Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A pertinent comment from a Threeper and a change in policy.

Top o' the almost noon, Mr. Vanderboegh:

Just wanted to share my opinion that the inclusion of all the leftist drivel on SSI has plunged S/N something fierce. The formerly quiet nexus of inspiration and practical advice more resembles what happens on the street when ACORN/SEIU come to pay their respects to a Tea Party rally. The irregulars are wasting a lot of time and breath fending off the baying idiocracy. My vote would be to restore S/N to its former glory. . .

Best wishes to you and yours,

Stan's point is well-taken. Actually I began to auto-delete all the morons yesterday except for those who actually a. made an argument that strung two thoughts together coherently, or b. were so outrageous that I thought you'd like to see them.

They are in fact quite boring in their similarity and there is only so many ways obscenity can be arranged. I believe they have reached all the possible permutations.

Therefore, I will continue the above policy for the foreseeable future. Certainly they have plenty of blogs of their own (and a network, MSNBC) to circle jerk their insults among themselves.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike. While it was interesting and, dare I say it, even a bit fun if not funny at times, it was distracting me from the fight. Who could help but stop and stare at such temper tantrums, it could not be helped, but I'm glad you're tiring of the scene as well.

Let's get back to defending liberty.

Reminder: The window count holds at 5 as far as the media is concerned, even though one of them was coincidence (?). Any others? Sure seems quiet in the northwest and southeast parts of the country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I see enough comment fights on Youtube...

Dedicated_Dad said...

For those who might have missed it - as I did - the "S/N" refers to "Signal to Noise Ratio."

Personally I wish Mike would put them all into a separate blog that we could peruse and point to -- keep all the noise in an OPTIONAL place, yet expose it in all its disgusting glory...


jon said...

well i enjoyed seeing it all in the moment, in context. later on it will just get trite. aside from the occasional true gem of comedy, that was probably enough.