be played out, peacefully. If another episode of government burned children had occurred, things would have spun out of control. No wonder Obama secretly jetted off to Afghanistan for 6 hours during the raids. Seems it's SOP to be unavailable during this type of op.

monkeyfan said...

Say what you will about Goldberg but he has done more to educate Americans about the common ideological underpinnings shared by Progressives and Corporatism/Fascism than just about anyone on the scene today. He is no lover of collectivism.

However he may be (rightly or wrongly) fearful of the power the propagandists have over him but so too are many fellow Americans - who may one day be backed into a corner they are willing to fight their way out of. Do not allow those who would divide and conquer potential allies dictate that we slam our doors shut to prodigal sons.

America needs all hands on deck to counter the statist piracy that threatens to sack and sink the USS Constitution...And sometimes the [willfully] blind must be helped to pick their way through the fearful dark fog that is even now descending upon our Republic.

straightarrow said...

Mike, I have a little different viewpoint than do you or the other commenters here.

I know it is not pleasant to be faced with cops who fear you, because one never knows when they are going to go all "Diallo" on you.

But since they have had no respect for us (citizens) for a very long time, I am willing to live with them fearing us. If we are to die because they fear us, we were to die because they did not respect us. So no loss. However fear may act as a checkrein on them. Wouldn't it be nice if nobody has to be hurt?

Let's face it. The only way that will happen or maybe I should say not happen is if they do fear us.

Works for me. Sorry about your ordeal, but not sorry about the cause for it.

straightarrow said...

Mike, I have a little different viewpoint than do you or the other commenters here.

I know it is not pleasant to be faced with cops who fear you, because one never knows when they are going to go all "Diallo" on you.

But since they have had no respect for us (citizens) for a very long time, I am willing to live with them fearing us. If we are to die because they fear us, we were to die because they did not respect us. So no loss. However fear may act as a checkrein on them. Wouldn't it be nice if nobody has to be hurt?

Let's face it. The only way that will happen or maybe I should say not happen is if they do fear us.

Works for me. Sorry about your ordeal, but not sorry about the cause for it.

Texican said...

Power does come from the barrel of a gun. That's why the state has "police powers." The real question is how do we find state and local politicians who understand that we would be with them if they stood up to the Feds instead of them believing militiamen were a bunch of warlord-wannabees? They are in the dark as to how much support we can give them, we are in the dark about how open they are for support. The shadow games will continue for a while longer till we decide what's our Concord bridge.

Dedicated_Dad said...

In 87 I sorta resembled a serial rapist, and a rogue cop decided to be judge, jury, and ALMOST executioner.

I was also a victim of the evil vermin who run "mag crews" - deceive kids with nothing at home & force them to work in their scam.

The kids think they're selling a good product, banking a nest-egg, and (via their masters' cultish mind-control) come to believe they deserve the abuse. I was one of those poor kids.

I'd just arrived in town the night before but this turd was 100% sure he'd found the freak and wreaked vengeance which'd land any US soldier in prison.

I was hog-tied, beaten, and tossed in a ditch with a pistol to the back of my head. Hearing the world's loudest CLICK-CLICK as he thumbed the hammer, I finally learned the TRUTH about our police-state.

Once I reached the station (with security cameras) all that fear and adrenaline turned into quiet, seething rage. When he resumed torture in booking I smiled and asked if he'd try it again with the cuffs off. He declined.

Despite absolute proof I wasn't the turd, they held me for days. I repeated my offer to "Officer Friendly" who -sadly- continued to decline.

A week or so latere, backing out of a store w/ arms full of heavy stuff, I ran right into "Ofcr Friendly."

Away from cameras, NOW was the time to take my offer. I failed to talk him down but did goad him into removing his badge & gun before he attacked.

Obesity made his attempted sucker-punch laughable - in under a second he was on the ground puking up his guts and cradling his crushed "manhood."

Instead of kicking him to death, I tried to goad him into standing up so we could finish our "talk."

Tunnel-vision made it simple for his partner to stick his gun in my ear. They beat me so badly they held me for a month to heal before seeing a judge.

I wrote that so you'd understand this:

Hizzonner-after chewing out the POS and promising to strip his badge-turned on me with equal venom:

"You didn't strike a MAN, you struck a UNIFORM - that stands for ALL that's good, right & just in this country. That it's worn by a POS is irrelevant. Self-defense is *THE ONLY* reason you'll walk away, else you'd be a very old man before you saw the outside of prison walls."

I now agree with his opinion of that uniform, and am even MORE ENRAGED when it's soiled by the crimes of PIGS like him.

Cops MUST be held to a *MUCH* higher standard BECAUSE of that uniform - and punishment for their crimes must be worse than any by a citizen.

Cops are out of control - they truly ARE "America's largest street gang."

They (like ALL criminals) should get a fair trial, but if killed in commission of a crime, it's self-defense.

There are good reasons why murder of a cop SHOULD be a more serious crime than "regular murder" - Hizzonner listed the most important ones. Anyone truly planning such a murder deserves any legal punishment available, but ENTRAPMENT should cause total dismissal w/ prejudice.

ANYONE who'd even CONSIDER mass murder of innocents - ESPECIALLY at *ANY* funeral - is the lowest form of "bug". This is so obvious that it shouldn't need saying.

They'll twist ANYTHING we say into some murderous threat - ample evidence of the futility of defensiveness.

My ONLY response will be a sarcastic laugh, rolled eyes, shaking head and (if I'm feeling generous) "Seriously? REALLY? Can you REALLY be THAT STUPID?!"

Any attempt to force a defensive response will get "Apparently you ARE that stupid and the end of the conversation.

Bottom line:
1)Good cops (lots) deserve respect and good treatment.
2)BAD cops (sadly lots MORE) deserve whatever they get.
3)Vengeance belongs to G*d & The Courts.


Happy D said...

Fed agent provocateur That right there is why you play by the rules when playing with others.

Let them do something stupid first. It's only polite.

If you tape it like Bill Holmes did as recounted in his book Entrapment. You can make them look stupid er. Possibly even sue them.

Happy D said...

I just remembered that this kind of frame up can be worked the other way.

Was their not some group doing exactly that to reporters in the nineties? No reason it could not be done to Waffen ATF.

Anonymous said...

IF it only took one dirty cop, or one corrupt police department, to smear all the cops, we could do an "Anderson Cooper" style broadcast (http://www.prisonplanet.com/cnn-splc-propaganda-connects-hutaree-to-patriot-movement.html) every day of the week (twice on Sunday) about how evil cops are... and it would be far more legitimate than the reporting on militias.

Now that it's out in the open that cops write tickets to innocent people to raise revenue, are pedophiles, rapists, murderers, bank robbers, extortionists and drug dealers, what are we going to do about it?

Better yet, maybe turn that image around on the cops. "How many kids have you diddled today, Mr. Policeman? Same number of government officials I've planned to whack?"

Andy said...

It looks rather obvious what the propaganda makers are doing. I think Americans are smart and can see through this. Thank you oath keepers for honoring your oath to defend our constitution. Their are many at all levels of government and service who honor their oaths's and do what's right. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

British Agents Caught (Again) In Terrorist Provocations Against ...
By leandra
A British agent named Mike Vanderboegh, self-styled as an anti-government "militia" leader, boasted to the news media last week that he was behind the notorious bricking of Democrats' windows. This same Vanderboegh is organizing an ...
LaRouchePAC - http://www.larouchepac.com/

Anonymous said...

The cat is out of the bag, British agent british agent!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that none of us is still operating under the delusion that fairness and honesty is going to prevail here.

It's only natural for them to try to get the locals on their side. It's going to work because there's no one left on our side in Washington, and many others are as dumb as rocks. Soon they will not exist anywhere or those who may be, won't be effectual.

What do you do when the powerful have decided that the Constitution and Bill pf Rights no longer matter and can be ignored at will?

Anonymous said...

When I heard the report about the three "militia men" being arrested by the Feds and heard the name "Christian" attached to the arrests, I thought, Ruby Ridge, then, Waco. Well, the Feds have been using provocateurs for years and they will continue to do so. It might be that the Hutaree are bunch of nutz but if they aren't and they are being arrested simply because they are in a militia which pledges to uphold the Constitution THEN be ready when the proverbial cowpatty material hits the fan. All governments with a lot to hide get real nervous, persecutorial, and prosecutorial when people begin to counteract bad government activities. Its been the same for hundreds and hundreds of years. I suggest everyone get a copy of THE PRINCE by Machiavelli and read it to learn what the pattern of the bad governments actually is.

Anonymous said...

Militias certainly have to think in different terms and ways than they are used to.Cells...very small leaderless cells is the only way to out smart the feds.

Patriot Dan said...

I think that this was a planned by the fed's just so they can discredit the Tea Party movement, Oathkeepers. I had same thoughts of Ruby Ridge and Waco. The government creates lies then uses well played propaganda to get the local authorities, general public and even your neighbors to believe their lies. If you get a chance you need to read the book The Lies The Government Told You by Judge Andrew P. Napalitano.

Obama the muslim and his czars will push their agendas if they are not stopped. They are making anyone who speaks out right wing extremism. Hell, I remember when I came home from Iraq the document that was leaked to the public on who the government was labeling as extremists. Read the doc off my site mwvgroup.org/HSA_Rightwing_Extremism.pdf

Any No Mouse said...

I've been watching this develop since Kent State. The pattern hasn't changed much. You are all in peril from the jackboots and I pray for your safety and the safety of our nation and Constitution.

Don't feel like you are alone as there are many times your admirably vocal numbers, silently attending to business.

We all pray that the fascists will recognize that the days of free police action against law abiding freemen are over. That they will abandon their wet dream of total domination with out a fight. None of us want a fight. We only want to live as freemen.
Barring that, know that you are not alone. You are in the silent company of millions of all races.
God Speed.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

From Rood of Wood to Dream of the M-16 [Today's News Poem, March 31, 2010]
“An Internet posting declaring war on a government agency was what provoked federal law enforcement to close in on the nine Christian extremist militia members who are now charged with plotting an attack on police.”
-Emily Friedman and Tahman Bradley, ABC News, March 31, 2010
“Mr. Putin said it is a matter of honor for law enforcement agencies to dredge the militants out of sewer and to bring them into God's daylight... Umarov says that if Russians think the war is far away in the Caucasus, then "praise Allah" his organization intends to prove that the war will come home to them.”
-Peter Fedynsky, Voice of America, March 31, 2010
“Drain the pond to catch the fish.”
-Mao Zedong

The holy word was written the stock
“I dare you: face the other end and mock
The Lord again.” Theology is lead.
And true believers? Alchemists who dread
What coming transmutations might unfold.
It's better then to trade the faith for gold,
Than wait for revelation's cloudy proof.
Since fear of death rebuts the gilded roof,
Since atheists believe we can redeem
This nothingness, with self-inspired theme—
That human love exceeds the evils done—
Rebut them with the barrel of a gun.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for being a moron but WTF is a "birdshit Easter card?"

Patriot Dan said...

Hey guys my link for the document that the feds put out on who is an extremist is in pdf. It will only work if you click on the link from my main page at www.mwvgroup.org. Sorry for any confusion. The link there is on left side undedr toher links called extremism.pdf.

Glenn Koons(phillyfanatic) Rackoons said...

Good to see you on townhall.com now. Drop by my blog at http://FinalRacKoonsAgainBlog.blogtownhall.com/ As to your own blog: apparently this Admin. has no idea that the Constitution protects legal groups . And what is more, they apparently love to use the term, Christian when applied to a group which is verboten and hated by a huge majority of the nation. Sort of like the NYtimes sliming the Pope over all the abuse cases. Christians are the Left's bad guys and if they own guns, fly an American flag, might be a Vet, might be a Pub, boy howdy, then those people are really clinging to their religion and guns and angry to boot.